Sun in Pisces

Written by Susan

The sun is entering Pisces, and the time has come to digest a huge amount of new information, original ideas, or unusual encounters arising from Aquarius' influence over the past few weeks. The climate in general is one of energy, exchange, communication, new dream-laden ideas, imagination, and poetry, but with it also comes the risk of confusion, distraction, or harmful illusion. It is up to each one of us to examine what the effect of these transits will be in order to better prepare for what may happen over the next few weeks. In the best-case scenario, it can be hoped that the new intellectual discoveries that have been made will be used wisely.

Note: For our readers in the southern hemisphere, the sun entering Pisces corresponds to the autumnal equinox, but that doesn't change what the sun entering any sign means.


The sun, in Pisces, will offer you moments of pure poetry and a certain sensitivity that you can be counted on to take advantage of in your activities, in your interactions with others. You reactivity will be the best bet for profiting from the ideas and methods suggested by this transit. This is a somewhat confused climate, but an excellent opportunity to get into position, make your positive qualities, realism and pragmatism, stand out from the rest, which will be greatly appreciated. Take these few weeks as a period to prepare yourself perfectly for your future activities, which will start back up once the sun has entered your sign. And so, you have this one month to take in, to absorb these recent discoveries and to let your dynamism and inventiveness out. In this way, you will truly take off at work or at home during this opportunity-packed springtime.


The stars are ever more lenient towards you. With the sun's arrival in the friendly sign Pisces, the next few weeks will be marked by sensual well-being in your everyday life, work, and with relationships with others. There is no risk of anything coming to ruin your peaceful progress. The climate in general is a little incoherent, but, at the same time, so full of kindness and attention that you should be able to work, at work as at home, in a wonderful creativity-friendly atmosphere. Your intuition is spot-on, and you should be able to work out what you don't know quite easily. With luck on your side, you might have some chance encounters that will contribute mostly to your career, but also your usual social life during this transit.


In the coming weeks, the general mood in your relations and interactions with others could weigh on you quite a bit. Your infamous critical thinking skills will run up against the confusion all around us in the air, which could, at worst, separate you from those you like, and, at best, infuriate you often. You don't have a choice: to be more effective, at work and at home, you will have to back down, agree not to control everything, and to trust your intuition more when it comes to making the right decisions. The only thing that can keep people by your side during this period is an understanding and kind attitude. In any case, your remarks might not be met very well, so you might as well take things in your stride until the atmosphere becomes a litte more disposed to thinking and reflection.


The coming weeks will be marked by the return of more fulfilling relationships, better work conditions, and a great surge of creativity. Your instinct will work without a hitch and should offer you brilliant ideas, excellent initiative, especially when it comes to your studies, travelling, or your ideals. A new day, a new life is dawning for some of us, and this transit will help us reflect and think better. The conclusions made about your own situation will be right and correct, and you will be able to take giant steps forward towards the goal you've set for yourself. The ambiance around you is gentle and calm. Others will indeed listen to you. Even though this climate may not always be a great help practically-speaking, it will offer you spiritual support.


With the sun in Pisces, you should be able to increase your creative skills - this transit will give you free rein to express yourself freely. This will be a great period of progress for your sign. You will have plenty of chances to stand out in your hectic daily life, thanks to your enterprising spirit, practical sense, and unfailing determination. This casual, nonchalant atmosphere might get on your nerves at times, but don't let it. This confusion can only serve in your best interest by making you stand out from the rest. It could even earn you a promotion or some personal success. So enjoy this reflective, dreamy, and illusory period to come up with real, solid plans for this much more dynamic spring that will be more in line with yourself...


In the weeks to come, expect drawn-out discussion with your friends and family, and especially with your partner. Things will be a bit more hectic in your daily life, and if you can make a few adjustments, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful, kind, and romantic atmosphere. This is a great time to let go a little, express yourself freely, and stop trying to control everything. You will get much more satisfaction and benefit from these transits if you just follow your intuition and, above all, if you relax. Your chronic anxiety is a weak point that only holds you back from taking initiative. So trust your lucky star and others' abilities, even if their way of thinking is radically different from your own. You could learn a lot!


For a few weeks at least, your daily life will be full of poetry and kindness. Now is your chance for harmonious interactions with others, to let your balance and your kindness get you noticed in a positive way. This more relaxed atmosphere ought to push you to innovate, to let your unconscious loose, to take advantage of the magnificent ideas it offers - and to make them a reality in due time. Your artistic, or just creative, endeavors could, fortunately, expand. If you use this transit as a respite from the storm, you are likely to enjoy a pleasant daily life - that is, as long as you lift your eyes and look at the world around you...


With the sun in Pisces, your life will be illuminated for weeks to come. Intuition and sensuality are your strong suits and will be emphasized during this transit, offering you a thousand and one chances to make good use of them. In your love-life, this influence will be even more active. Your partner will be attentive to your needs, desires, and fantasies, and you will get along swimmingly and instinctually - no need for words! Your bonds will grow ever closer and deeper, your romantic passion fusing you into one and the same person. Your relationships with your children will be favored as well by this transit. You will gain great joy and satisfaction from parenting or from your artistic endeavors, if art is what you will be passing on... Whatever the case may be, it is the world of pleasure in general that will be put in focus, and so you ought to enjoy moments of pure delight - it's everything you've been wishing for!


Over the next few weeks, you will have to use your innate kindness to combat your legendary inflexibility. The sun being in Pisces will bring about a disorganized and casual atmosphere, which won't necessarily upset you so much, but it will also bring with it confusing interactions, unkept promises, unrealistic goals - and that's what you can't put up with. And yet, it is by softening up, becoming a little more flexible, adapting to these confusing conditions, and by not judging or lecturing anyone that you will be able to get something positive out of this transit. Your home will take up all of your attention, and so it would be good for your comfort to remain open and available to those close to you, to listen to everyone and react positively, so as to establish a more fulfilling routine for all.


After a very tiring transit period in ever unpredictable Aquarius, the sun is now entering the friendly sign of Pisces. This period will last a few weeks and will very much help to improve your living conditions and soften your exchanges with others. For a while, your life will move at a pace that is more to your liking. Well understood insinuations and a sort of global kindness will only serve to comfort your bruised ego. This is an excellent occasion to set your creativity free, give into the good life, and enjoy rare moments with those close to you. These positive influences could bleed over into your professional life, making it calmer, cooler, better adapted to your own methods. For some, this will be a real chance to move up the ranks at work. Your common sense and organizational skills ought to make an impression on others during this somewhat confused period...


The sun, which has been the cause of this ambiance so much to your liking, will enter your neighboring sign: Pisces. The time has come to absorb all the new developments that have piled up these past few weeks, to let out your creativity and stop trying to rationalize your emotions in order to protect yourself from them. If you can imagine to only follow your instincts, to take others' opinions into account when taking action, and if you can stop trying to impose your point of view or methods on others, then this transit will turn out to be a veritable trampoline which you can jump off to start up your own activities and send your finances soaring. It all comes down to the quality of your interactions with others, to your availability in this disorganized and irresponsible atmosphere that is, however, full of great ideas. You will have to work on being more flexible. Now is your chance to tackle others' opinions in this atmosphere of compassion and kindness.


The sun is at home in your sign. The stars are smiling on you, and will continue to over the next few weeks. You should gain great personal satisfaction from this very favorable transit. Each decan will be illuminated with immense creativity, fulfilling relations with others, and, for some, real progress in their professional or love lives, depending on which one you choose to invest yourself in. This transit will give you the chance to shine bright, to be understood, and to have your methods and ideas accepted by others. For those who have a request to make, a job to find, a partner to seduce, or re-seduce, now is the perfect time. Nevertheless, in order to take advantage of these excellent influences, you will have to shake off your infamous indolence: this won't be the most energetic climate, and, this time, no one is there to do things for you!

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