Sun in Gemini

Written by Susan

The sun is entering Gemini and is urging us to build new connections, communicate with anyone and everyone, meet new people, and to grow in this energetic ambiance. With this transit, intellectual exchanges in your relations with others, and trips elsewhere, will be many and highly energized. Still, due to impatience, a strong tendency to be scattered or overemotional, some will have trouble seeing things through to the end, making a commitment, or bringing consistency to their relationships or activities.


The sun entering Gemini will make for one supercharged atmosphere where you will be able to start up several things at once and feel a dire need to talk to others, while being capable of adapting to whomever it may be. Your intellectual capabilities are in top shape, and you will find numerous chances to chat with others, to get out, to build new bonds. This atmosphere couldn't please you more! But, by spending too much time having fun, you could become shallow and miss out on what's essential.


The sun is leaving your sign and entering Gemini, offering you numerous opportunities to open up to other people, to get out of your same old routine, and clear your head. This transit will bring you energy, and you will be appreciated for your curiosity and speaking skills. In this way, you can't fail to attract new admirers and stuff your address book with new contacts. This would be a good period to let go, set your troubles aside, and open yourself up to newness.


Happ birthday, Gemini! With the sun arriving in your natal sign, things will really start moving again in the universe, and therefore in your life as well. On the docket: new ideas, new, out-of-the-ordinary goals, new friendships, a new job, nights out, and travel. But be careful: don't get too busy, running to and fro, wasting all your energy. Don't jump at every single opportunity - only the good ones!


The sun's arrival in Gemini will energize your daily life, enable to you start up conversations easier, think more critically, have a sense of humor, and urge you to get out of your comfort zone. This is the ideal time to interact, have people over, open up to others, get around, and start up a new hobby or activity. But, in this slightly agitated atmosphere, you could just as well lack the concentration and motivation for seeing things through to the end and completing your tasks.


The sun in Gemini entering your sign will give your daily life a boost, stimulate your professional relationships, and offer wonderful, intimate moments with those close to you. Needless to say, you won't have time to get bored! Interactions and nights out will multiply, and you will be tempted to find out about, or to do, something new, something you haven't before. More than ever, you desire to mingle and be the star of the show.


With the sun in Gemini entering your sign, expect this to be a pretty stressful time. In fact, this ambiance is much too hectic for you to feel comfortable, to stay calm, or to grow in peace. Professionally, you won't be spared from a few criticisms or biting remarks that will get under your skin. Don't let this throw you off kilter, however. Instead, try not to get distracted and just put things in perspective. Deal with your problems one by one, using your analytical capabilities and by sticking to the essential.


With the sun entering Gemini, you won't have time to get bored! The surrounding atmosphere is rich in discussion, full of new acquaintances to be met, as with pleasure and fun. You will jump at every chance to express yourself, make new acquaintances, shake up your habits, advance socially, act enthusiastically, and stun those around you. Beware, however, not to be overly superficial, and just focus on what really matters.


With the sun in Gemini entering your sign, an energetic ambiance will arise, allowing you to reach out to othres with stunning ease. During this time, you won't be so irritable and will desire to communicate, to build new bonds. You will manage to control this wonderful, highly beneficial energy and use it to be more thoughtful and less impulsive than usual. This way, you can expect to see your ambitions really soar!


The sun in Gemini entering your sign will breathe new energy into your life, titillating your curiosity, bringing about unforeseen changes, and giving your relations with others a boost. If you can avoid uselessly wasting your energy, you can really believe in your ambitions, double down, and truly invest yourself into your work or your relationship. Whatever the case, the challenge for you will be not to settle for the superficial, but to dig deeper and provide yourself with the means for reaching your goals.


With the sun entering Gemini, expect to experience a hectic period that will most likely put you to the test. The agitation and energy in the air will shake up your habits, ideas, and daily routine. This supercharged climate doesn't go well with your down-to-earth temperament and so could cause tension in your relations with others. Don't lose your cool, however. Welcome a little lightheartedness into your life and adapt to each person's individual pace and attitude!


The sun in Gemini entering your sign will get your daily life moving, boost your energy, and highlight your potential for communication. You are ready to shift things into gear and seize eveyr opportunity that comes your way. This climate will be beneficial for fitting in with other people better, creating new contacts, gaining momentum, or even getting a raise... This would be a great time, too, to open up your horizons and travel. How positive!


The sun entering Gemini in your sign makes for a tense atmosphere that is likely to turn your world upside down. Your hyper-receptive side will have trouble getting used to this ambiant agitation. Things will start moving at a rapid pace, a little too rapid for you. You feel like you may not be moving at the same pace as others. Instead of adapting, you give in to pessimism, lose motivation, and have trouble getting involved. By acting this way, it's no surprise that a few not so nice remarks might be leveled at you.

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