Horoscope for the Sun in Cancer

Written by Susan

The sun in Cancer will effect your imagination, sensitivity, and need for security. This transit makes us into dreamers, makes us more romantic, more inspired, and focuses particularly on the home and family. This atmosphere will enchant the Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpion) and Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn),but causes tension for Libra and Aries, who will be obliged to get used to the sensitivity in the air and various mood changes.


With the sun's arrival in Cancer, you will fluctuate between bouts of energy and mood swings, making you anxious and nervous. This ambiance will hardly enchant you: you feel obliged to juggle between passiveness and periods of intense activity. Regardless, this period lends itself well to using your imagination and group spirit to turn one of your pet plans into a reality.


The sun entering Cancer has every chance of thrilling and pleasing you! You will use all your energy, creativity, and kindness to create a welcoming environment and open yourself completely up to your friends, children, and family in general. You will give them all of your attention and take great pleasure planning meals, and pleasant evenings, for them. This period is also ideal for doing some interior redecorating or repairs, or changing up your living environment.


The sun entering Cancer will hone your intuition and imagination and bring kindness into your life. You will happily take advantage of this period to getting closer to, and spend more time with, your loved ones. When it comes to love, you will invest yourself in a relationship more and add a little romance and gentleness, as well. At work, your imagination will help you come up with new ideas, which will receive positive feedback.


Happy birthday, dear Cancer! The sun's arrival in your natal sign will make you particularly joyous and fulfilled. On the agenda: fitting in better with others and recognition of your value. You will break out of your shell and gain confidence, allowing you to gain confidence and measure up to others. You will brilliantly express your artistic talents, creative ideas, and fertile imagination. In your family life, you will shine brightly and take on your responsibilities marvelously. What more could you ask for?


The sun entering Capricorn in your sign will allow you to take on a leadership role in your family and to fully take on your responsibilities. You'll not be short on ideas for pleasing those close to you. Your imagination will increase, enabling you to surprise them and create a joyful atmosphere. Socially, your charisma, kindness, and team spirit won't leave any indifferent. You will use your wise intuition to make sure that your plans hold up and get noticed.


The sun entering Cancer will instill in your great creative power to help you assert yourself more in every way. You will slow down your hectic daily grind a bit and focus your attention on your home's well-being. In love, you are more tender and thoughtful towards, and open with, your lover. You are especially attentive towards your family and understanding with your parents and children. You will pull out all the stops to satisfy their desires and add a little imagination and fantasy into their daily lives.


The sun entering Cancer will stir up your emotions. The general atmosphere will titillate your sensitivity and put you on edge. You will wrack your brains, asking yourself a million questions and letting every little thing make you nervous. To release some stress and feel more comfortable, the best remedy would be to kick back and relax with your family and loved ones. This way, you'll be able to forget all the stress your mind creates for no reason!


With the sun passing through Cancer, you will calm down a little, but still continue to do what you've already started, while trusting your intuition and keeping your head on straight. You will take advantage of this change of pace to get closer to those that are dearest to you, spend more time with them, really listen to them. Now is the ideal time to put on the chef's hat and bond with your loved ones over a meal!


The sun entering Cancer will hone your imagination and intuition and change your behavior towards your family. At last, you will take time to settle down and spend quality time with those close to you. On the agenda: complicity, sharing, good times, zest for life, and family goals. You won't lack the imagination or sense of humor you need to create a pleasant atmosphere around you. In love, you will be kinder and do you everything you can to satisfy your partner.


The sun entering Cancer has every chance of thrilling and pleasing you. Your roots and family values are very important to you. This works out well: this is the ideal time to reach out to those you cherish the most, plan a party or a dinner, and start up group goals. This pleasant ambiance will totally fulfill you and allow you to step back from your daily life and your activities.


Does routine bore you? Luckily, the sun entering Cancer will allow you to innovate and start up a family project. Beside your sweetie, your family, and friends, you will find true well-being and fulfillment. In love, imagination and fantasy are on the agenda to spice up your relationship and share a deep bond. This period is also strongly favorable for planning a relationship based on expressing one's creativity. What a good plan!


The sun entering Cancer will distract you and make you lose touch with reality a bit. You are on cloud 9 and fully intend on staying there! No point jumping into a whole bunch of activities or long-term projects. Instead, enjoy this dreamy ambiance and share long, tender moments with those close to you. At work, you can count on your inspiration and originality to make you stand out, thanks to your extraordinary ideas.

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