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Introduction: Pace, but distance!

Virgo ascendant Leo: You are more gifted in your professional life than in your family or love sphere... Qualities and defects alternate between professional efficiency and susceptibility, a sense of commerce, but a critical sense... You are rational, Cartesian and cerebral, therefore reserved, which does not facilitate your human relations in spite of a real presence. Your broad-mindedness cohabits with your fussy side to, at best, achieve a fulfilling balance in all areas.

Strengths of the for Virgo ascendant Leo: Serious and ambitious
Weaknesses of the for Virgo ascendant Leo: Distant and demanding

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Personality: A difficult balance!

You have a personality that oscillates between assertiveness and restraint. Your expression does not lack clarity, precision and warmth when you are fully confident. Your path in life goes through a progressive affirmation that relies on your common sense, less and less debatable. And this is so much the better, because you find it difficult to remain calm in the face of contradiction.

Vitality / Temperament: Life-saving activities!

You dream of glory, of prestige, but your behavior is humble, simple and you do not always manage to be appreciated at your true value. Rational, logical, your sense of observation and analysis allows you to keep your cool in any situation. Work is an essential value that allows you to refocus, to feel useful, it is fundamental for you to keep a balance in your emotional life.

Love and emotional relationships: Of love too reasoned!

You manage to keep people's attention in your discussions, but you are often condescending in your human relations and this can create tensions. You try to seduce by putting forward your qualities, but you do not necessarily obtain the recognition that you would have wished. You can be too possessive with your partner who then tends to want to free himself from your hold. It is not easy to be one of your close friends, but you are as loyal as you are distrustful, so it is worth taking the time to get to know you.

In the family: Luxury, calm and pleasure!

You put a lot of warmth and well-being in your home, it is a real haven of peace where everything is thought to decompress when you come back from the outside. You like noble materials, warm colors and good food. You don't like the hustle and bustle and you're not very interested in the Internet, social networks, anything that could disturb your family's peace. You are perfect when you receive: eager, benevolent, warm, you have at heart that everyone, in your home, feels good and enjoys the good things in life. In case of family dispute, however, you can be stubborn and even resentful.

Relationship with money / material goods: In constant evolution!

Demanding and perfectionist in all areas, you are an enterprising and efficient worker. You want to master your work perfectly and this pushes you to constantly expand your knowledge, to refine your skills. Organized, methodical, efficient, you bet on quality. You know how to put the assets on your side to advance towards success with constancy and determination. Your life course pushes you to wrap your authority to lead smoothly your projects, to be the leader discreetly, but firmly.

Socio-professional life: Money, the basis of serenity!

You develop a strong interest and ambition in material and financial matters. You have a desire to acquire all things, a desire to ensure your own independence and security. Thus, you are particularly keen to earn your living by yourself and to make what you have grow. You must also learn not to identify yourself with what you have. It is in your strong sense of values that you must find your self-esteem.

Sphere of friendship: Selected friends!

You have a form of selective generosity which pushes you to give to those who accept your principles. Demanding and critical, you sometimes lack flexibility in your relationships with others, forgiving no deception, no deviation. Distrustful, reserved, but also proud and therefore sensitive, you are selective and do not give your friendship easily. But serious, honest, loyal, you have a very developed sense of duty and you never betray the confidence that one places in you.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

You naturally enjoy group activities, but you are afraid that formal agreements will reduce your independence. Your relationships are marked by freedom and mutual admiration. Agreements are often based on a friendship, a sharing of solidarity. You need an independent partner.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

In all your associations, you are non-conformist, your ideas are often avant-garde. You evolve very well socially, but you wish to keep your independence while generously sharing your revolutionary ideas. Things in life, good or not so good, happen to you in an unexpected way.

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