Sun in Virgo: commitment

Written by Susan

The sun is entering Virgo, and the universe is inviting you to leave nothing to chance, to analyze closely everything around you, to be organized and use caution. With this transit, life's practical problems will be quickly resolved. You are urged to be meticulous, sensible, and a little bit of a perfectionist in your professional life. In your emotional world, things will get a little more serious, commitment will be in the air. This will influence, with its emphasis on discipline, will, more or less, according to each sign, be a pleasant experience.


With the Sun in Virgo, your rebellious side could very well clash with the discipline you need to have. In your professional life, in order to avoid making waves, be sure to keep your impulsiveness in check. If you can channel your energy into analysis, and if you see things through, you will be able to get the results you want. In love, your frankness has place of pride, and you will do everything in your power to strike a balance in your sensual as well as intellectual sides of your relationship.


The ambiance created by the Sun entering Virgo isn't here to displease you! You are able to acclimate perfectly to the discipline imposed, and you will act in a well thought-out and careful manner. Your professional knowledge is remarkable. You could very well be awarded the "best team worker" medal. Whatever the area in life, you will avoid taking any unnecessary risks. You analyze every single detail before you make a decision. And yet, when it comes to relationships, you have a hard time opening yourself up to others or controlling your emotions.


With the sun in Virgo, you could find this atmosphere to be too heavy and restricting. You are not in the habit of liking order and plans. Still, if you wish to make it out on top, you will have to hone your organizational skills and become more disciplined. If you can get over your own anxiety and apprehensions, you will be totally capable of completing your tasks and seizing your chance to grow, to evolve. The ball's in your court!


The sun entering Virgo will create a certain duality in your emotions. You will go from laughing one minute to crying the next without really knowing why, and will torture yourself with a myriad of questions. And yet, at work, you are certain to score a few points. Thanks to your discipline, technique, logic, and excellent observational skills, you will give off a highly polished image of professionalism. In love, you yearn for tranquility, but find it difficult to express what you really feel.


With the sun entering Virgo, you will be totally ready and capable to get a pleasant, yet realistic, project up and running, to look at the long term, or to look at how you might organize your professional life in a different way, whether socially or physically.
You are frank and direct in your relations with others. Anyone hoping to get into your friend group, or sneak into your heart, will have to do more than just prove their credentials. You will let things, and people, come your way, while still passing them through your selective and elitist filter.


Happy birthday! With the sun's arrival in your natal sign, you won't be afraid, as usual, to invest yourself without a second though. You face up to your obligations and accomplish some positive things, but it would be favorable in this month of your birth to blow off some steam and enjoy life. So, use your planning skills to organize a party in your own honor. Send out the invitations and gather your many acquaintances around you. If you want to celebrate alone with just one other person, plan instead a romantic night for two!


With the sun in Virgo, you will be more focused on what you're doing. But, you will fall prey, as well, to doubts and self-questioning. You lack the self-confidence to take action and feel the need to be helped. So, this is not the ideal time to make any sort of decision or start on a new project. Your emotional life is a little messy at the moment, and so you are particularly sensitive and critical towards yourself and others. Be careful not to let your mouth work faster than your head!


With the sun entering Virgo, your observational skills, seriousness, and critical spirit will be strengthened. This allows you to take initiative, start up new goals, or to reinforce or develop what you've already started. You'll turn into a real workaholic. Beware anyone who would try to encroach on your turf or order you around. Your could very well wipe the floor with them without mercy.


The sun entering Virgo will drain your energy, cut short your momentum, and make you calmer than usual. But don't panic, though! This atmosphere won't be able to stop you from being thorough and organized in your work. With this transit, you'll be able, too, to jump into, without a second thought, negotiations: you a real knack for getting your ideas accepted. No matter where or who, if too much disciplined is imposed on you, you could fight back or go absolutely ballistic!


The ambiance that the sun's arrival in Virgo will create will suit you perfectly. This period punctuated with reason and reflection has every chance of pleasing you. At work, you know what you want and will see everything through to the end. Money troubles? Problems in love? You won't get down. You will forget everything quickly and spare no effort. Goals? You will take the time to think calmly about what direction your life could go.


The sun entering Virgo will sharpen your analytical skills and give you the time to think about, and understand, why you may have failed, to expand your way of thinking, and to open yourself up to new ideas. In every area in life, with this transit, you will manage to avoid spreading yourself too thin, cutting your momentum, and you will be able to find solutions to your problems, get quickly to the point. We'll hardly be able to recognize you, what with the discipline you are showing and how you take the time to analyze every situation!


With the sun entering Virgo, you will be difficult to understand. You leap from qualm to hesitation and are as rational as you are fanciful. This is the ideal time to try to take stock, to finally start getting out of the woods, and to understand what you really want. Nevertheless, the discipline forced on you won't frighten you at all: you prefer to keep up with what's going on and respect the rules, rather than take responsibility.

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