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Introduction: Charismatic!

Leo ascendant Leo: A lot of distinction, a horror of vulgarity and a great lordly side. We simply hope that you have the means to achieve your goals. You rely on your seductive power to get ahead in life and this works well for you. Your charisma allows you all the dreams. You are always looking for ways to know yourself better, to improve yourself to express your identity. Ambitious and voluntary, you know what you want and you are ready to work hard to obtain success and the esteem of others.

Strengths of the for Leo ascendant Leo: Authoritarian and excessive
Weaknesses of the for Leo ascendant Leo: Bold and expressive

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Personality: Great lord!

In spite of your proud, even proud appearance, you have very human values and you are attracted by noble causes, always ready to defend the widow and the orphan. You show a lot of loyalty, kindness and generosity towards those around you, but you demand consideration in return. You do not forgive any attack on your self-esteem.

Vitality / Temperament: First or nothing!

Radiant, charismatic, you impose yourself thanks to your magnetism and your powerful seduction power. Enthusiastic, voluntary, warm, you give off a great joy of living. Ambitious and very courageous, you are determined to reach a situation in sight and to meet the prestige which attracts you so much. Enemy of mediocrity, you need to feel up to the expectations of others, to be admired, to shine.

Love and emotional relationships: Prestigious tandem !

If you find a partner worthy of you, you form a royal couple, in sight. Your fidelity and loyalty are total, you are aware of your duties and responsibilities, you assume them perfectly, leading your professional and private life. In love, you are faithful, loyal and very protective. Authoritarian, you tend to lead your partner. You will be fulfilled in your life as a couple if you find someone who is like you. If you do, you will not go unnoticed.

In the family: The home: crucible of existential anguish!

At home, with your family, you settle your accounts. On the positive side, you are deeply attached to your family, you are very lucid on the needs of each one and very relevant in your answers to the expectations of your loved ones. On the negative side, your home becomes the place where you decompress by showering those around you with your morose ruminations or your sometimes paranoid suspicions. You are not easy to live with every day, but you have remarkable stamina.

Relationship with money / material goods: Gifted for a brilliant success!

You have a strong need for recognition and you want to achieve and perfect yourself, but you have difficulty admitting your mistakes, both to others and to yourself. You do not tolerate your failures and, when you become aware of them, you suffer a lot (too much). But you always get back up and move forward because of the dignity that underlies your most basic actions. You succeed most of the time in what you do and you attract a loyal following.

Socio-professional life: Good investor, but spendthrift!

Positive, dynamic, enterprising, you have confidence in yourself, you know how to seize financial opportunities, clever investments and your courage allows you to overcome all obstacles. With all these qualities, you can only succeed, but you must watch your pride, even your egocentricity which sometimes blinds you.

Sphere of friendship: Your friends are your mirrors!

You do not let yourself be influenced by the opinions of others, you want to be totally independent. You learn best through your own experiences. You are endowed with a whole temperament that does not bother with nuances in its judgments. You assert loudly and clearly what you want, your expression leaves little room for doubt and misunderstanding. Your need for achievement, realization and personal affirmation pushes you to a strong expression which does not pass unnoticed and attracts quite naturally people towards you.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in a fire sign

You have a strong sense of self and you have a great need to express your personality, to shine, to shine. You want to leave a mark on the world. You can be an excellent leader of men if you are too authoritarian.

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

With a competitive spirit, you want to be at the top of the podium and you seek to shine individually. You have confidence in yourself and you succeed by evaluating the various difficulties by listening to your intuition.

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