Sun in Libra - get out!

Written by Susan

The Sun enters Libra and favors all collective activities. It has a very social influence that encourages encounters, friendly exchanges, diplomacy and feelings. It is a climate that encourages associations, including marriages, signing contracts, taking steps forward; but also a certain superficiality, indecision and difficulties for some in taking initiative or responsibility ...

Note: For our readers in the southern hemisphere, the sun entering Libra corresponds to the spring equinox, but that doesn't change what the sun entering any sign means.


The passage of the Sun, in your complementary sign, Libra encourages you to turn to others, to seek agreements and compromises, this transit sharpens your sociability, causes meetings and encourages collaborations. If you do not disperse your energy unnecessarily, you will be able to build a very dynamic daily routine in good company. Whatever the field, your challenge is not to think about yourself and to test collaborations to achieve your goals.


The Sun entering Libra creates a sociable and greedy atmosphere that encourages you to launch or receive invitations. This is an excellent opportunity to color your daily life with interesting encounters, friendly relationships and nice colleagues. You develop your tact and your need for company makes you very attractive. This atmosphere brings you a little frivolity, coquetry or gallantry, your social and private relationships will be all the more fulfilling.


With the entry of the Sun in Libra, the atmosphere becomes rich in encounters, discussions, new contacts, pleasures and shared activities. You jump on every opportunity to express yourself, to connect with knowledge, to shake your habits, to evolve your social life, to act with enthusiasm and to dazzle your entourage. Be wary though not be too shallow and focus on what is really worth it.


With the passage of the Sun in Libra, expect this period to be a little stressful. It is a much too frivolous atmosphere to make you feel at ease. You have trouble keeping your calm and evolving serenely. In your professional life, you are not immune to a few remarks or criticisms that risk getting on your nerves. Do not let yourself be destabilized, try not to disperse and relativize. Treat the problems one by one, using your common sense and getting to the point.


The arrival of the Sun in Libra energizes your daily life, allows you to establish dialogue more easily, to develop your relationships and to tint your exchanges with diplomacy and charm, which are sometimes very seductive. The period is ideal to go out, invite people over, listen with others and find compromises where you associate. But in this sometimes superficial atmosphere, you can also become boastful or arrogant ...


The Sun in Libra creates a convivial atmosphere and encourages you to make concessions in good company. You feel less anxious and you want to meet other people, to create ties. You are also interested in your finances taking into account the example of others or following relevant advice.


Happy Birthday Libra! It is a beautiful period of a month where the general climate is in your favor: exchanges, meetings, agreements and compromises are the order of the day and you will probably have the opportunity to make yourself positively noticed in the coming weeks. Do not give way to an ambitious frivolity, which is a little too pressed and could stir your vanity and make you feel less sympathetic ...


With the entrance of the Sun in Libra, a certain agitation could disturb your reflections. Indeed, superficial exchanges, coquetry and even tact and diplomacy are not particularly your cup of tea. However, your sense of strategy can easily use the goodwill that surrounds you and you will finally appreciate the docility of people, especially if you find a personal interest in it ...


The passage from the Sun into Libra animates your daily life, multiplies your relationships and encourages you to live a multitude of complicit moments with people from all horizons. Needless to say you do not have time to get bored! Exchanges and outputs are multiplying. You develop your taste for worldliness and envy might seize you in order to occupy center stage.


The Sun in Libra induces a superficial and agitated climate that is very likely to annoy you. Your sober and wise side has difficulty in agreeing to frivolity and superficial exchanges. Everything seems vain or self-interested and you have the feeling of not being on the same wavelength as the others. Instead of adapting, you yield to pessimism, you lack motivation and you have trouble getting involved.


With the Sun in Libra, you benefit from a beautiful energy that sharpens your curiosity for your fellow man and boosts your relationships. If you do not disperse your energy unnecessarily, by working twice as hard, you can invest deeply in your relationships, whether it's love, friendship or social. Your challenge is not to be content with the superficial, but to dig deep in order to give you the means to achieve your goals.


The sun in Libra illuminates your daily life, brings you a new creativity and highlights your communication potential. You are ready to exchange, to share your tastes, to meet new people. This artistic and friendly atmosphere allows you to integrate socially, establish new connections, gain momentum ... The period is also perfect for opening yourself up to new groups or travel. It's all positive!

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