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Introduction: Gifted, but scattered!

Gemini ascendant Leo: You are brilliant: intelligent, charming, ironic and gifted in many areas. However, you lack a clear line of conduct, because you risk spreading yourself too thinly in all sorts of contradictory interests. You do not always take the time to know your potential partners well, which predisposes you to errors of judgment, particularly detrimental in your love life, but also in all your associations.

Strengths of the for Gemini ascendant Leo: Creative and competitive
Weaknesses of the for Gemini ascendant Leo: Proud and bossy

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Personality: Often in a good mood!

You are a sociable personality, pleasant, open to the others, prompt to make new links and to maintain the exchanges. You are strategic and analytical when it comes to your material stability and you know how to hide your worries in this area. You tend to hide behind a mask in many circumstances, which prevents you from being perceived for what you are.

Vitality / Temperament: Sociable, but sometimes vain!

You are resourceful and have a great ability to move in the world around you. You have good ideas, because you think with vivacity and you do not hesitate to take the lead when it comes to carrying out a project. But, you are not immune to conflicts, your criticisms and your lack of humility can hurt your interlocutors.

Love and emotional relationships: Choose better to love better!

You must learn to select your relationships, especially in the field of love. In love, you collect conquests before stabilizing yourself, especially those that flatter your ego. As a couple, you need an independent partner who will know how to be full of attention for you. You are a great romantic, but you quickly become critical and authoritarian.

In the family: Tribe leader!

You may sometimes encounter conflicts with your family circle, because you tend to want to run everything. You have a lively intelligence and numerous gifts, but you can sometimes disperse yourself by multiplying activities. This attitude can sometimes cause problems or misunderstandings.

Relationship with money / material goods: Money, a golden motivation!

You also have a deep need for material security, which drives you to achieve great things and to perfect your investment strategies. You find it difficult to admit your mistakes, both to others and to yourself. You will have to face up to your blunders in any case, for you do not tolerate your own failings in any way.

Socio-professional life: High ambitions!

Ambitious, enterprising, you aspire to high positions and honors. You like to please and you do what it takes not to go unnoticed, which is a real asset in the professional field. You think big and you impose yourself by your creativity and the extent of your conceptions, of your projects. Your concern for performance and your competitive spirit push you not to remain on your assets and to constantly renew your knowledge.

Sphere of friendship: Friendship: a sure thing!

Charismatic, you know how to use your charm and attract sympathy. Good-natured, extroverted and expansive, you have many friends and relations. Tolerant, open, humanist, you have high hopes, high ideals, social, humanitarian and cultural movements attract you a lot. You feel concerned and want to contribute to the progress of society, advocating human rights and a better future for all.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

The fire ignites on contact with the air. You are not likely to be bored or unnoticed! You decide, decide, organize, communicate, move and innovate. You are capable of great achievements if you pull out the airbrakes in time.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

This aspect is one of personal evolution, you stay young for a long time, then your ambitions build your maturity. You carefully maintain a sociable but demanding behavior and you keep the balance throughout your life.

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