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Introduction: Dreams of grandeur!

Pisces ascendant Leo: It is in the accumulation of your daily victories that you find comfort for the chronic lack of self-confidence from which you actually suffer. You arouse sympathy with impulses of real generosity, but you expect recognition, you are too sensitive to flattery. You cherish grandiose projects which are likely to come true if they concern artistic, philosophical, religious or, more globally, spiritual life.

Strengths of the for Pisces ascendant Leo: Intuitive and warm
Weaknesses of the for Pisces ascendant Leo: Conceited and greedy

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Personality: Double personality!

You are self-centered and altruistic in alternation. You show yourself to be sure of yourself, authoritarian, very independent and even proud while deep down you are anxious, you doubt and lack confidence in yourself. Attached to appearances, you have great social ambitions, you want to play a role, but you must be wary of flattery, pretences and not lose yourself in your dreams of grandeur.

Vitality / Temperament: Need a rewarding image!

You use appearances to achieve success. You show yourself to be enterprising, confident and combative, but you have to admit that you are a dreamer who is often plagued by doubt. You manage quite well, because you don't want to lose face in your social life. You are as much attracted by beauty as by the complicity you could share with a partner.

Love and emotional relationships: One couple, one home!

You have a great need for affection and romance, you aspire to great love. You dream of the absolute and of fusion. Having a partner is particularly important to you and it is possible that you meet him/her at your workplace. You need to feel useful and you render many services. You are always available for your loved ones and this is how you express your love. You bring a lot of sweetness, harmony and balance to your workplace. Good professional relationships are very important to you, you need to work in a pleasant atmosphere.

In the family: All in sincerity!

Your expression does not bother with long preambles to express your thoughts. Your idealism leads you to make compromises that you can back out of if you feel the situation is turning around. You are able to roar if your priorities are in jeopardy, and in these situations, you are able to expend powerful energy to assert your views. This functioning makes your zone of tolerance narrow if you find it difficult to admire certain behaviors in others. You will have great satisfaction with those you love; you will be able to take charge of them as long as they accept this way of loving.

Relationship with money / material goods: Anything is possible!

You need to shine, to have your value recognized to gain confidence. Sensitive, emotional and inspired, you can have a successful career in the artistic or spiritual fields. You can rise very high in the professional field and reach a higher status than the one you came from. Your ability to persuade can become an important asset in this area.

Socio-professional life: Instinctively clever!

You need to be appreciated and you make sure that your material life does not cause you too many problems. You instinctively know the difference between a good deal and a scam, the valuable and the cheap, you hate mediocrity. Knowing your weak points, you do not let yourself be manipulated and, when you have made a financial decision, it is difficult to make you change your mind.

Sphere of friendship: Warm friendships!

You are endowed with an ardent, magnetic, intuitive temperament. Your cordiality greatly facilitates the richness and diversity of your relational life, which allows you to enter into any environment. Warm and full of joy of living, you are charismatic and arouse many sympathies. Idealist and passionate, you know how to gather good wills around you in order to strive for a common ideal. Helpful and compassionate, you have great human qualities and a sense of friendship.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a fire sign

You are bubbly, dynamic, enterprising and caring. But sometimes you are also impulsive, angry and sensitive. You can't stand being stood up to, you rarely admit you're wrong and you tend to want to lead everyone around you.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You may feel frustrated on the personal level if things don't go your way, as you feel the need to hold the reins of your life. Often theatrical, sometimes intolerant in your thirst for attention, you like to dazzle and your fragile and oversized ego suffers greatly from a lack of respect or consideration.

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