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Introduction: Charismatic!

Libra ascendant Leo: The desire to be recognized and appreciated is so deeply rooted in you that your popularity is indisputable, you collect relationships. You benefit from a charisma all in nobility and good looks. It is in your friendly and relational sphere that you have the most chances to meet fulfilling professional outlets.

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Leo: Artist and enthusiast
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Leo: Impatient and authoritarian

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Personality: Excellent communicator!

You have a colorful personality that doesn't shy away from a lot of silence when you're in society. You know how to relate to others, how to adapt to any environment, as long as you want to. Your nature is skilled in communication, in defending collective ideas. Your diplomacy and confidence extinguish all fires and you can reconcile the most divergent interests.

Vitality / Temperament: Expansive artist!

You like to have an audience, wherever you go, you meet people with whom you discuss. You are very attracted to aesthetics, you are an artist at heart who often gives a show to delight the mood of those around you. You need passion in your love affairs, you are quite capable of being a loyal companion, but you will remain an eternal seducer.

Love and emotional relationships: Looking for your soul mate!

In love, great seducer, you make many hearts fall over before settling down and you will only settle down with a person you admire and who admires you in return. Passionate, you flee any relationship that falls into habits and monotony.

In the family: The haven of peace!

You shine in your family circle and you are proud of your knowledge. You have a strong character, you are passionate and attentive, you express your feelings without restraint and you share the good things of life with your close relations. You create a comfortable environment in which you can release the tensions accumulated on the outside. Unfortunately, when your mood darkens, you become possessive and touchy, and only patient people will put up with you. In any case, you always end up getting your act together and repairing the family ties with a lot of good will.

Relationship with money / material goods: Very involved!

You can do wonders as a writer, journalist, teacher. You have the desire to be as competent as possible in everything you do. However, you may lack patience. You are firm, authoritative, yet cultivate an ideal vision of the world that you would like to see with tolerance, fairness and harmony. You seek to portray a solid, realistic image of your abilities and often have an almost sensual relationship with your work, whether it is kneading bread dough or collecting art.

Socio-professional life: Demanding, but talented!

You have a real gift for making the most of any given situation. Your tenacity allows you to overcome financial obstacles and this is fortunate, because you do not take kindly to upheavals that force you to change your lifestyle, which makes you anxious more than anything else. You are able to save ferociously in order to spend outrageously when you have a project in mind.

Sphere of friendship: Nice bunch of friends!

Attracted by the worldly life and motivated by the need to seduce, to be admired, approved which makes you very sensitive to the flattery, you are radiant, optimistic, extroverted, warm. Generous, charismatic and full of humor, you impose, you have the art to please. Refined, elegant, sensitive to beauty, you have a very sure sense of aesthetics and you are strongly attracted by the world of arts or the scene.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

You seek to gain a broad understanding of people, of life, of your environment. Of a nervous, curious and optimistic nature, you have a great need for activities, social exchanges, frequent changes of scenery, and movement. You are attentive to everything that happens around you. You are interested in a multitude of subjects, you have a constant need for mental stimulation.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

You have great adaptability, you are able to integrate into any type of environment. You need to experiment, to learn, you like to play with thought and words. You have a real talent for communication, for disseminating information and knowledge, for sharing your ideas effectively.

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