Sun in Leo: a molten sky?

Written by Susan

The sun's return to its base sign, Leo, confirms that summer (or winter, for those in the southern hemisphere) is truly here. Besides this excellent news, let's see what else this sun transit will bring each one of the 12 signs, and what advice we can give you each one for the coming summer. At the end, we'll say a few words for those who prefer to stay in, and who will, despite everything, have the opportunity to relax more or less, according to each one's temperament.

Note: For our readers in the southern hemisphere, the sun entering Leo corresponds to mid-winter, but that doesn't change what the sun entering any sign means.


The sun will enter a friend sign and brighten your days up with great energy and conviviality. For a month, Aries can count a as much pleasure as possible, going from lovely meetings to steamy, passionate romances, all while enjoying a surplus of energy that it'll be up to them to figure out how to handle.
Take advantage of these good meteorological conditions to gulp in some fresh air: hiking in the mountains, starting up an extreme sport, perhaps...
What about at home? Aries loves their free time so they can expend some of their physical energy: sports for fun and moving fast for the adrenaline.


The sun's entry in Leo signals a more willful, intentional atmosphere that can work against you if you act stubbornly. But, on the whole, this pure and innocent sky will offer you rest, welcome relaxation, and a slow-down in your activities.
This is an excellent time for investing in a second home or planning some home renovation work.
What about at home? Taurus' first priority is their comfort: in everyday life, they cook up hearty meals, and over the long term, will play around in the garden.


With the sun in a sign as flamboyant as Leo, the ambiance will radically change your daily life over the month. Eventually, this somewhat discouraging routine will give way to a few surprises, new meetings, or goals that are as bold as they are passionate.
If you go on vacation, you will have no trouble building new relations, depending on who you meet. At home, it would be in your interest to organize a few pleasant barbecues with friends.
What about at home? Gemini, even if their work has run them all over the world this year, still won't be able to keep still: they'll get out and move, or else get bored.


This sun is leaving your sign to enter your prestigious neighboring sign, focusing your daily life more on the social realm of life, and not so much on your home. Relax and take advantage of this chance to refocus on your own goals or meet new, influential people.
Emphasize will be placed on pleasure: the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself a little, go shopping, and look your best. You will be absolutely radiant, and your flings could turn into serious romances.
What about at home? Cancer likes to rest: sleeping in or napping around a fire at night. When they wake, they'll take care of the kids and cooking.


The sun is entering your sign, like warmth is entering your home and tenderness people's hearts! Happy birthday, Leos! Vacation time is here, and everything is in place for you to rake in the good luck and personal success.
Don't hesitate to plan a party to celebrate this wonderful opportunity. This ambiance promises to be particularly festive and suit you perfectly.
What about at home? Leo has plans of their own, which works out well with vacation time. They'll develop their own plans, rough drafts, and sketches, and have a good time doing it.


The sun entering Leo will likely upset a few of your habits, and so much the better! The smell of adventure is in the air: whether it's new goals or meeting new, rewarding people. Your greatest challenge is, as usual, figuring out how to relax.
Send out some informal invitations to a spontaneous barbecue or night out with friends. Each new experience will boost your morale and relationships with others.
What about at home? Virgo will take advantage of this energy to get their affairs in order and finally get around to doing all those repairs they've been meaning to do. They'll be thrilled if someone notices, too.


The sun is entering a welcoming and kind friend sign. You are naturally balanced, always seeking harmony, and will be happy with this symbiosis that will bring you new love, new goals, or personal success. Enjoy it!
The force is with you! Stand firm and be convincing: you'll be able to rally support without a problem in this supercharged atmosphere that can also be artistic and creative. Inventors, company heads, and bosses will have pride of place.
What about at home? Libra will go with the flow, and especially along with people they meet. They are legitimately available, and will take advantage of this time to balance out their social life.


Your cushy daily life will run into a few hiccups when the sun enters Leo. Your passions will be heightened, which can, at best, make for torrid, sensual nights, or, at worst, fights between lovers in name only. It's up to you to figure out how you want to play it, but don't underestimate your opponent, either!
If you want to play with fire, all the power to you, but be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. If you push things too far, you could really end up getting it. Think about what you already have before losing control.
What about at home? Scorpio is always looking for something: for a treasure buried at the bottom of the garden, a definite way to hold onto what they have, or for a needle in a haystack...


The sun in Leo will give your daily life a pick-me-up after this period that may have been a family- or home-focused one for you, if not a little morose. Sagittarius will open their wings and take flight for exotic locales or lofty goals. Regardless, they'll have the wind at their backs and luck on their side, able to succeed at everything they turn their hand to.
This will be an excellent time for you to get back in health, flesh out your exciting goals, or simply plan out a fun and thrilling vacation. You will most likely have numerous chances to invite people, or be invited yourself, to various meet-ups, every one nicer than the last.
What about at home? Sagittarius is a self-educator. They can spend hours learning more and more about a topic they love, whether mechanics, philosophy, or the arts...


The sun entering Leo will reinvigorate you and make you an authority in everything you're good at. Everything is in place for you to get a promotion, thanks to your hard work or to a decisive encounter if you are on vacation. In any case, it is more than possible that you could find an opportunity to invest, in more ways that one. sSimply a few dollars on a good deal for some, while for others it'll mean a late-night confession declaration of love...
Take advantage of these excellent celestial conditions to make new, influential friends, show off your talents, or have your work finally recognized and appreciated. You can always be sure to get something out of this if you can manage to control your often morbid pessimism...

What about at home? Capricorn is a worker. They can't help themselves, they enjoy installing double glazing or bring home their bounty after a day of fishing.


With the sun in your opposite sign, your relationships will quiver with excitement, grow, become more beautiful! Single people will most likely not stay that way, and those who love being alone, of which there are many in this sign, are likely to turn into real heartbreakers. Sea, sex, and sun - love is really in the air this season!
This is a opportune time to find new partners for your work, pleasure, business, or romance. Some will have to shake off their misanthropic ideas, however, to really enjoy this period...
What about at home? Aquarius is a thinker. They'll turn the house upside down to make it follow the rules of Feng Shui, grow a bonzai tree, learn Sanskrit...


Pisces could see their comfy, cozy routine shaken up by a tsunami of new things or obligations. This transit can only do you some good, bursting your protective bubble and bringing you into touch with reality, instilling in you a much-welcome energy and dynamism, so that you may take advantage of all the great opportunities passing you by.
You can count on this welcoming and enterprising climate to get out of the house and do a little traveling. All you need is to go a few miles to get out of your comfort zone! The discoveries you make will feed your creativity, and the people you meet will offer you a whole array of opportunities to seize.
What about at home? Pisces is a dreamer. If they're feeling creative, they'll paint, write poetry, sing. If not, they'll relax all alone in their little bubble...

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