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Introduction: Double royal!

Aquarius ascendant Leo: You are not the easiest person to live with in the zodiac! Your libertarian and fiercely independent character easily turns to megalomania. You can go from the most sordid egocentrism to the most disinterested humanism, it is a question of moment, people and mood... It is in your emotional life that your qualities of dedication and warm generosity are best expressed with someone solid.

Strengths of the for Aquarius ascendant Leo: Generous and convincing
Weaknesses of the for Aquarius ascendant Leo: Egocentric and unpredictable

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Personality: Great lord!

You have in you contradictory tendencies that you make however cohabit, the egocentrism and the altruism. In society, you need to be noticed, you are preoccupied by the image you project. You are dynamic, communicative, even theatrical, and you win the admiration of others thanks to your charisma, your assurance and your natural authority. But you are also a great idealist who dreams of an egalitarian, more human world and you have no equal in defending a cause.

Vitality / Temperament: Proud and ambitious!

Observant and strategist, you are an excellent negotiator, very convincing. Ambitious, in the professional field, you aim for success. Determined, reactive, ingenious, you overcome any obstacle. Very independent, you do only what you want to do and you have a lot of difficulties to admit your mistakes. Straightforward, honest, you are totally sincere in your dealings with others.

Love and emotional relationships: Inspired by perfection!

In love, you are passionate. You need a partner to admire, a partner who amazes you with his originality and who leaves you your independence. In your relationships, you know how to put yourself in the other person's shoes and understand them in depth. Where things get complicated is in the sentimental field. Your zone of tolerance is reduced if you find it difficult to admire certain behaviors in your partner. You love passionately, but you find it difficult to make concessions, which is necessary in a couple's life.

In the family: Head of the family!

Even if you are not very wealthy, you compensate for the possible mediocrity of your living space and even take advantage of it (like repainting a damaged door by turning it upside down). You don't like formalities and you value your independence and freedom of movement above all else. You can't stand people sticking their noses into your business, especially if it's to thwart your choices. With few exceptions, you are not a great handyman, but you have the art of getting out of all embarrassing situations with a solid common sense and a global view of problems.

Relationship with money / material goods: Ambitious and convincing!

You can rise very high in the professional field and thus reach a higher status than the one you came from. Your power of conviction can become a great strength in this area. You find great satisfaction in helping others, in taking them in hand, provided that you are listened to. Sometimes selfish, sometimes humanistic, you have character and you never let yourself be stepped on. You are voluntary and dynamic, but you tend to direct everything, even when it is not your role, that can create tensions with the hierarchy.

Socio-professional life: Focused on real estate!

You are unpredictable in your finances as in everything else. You can very well become a homeowner "by accident": inheritance, unexpected money and the properties are as varied as your eccentric tastes, often with an immoderate taste for the modern, the futuristic, the bio-ionic houses, the Feng shui. Once engaged, you are very honest. Even if your reactions may surprise your family, your unusual ideas are most often worthy of attention.

Sphere of friendship: Benevolent friends!

You have a very endearing temperament. It is without half measures that one loves you or that one hates you. Your expression does not bother with long preambles to say the bottom of your thoughts. Your intense idealism does not support muddy compromises. But you make up for this with a great sociability which allows you to have a truly fulfilling and lively friendship life.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

You are full of energy and always ready to move forward. You live life at full speed and are fully involved in all your activities. You like to accumulate success and beautiful things. To fully blossom, you need to cultivate many social relationships, to feel loved and valued.

Your sun and ascendant are in opposition

You participate intensely in group activities and spare no effort to create a joyful atmosphere. In love, you use your charm and your assets to bring passion and fantasy to your relationships. Your weak point is to want to direct everything.

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