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Introduction: Falsely confident!

Cancer ascendant Leo: You need to attract attention and you are very good at it with your kindness, charm and various talents. You are remarkably persistent in achieving your goals with traces of boasting when you succeed... Don't forget that the flatterer lives at the expense of the listener. To meditate, because you are a little gullible, naive, let yourself be advised for the important decisions.

Strengths of the for Cancer ascendant Leo: Enterprising and loyal
Weaknesses of the for Cancer ascendant Leo: Changeable and authoritarian

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Personality: Cautious entrepreneur!

You have a sociable, outgoing, open personality, constantly seeking new ideas. But you like your habits, you are so attached to your roots that you may find it difficult to follow new paths without the safety net of family influence. You like to be the center of attention and you work hard to achieve this.

Vitality / Temperament: Solar!

Caring, generous, empathetic, you love others and they love you back. You easily attract sympathy, luck and success. Beware however of your vain tendencies which can put you at the mercy of flatterers. Radiant, charismatic, cheerful, you shine by your apparent assurance, you charm by your sense of humor, you never go unnoticed. You hate mediocrity, you have a taste for beautiful things, for the grandiose, for luxury, for prestige.

Love and emotional relationships: Protective and demanding!

In love, you are passionate and idealistic. You need to take responsibility for your couple, to protect it, to nourish it. You have a great need to be appreciated, recognized, admired and you do everything to resemble the ideal character, the hero that you would like to be.

In the family: Clan leader!

Becoming a parent will bring real dimension and value to your destiny. When you found a home, you are very attached to it. Recognition is a driving force for you, especially from your loved ones. The image given by those you love is very important to you, you want to be well surrounded in the eyes of others. You need the support of a wise and serious person who will put up with your mood swings and help you to manage your home masterfully.

Relationship with money / material goods: A paternalistic boss!

Professionally, you are enterprising, determined, a conqueror. You are directive, paternalistic, the question of your social status is important to you; you like to surpass yourself on a daily basis, in your daily work, to shine in the eyes of others. But you will have to fight a lack of self-confidence and, for that, deepen your vast but superficial knowledge. All this will benefit you in the long run. You enjoy all your successes with pride and are very frustrated by your failures, but you remain loyal to your competitors.

Socio-professional life: Episodic flamer!

Your intuition and financial acumen lead you to success and you have the art of finding the necessary support to climb the ladder. However, you must be wary of your taste for beautiful and expensive things, for your attraction to prestige, for these tendencies can at times, depending on your moods, push you to buy far beyond your real means.

Sphere of friendship: On the fingers of one hand!

You are very popular, but few people really know you. This is why you have a lot of connections, but few hand-picked friends. You risk attracting parasites into your friendship life, because you are open and often generous. True friends are those who know your weaknesses and flaws and love you anyway! Don't sacrifice genuine relationships to superficial ones that may be rewarding at the time, but disappointing in the short term.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a fire sign

Underneath your conquering and proud airs, you are prone to changeable moods that are often incomprehensible to others. However, your sensitivity does not slow down your will and you are particularly tenacious in your initiatives.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

You express yourself with ease and naturalness, you communicate effectively and you often get what you want. You are a conversationalist and have a gift for brightening up social gatherings with your magnetism.

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