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Introduction: Battling!

Capricorn ascendant Leo: You are overflowing with great ambitions, love of a job well done and exorbitant demands on everyone, including yourself. You try to fill your inner loneliness by looking for a reliable and especially warm partner to warm up your daily life. When you have sided with an idea, a goal or a person, you put your honor on the line to motivate yourself and win.

Strengths of the for Capricorn ascendant Leo: Perfectionist and confident
Weaknesses of the for Capricorn ascendant Leo: Pushy and distant

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Personality: More professional than diplomatic!

You are persistent, realistic, tenacious and assertive. You appreciate what is stable, positive, sustainable and verifiable. You are patient, far-sighted and extremely thoughtful when pursuing your ambitions. But you find it difficult to keep this calm under all circumstances. Indeed, the strength of your will tends to make you impatient, in particular on the relational level. You do not hesitate to impose your ideas on those around you and sometimes you do not understand the inevitable discrepancies between you and others.

Vitality / Temperament: A fragile cover!

Your need for perfection is difficult to satisfy and you are not easy to work with, but you have the gift of motivating your troops. Passionate, combative, you give yourself entirely to your activity. Beware of overwork! In society, you are warm and amusing, hiding your solitary and ascetic nature.

Love and emotional relationships: Personal ambitions first!

More inclined to achievement than to the expression of feelings, you approach your sentimental life with a certain detachment. You are very elitist, you can very well make a marriage of reason which raises you on the social scale, unless you fall under the blow of passion. Your love life will depend on the choice you make between passion and reason.

In the family: The warrior's rest!

You love your home with passion and with a lot of demands. It is your refuge, your cave, your secret place where you get rid of all the tensions accumulated outside. Your intuition and your lucidity help you enormously to organize a daily life devoid of bad surprises and you do not hesitate to devote yourself to embellish your home, transform it, improve it. You aspire to tranquility and independence in your home, even if you do not necessarily grant it to others...

Relationship with money / material goods: Get there at all costs!

Very ambitious, you give priority to your social and professional life. Having a taste for power and prestige, the will to excel, you aim high and you want to make yourself indispensable. Hard-working, determined, stubborn, you always give yourself the means to reach your objectives. Authoritarian and very demanding with yourself and others, you want things to be perfect. Determined to see each of your undertakings through to the end, you can go very far in the professional field and thus reach a higher status than the one from which you came.

Socio-professional life: Nice balance!

You are an excellent manager, whether it's for the organization of your home or the way you approach your finances. You are perfectly capable of making good investments, of reducing your expenses when necessary, of putting some money aside for a rainy day, but also of spending for your own pleasure, that of your loved ones or even to reinforce your prestige...

Sphere of friendship: Leader of the troop!

You are of a generous nature and you find great satisfaction in helping others, in guiding them, provided that you are totally confident. Beware, you tend to rely on appearances to evaluate others. Your friends and family appreciate you for your wisdom and humor.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

Your career is at the center of your concerns, you work tirelessly to achieve your goals and be among the best in your field. You can't stand those who slow you down and you ignore those who aren't bright enough to work with you.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

Your permanent concern remains in the constant need to improve yourself, to accumulate knowledge. You are interested in the field of health, wellness and methods to stay in shape. When you do a good job, you feel proud.

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