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Introduction: What a temperament!

Taurus ascendant Leo: You have great allure and beautiful projects, with the necessary practicality, willpower, organization, initiative and tenacity to reach the end of your undertakings. Your self-esteem is a powerful engine, very positive if it does not turn into megalomania and if you do not get stuck on rigid opinions. When something strikes your conscience, the impact is profound, you immediately make the link with your ideals.

Strengths of the for Taurus ascendant Leo: Attractive and persevering
Weaknesses of the for Taurus ascendant Leo: Arrogant and stubborn

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Personality: A formidable will!

With a strong personality, you impose yourself with a lot of will and perseverance. You are very combative, enterprising, organized and you always achieve your goals. You need to control situations. Any delay, setback, opposition, contradiction frustrates you. You know what you want and do not deviate from it.

Vitality / Temperament: A little too rigid!

This is a difficult mix that can bring a lack of self-deprecation and generosity. You need to be admired or envied in order to feel confident. Your creativity is constantly growing, it allows you to resist the disillusions that may arise, it is a great strength that allows you to stay the course and reinforces your tenacity.

Love and emotional relationships: Know how to question yourself!

In love, you have to fight against certain selfish aspects of your temperament. Some behaviors will earn you lasting enmities. You need to learn humility and sharing if you want to be with someone who lives up to your expectations.

In the family: A little too possessive!

You are a bit overbearing with your loved ones, but it is only benevolence, you are totally devoted to them. You are very protective of your clan, but you can also be possessive. Life pushes you over time to develop your abilities to adapt and to give your trust to those around you more systematically.

Relationship with money / material goods: Materialist and flamboyant!

You are a true aesthete, you like pomp, luxury, comfort, beauty and you want a consequent way of life. You need to acquire material goods of great value to be fulfilled. Your imagination is awakened by stimuli that correspond to your ideals and you tend to invest in luxury. You are turned towards progress, the pleasures of life, nobility.

Socio-professional life: An excellent leader!

You have real aptitudes to lead, to command, but you need to feel admired and you show a lot of confidence. Attracted by honors, you appreciate particularly the compliments of your hierarchy, the recognition of your merits, but you do not admit the criticism. Your self-esteem makes you sensitive and you generally prefer an independent or liberal profession.

Sphere of friendship: A friend who shines!

Your natural charm is very appealing and you are very well surrounded. You have a perfectionist personality, seeking both a solid inner self and social fulfillment. This gives you a great need for achievement, the notion of heroism is always present. You are a central character who spreads action and has mastery.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

Isn't it the result of volcanic eruptions that makes this lava land so fertile? But don't be too stubborn, overbearing or selfish, as this may discourage your partners.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

It is not your abilities or achievements that shock people, but your attitude, and if you realize this, you can easily win their approval by imposing yourself more modestly

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