The bothersome sun in Scorpio!

Written by Susan

The sun is leaving charming Libra to enter worrying Scorpio. This is what, over the next few weeks, will fill your life with passion and ambition, wise investments, heart-stopping encounters, concealed conflicts, dreams (or lies),and withdrawal, depending on how each sign will experience these influences. Those who will have the most to gain from these positive influences are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. But, things could be a little more difficult for Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius.

Note:For our readers in the southern hemisphere, the sun entering Scorpio corresponds to mid-spring, but that doesn't change what the sun entering any sign means.


After a month of new encounters and rewarding exchanges with others, the sun entering Scorpio will signal the return of a more subdued, calmer climate. This is a great ambiance for thinking and for deepening the knowledge you've gained via your recent encounters. This might be a beneficial break for you to put your affairs in order and separate what is essential and what is not. This ambiance lends itself nicely to doing the kind of work that will enable you to enter into this transit of the sun in effervescent Sagittarius in the right conditions.


Your usually peaceful temper could flare up and blow up in other people's faces in the coming weeks. The sun entering your opposite sign will establish long-term relations with others, interesting encounters, an emotional commitment, or a good investment. This would be a good time to take a close look at your possibilities and relations, whether emotional or financial. When the time comes to make a decisions, you will be best prepared, and therefore the most effective.


The sun entering Scorpio signals the start of the off-season for you. You'll go out less, pay more attention to your close friends, your family, your home; and, on the whole, you will hardly be affected by the conflicts and pwer struggles that will surround you these next few weeks. You'll barely be touched at all, and many will take advantage of these circumstances to take all the credit for themselves. Your opportunistic streak could really pay off if you take the time to properly analyze your situation. The sun promises a rather peaceful and unsurprising daily life.


You are one of the spoiled signs in the zodiac who might get something out of this potentially complicated configuration. Your clear-minded nature will only be strengthened, allowing you to consistently find the right solution for any problem to come over the next few weeks. With the help of your charm and tenacity, your love-life and finances will stabilize, the climate will favor long-term projects, and your exchanges with others will be more passionate than they have been in a while. You might even be able to enjoy a nice renewal of intimacy and warmth in all of your relationships.


You are in shape but will be wound tighter than a drum. The sun entering Scorpio could bring concealed conflicts to the surface, spark up never-ending arguments, and, in the end, totally wear you out! It's now or never: take a step back, back off, have some tact, and be a little more clever than others. It would be wise for you to lay low, reel it in for a few weeks and to channel your nervous energy into creative or artistic activities that will particularly inspire you...


Week after week, the stars will slowly start to calm down before entering more deeply into the coming winter. You feel perfectly comfortable in this lighthearted but intentional climate. Your daily life is stable, and your love-life and finances will be better protected. This will give you the chance to get in plenty of rest, meditation, and analysis, and for taking stock of your situation before entering a much more dynamic, yet tiring, period at the end of November. You will make it through the conflicts around you without major difficulty.


The sun is leaving your sign and leaving you alone, but confident and in shape. You will regain a calmer routine, one more favorable for goals than accomplishments. Your interactions with others will be rarer, but also more profound. Everything has been in place for a few weeks for you to wisely invest yourself in sorting through and analyzing the recent gains you've made and to give your body and mind a rest until the sun enters Sagittarius in November, and your activities start up again.


Birthdays are usually beneficial to you by emphasizing your personality. Your positive qualities will be highlighted for a month, and you will be in top shape and optimistic about seeing your activities through and working towards your goals. This is a good influence on your emotional relationships as well, and even on your finances. Your assets are safe, and your keen eye will watch over them. All you'll need to do is watch over your passions, as devastating as they may be. Prefer quality over quantity when it comes to love.


You will kick off this period of the sun's transit in Scorpio with a mind at peace and at ease, far away from arguments that you've born witness to as an impartial third party. Your energy is high, and, though your interactions with others have tapered off a bit, they'll only get deeper, more profound. You're preparing for your coming exploits, starting once the sun enters your sign in November. Take advantage of these next few weeks to recharge your batteries, take stock of your situation, rest, and meditate on what your strategy will be. This is also a good time to declare your love or negotiate a raise.


The sun entering Scorpio will calm down the superficial agitation of the past few weeks. This is a time of withdrawal before winter comes, but this sudden calm will suit you perfectly. You will no longer be distracted from analyzing, taking stock, and working on your goals. You will be able to have serious discussions with attentive people, where your growing lucidity should help you figure out how best to invest yourself emotionally and financially. Take advantage of this period rich in new encounters and new discoveries in order to satisfy your desires.


The sun entering Scorpio could totally eliminate any lightheartedness and pleasantness that's left in your stars from day to day. The climate will narrow its focus to often concealed conflicts, an exhausting hyperactivity, taking a stance suddenly, risky investments, and never-ending arguments. If you want to hold onto your positive qualities, you'll need to lower your tone, be a little less uncompromising, and more open to others' suggestions - in a word: more flexible! Watch out: animosity formed during this period could lead to hard-to-shake grudges that you would rather do without!


The sun entering Scorpio will hone your deep, correct, and constructive intuition. This is a great period for critical introspection: premonitions, personal analysis, deep, fruitful exchanges with those around you, and wise investments in love as well as in your finances. This is a good time, too, to make a declaration of love, get married, buy a home, have a baby, find work, or get that promotion. Your personality will be in the spotlight. You're overflowing with charm, and you ought to be met with success in most of your undertakings.

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