Sun in Aquarius

Written by Susan

The sun is leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. Changes will occur, which will be, depending on on the person, more or less easy to handle and accept. Whatever the case, it will be easier to make use of this transit if we are ready to change our habits, point of views, or goals. This is the start of renewal, spring isn't far off now, and a little cleaning house will be need for all of us in order to tackle the next few weeks in a positive way.

Note:For our readers in the southern hemisphere, the sun entering Aquarius corresponds to mid-summer, but that doesn't change what the sun entering any sign means.


It's not quite yet spring, but the promise of better days, more passionate times come with the arrival of the sun in Aquarius, a friendly yet chaotic plan. Doors will be opened to you, especially when it comes to your friends. New people and new goals are on the schedule. The sun in Aquarius brings about change, transformation, and renewal. Whatever the case may be, your energy will find the chance to come out and be channeled into changing what must be changed, and most likely in good company, whether with friends or a lover.


The stars will come alive with the arrival of the sun in Aquarius, forcing you to change things up from time to time. This won't please you much, but this transit can be favorable to you as long as you can remain adaptable. If you resist, change will still come, but will only be harder to cope with. You may run into administrative or judicial problems, at least when it comes to dealing with elderly people, but this is only temporary, and you should, in the end, make it out on top.


The winter is drawing to a close with the sun entering Aquarius, and we all feel the frost nipping at us. This is an excellent transit for you: your life is livening up, your encounters with others will further develop, and novelty will wash over you. You are probably one of the most fortunate signs of the zodiac. Even the most harmful influences won't touch you, and you will have all the time in the world to move your goals forward in the right direction and assert your own good ideas. This totally passionate transit is shot through with new goals and renewed ideals.


New parameters will be put in place with the arrival of the sun in Aquarius. Spring is close at hand, and this season will push us to develop new goals and to work more actively on building a future. This transit will breathe a great breath of fresh air into your desires, and your creativity will mature, and your energy grow. All that is left for you to do is wake up from your slumber and take advantage of these excellent opportunities that this transit offers.


The sun's arrival in Aquarius will rekindle the passion in your relations with others, injecting them with energy and even passion. Anything that has to do with contracts, whether emotional (marriage) or professional, will be colored with newness, novelty, competition, and creativity. This is an excellent transit for starting to work towards your main goals, for looking for work, asking for a raise, finding new partners, or new clients, for declaring your love, and solidly anchoring and balancing your most essential relationships.


The situation is growing and evolving, and new things will arise. The more open and welcoming you are of change, the easier it will be to handle. Your daily life will experience mutation, transformation, and new factors will need to be taken into account, but your energy will remain strong. You should come out of this aggressive transit more sure of yourself and better prepared to set up new deals. Love is in the air, introducing kindness and understanding into your relationships. New friends will turn up in your life, so welcome them with open arms!


After a somewhat restrictive period, the sun entering Aquarius will release new energy and arouse creativity. Your friend group will be there for you more than ever, so expect to spend great time in great company. You are highly likely to meet new people, experience brand new things, and discover new, passionate horizons. This is an excellent transit for interacting and coming up with constructive ideas. The only thing left to do is to make the tough choice among so many promising options...


You've had ample time to think and reflect, to lay down foundations, and to flesh out your strategies. Now is time to adapt to this new situation, to vary your interests, and to cope with unexpected changes at home. The more flexible you are, the better things will fall into place. The imminent arrival of spring represents the new harvest, ripe and ready to be plucked from the earth. In the same way, if you go along with this transit, new developments and innovations promise more rewarding tomorrows to come.


The sun entering a friendly sign this January means, for you, a revival in your communication and interactions and a tight, close circle of friends. You are likely to meet new people, and your goals will slowly and gently take form and grow more consistent. This is a great time to get out, meet more people, and even change your method of communicating. This transit will favor new technology, and so the internet will be your best friend more than ever before.


The sun will leave you to go bother your neighboring sign, Aquarius. This transit should be highly beneficial for you. It will intervene at the perfect moment, enabling you to shake off your winter lethargy and create new and passionate friendships. This is an excellent transit for strengthening and fortifying your financial situation by bringing innovative ideas to your work life and swapping ideas with new, fresh minds, or by using your intuition in any investment you make.


The sun entering your sign represents ongoing renewal. You will feel life fill you once again. Your ideals and conceptions will expand, and your goals will be up to expectations. Your friends and family will better receive your more far-fetched ideas and eccentric behavior. For the most part, change will be very beneficial for your personal fulfillment. All this hustle and bustle is still nascent, still to come, but over the coming days, you will gain more and more chances to get motivated, assert yourself, and advance towards your goals freely.


With the sun's arrival in Aquarius, you will be forced out of your winter cocoon and off your little cloud to confront this pre-spring period and the many opportunities it has to offer. During this transit, you will best move forward behind the scenes, digesting each new occurrence as it happens and relying on your remarkable instinct to see if something fits you or not . Just enough time to get your thoughts in order before the sun enters your own sign and kicks off the start of a brand new cycle.

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