You and the sun in Capricorn!

Written by Susan

The sun entering Capricorn after Aquarius with the winter solstice will emphasize the qualities of endurance, seriousness, ambition, and depth, as suggested by this sign. The heart of winter also means withdrawal, a return to authentic, tried and true values. Long-term undertakings, long-lasting accomplishments, and measured, controlled exchanges with others are typical of this period. This is a positive configuration for all those who have ambitions, who laud self-discipline, and, who, on the whole, prefer people to be serious-minded. This would be a good time, too, to rise up through the ranks: this mood easily lends itself to this. Take care of your assets during this transit, and make sensible decisions that bring financial and emotional security.

Note: For our readers in the southern hemisphere, the sun entering Capricorn corresponds to mid-summer, but that doesn't change what the sun entering any sign means.


You had fun for a month: you travelled, met new people, found satisfaction in your work. This is all very positive, but, after December 23rd, you'll have to calm down. The sun in Capricorn will instill a more sober, serious, limitating daily life, but in return, it also offers you the ideal ambiance for putting some structure into what you've gained... The stars do things right: after expansion, it's time for limits to be put in place. Balance is just in your reach - just if you can learn a little discipline...


Your liveliness matches beautifully with the moderate ambiance in the air. In fact, your somewhat hectic daily life will calm down after December 23rd. The ambiance will ever so subtly go from enthusiasm to reflection time. The pace of exchanges and events will slow considerably, and you will find that this climate is actually quite favorable for your plans. Your aspirations will expand, and your perseverance and work power will be emphasized.


You will take advantage of this ambiance to delve into the things you must, to focus seriously on your expectations and on your career. This mood lends itself beautifully to critical analysis, and you will most likely have the chance to stabilize and protect your financial or emotional situation. Now is a good time to contact your superiors and share with them your expectations. Your acumen and wit could earn you lasting progress. Some of the more rebellious among us, however, could come out battered and bruised. The authorities will be particularly hard-nosed!


This wintery climate is very compatible with you and suits you perfectly. With a little more sun in your environment, and warmth in your interactions,in the days to come, you will rebuild your little cocoon and warm up with some healthy meals. All that you have gained and earned so far offers you stability, and this feeling will allow you to relax and stay in a good mood. The relations built during this period have a good chance of lasting. Your interactions with your superiors, too, will most likey be very rewarding. The only thing that could ruin this constructive ambiance of hard work for you is your volatile mood. Think about it!


After the pomp and exuberant energy of Sagittarius, the sun entering Capricorn will calm things down. You are a great administrator, and so should have no problem taking advantage of this lull and protecting your recent gains and discoveries. You may have to adapt to demanding superiors or to be forced to stay still. Use this time to put the finishing touches on your next accomplishments and cast a critical eye on what you've done and plan to do. If you can use this energetic ambiance wisely, only good things await you. Discipline, courage, and tenacity will be rewarded! Being fickle and excessive, however, will be looked down upon.


The sun entering Sagittarius can be tiring. A lack of discipline in your daily life, people arriving late, or underlying carelessness may have put you on edge. Be happy: the sun entering Capricorn signals the return of an ambiance that is much more compatible with your temperament. You'll be able to take action on a more durable and safe foundation. It's up to you to ask for that promotion, for more stimulating activities, and for a more reassuring daily routine. Moreover, Jupiter's wonderful transit will add an extra little hint of luck in your well-being. That's not even counting Mars, in your sign, as well, that will distribute to all of us great, extraordinary energy!


Every year on December 23rd, the sun leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn and most often to your great chagrin. Goodbye foolishness and excess - this climate will grow colder all at once and leave a few of us feeling rather morose. This is a mistake, however: each sign is different, though there is something good for all of us to get out of it. You'll have to toughen to imagine a better future for yourself. Mid-winter is favorable to self-reflection and hard work. This isn't exactly your favorite job, but it's extremely useful. If you take part in this highly sober ambiance, you'll be able to obtain solid and durable satisfaction.


The middle of winter is a period that will, in general, suit you very well. You'll be able to return to your introspection without having to be bothered with your hectic and muddled daily life. Now is the time and the season to take stock of, and summarizing, the situation. Whether at home or at work, you will be in the mood for putting things into place: you will give structure to and protect what matters to you. The responses and solutions to come will be clear and constructive. Relations with others, and your own actions, will be solid, profound, and warm your heart. This is all you'll need to strengthen and protect your mood and health against the pessimism around you.


Birthdays are usually a time of well-being and happiness, but also of anxiety for you. But, every good thing comes to an end, and the sun entering Capricorn will bring you discipline, by will or by force, over this next month. In your daily life, things will calm down more. Now is the time to take stock, as is always done at this time of the year. You'll be able to keep up with what's going on (this is your strong suit!) and get your affairs in order, as well. You will be readier than ever for the wave of newness that is to come at the start of the year.


Birthdays are often rewarding times. This is a transit that will be more to your liking: your daily life will be more moderate, and this climate will be favorable for taking stock and constructing solid goals. Over this month, you will have the chance to make your goals a reality or at least to put the finishing touches on them. Those around you will be well disposed towards you, offering you even a promotion, perhaps. In addition, you have a strong resistance to sickness and fatigue.


After a month of fun and new, exotic discoveries, the stars will at least calm down. All at once, your daily life will become unpredictable, but this won't be too serious. You will be able to put your affairs in order, which will only do them good, and your interactions with others will continue to be completely rewarding. Don't worry, though, you'll just have to keep your impatience in check, avoid any quirkiness or eccentricity, and you'll have a constructive end of the year. Take time to recharge your batteries and get ready to really take flight next January!


The sun in Sagittarius has been ruffling more than a few feathers for a month: disrupted in your meditations and taken to task by your close friends, you must rally as much of your skills and energy as possible to adapt to, and get through, this exhausting month. Be happy - your daily life become peaceful once again once the sun enters Capricorn. You will have a choice in advancing in a real, concrete way towards a more rewarding life: consolidating your assets, getting your pet project off the ground, asking for a promotion, declaring your love...

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