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Chinese element: Wood

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Characteristics of Wood in Chinese astrology:

Wood is an element associated with beauty, harmony and creativity. It is also associated with number 8. In Chinese medicine, Wood rules the liver. Its tendency is acid. A person ruled by this element is calm by nature and seeks harmony and tranquillity. This is one of the element's main virtues. He will therefore like anything which is beautiful or refined. His actions are ruled by passion and despite his calm temperament, if he gets angry, that anger will be destructive. Those ruled by Wood are attracted to their opposites.

Wood people do not cause problems in society. They do not feel under threat from the system, but are adaptable and manage to create new things. Wood is associated with poets and poets are the sons of the wind and the earth. They therefore draw their energy from the earth-mother. They also possess artistic freedom of thought. Those born under the element of Wood make very good revolutionaries. They are ready to change the world ! They make excellent leaders and will be ambitious and impulsive, but endowed with many human qualities. Enthusiastic for change, they will be able to fight to build a rather better world.

Wood and the Sign of the Rat :

The Wood-Rat ruled by this element will be creative and sensitive. Dreamy by nature, he will be able to ignore material concerns with ease. At home in all situations, he knows how to achieve success. He is cordial, friendly, popular with those around him and will be willing to listen. He likes a calm atmosphere, avoids conflict and puts body and soul into his work, which is often a very important part of his life. He is a person who inspires confidence.

Wood and the Sign of the Ox :

With a flair for business, this is a sociable being who is open but easily annoyed if things do not go to his liking. The Wood-Ox is generally blessed with a good memory and a tidy mind, and will always achieve his goals. He is dynamic and likes to direct projects. His friends like him because he is fair and impartial. He is better at directing projects than developing them on his own.

Wood and the Sign of the Tiger :

His practical way of thinking makes him a very good work colleague. He has an extraordinary sense of humour and is good at charming others. The Wood-Tiger has great charisma. He is better than anyone at protecting those he loves, especially his children. He has a tendency to hide his doubts and finds it hard to confide in others.

Wood and the Sign of the Rabbit :

The Wood-Rabbit generally has lots of friends and likes working as part of a team. He needs to feel secure to do well. He is not the type to push himself forward or lead others. He works hard, but only when he has peace of mind. He cannot bear conflicts or shouting, preferring to look for common ground.

Wood and the Sign of the Dragon :

Those born under the Wood-Dragon are resourceful and often revolutionaries. They love innovation. Intelligent and logical, they like to understand how things work. They can adapt to fit in with anyone and are very good at keeping their faults hidden. The Wood Dragon enjoys giving pleasure to others.

Wood and the Sign of the Snake :

The Wood-Snake born under the element of Wood is wise. His benevolent nature has a calming effect on those around him. He expresses himself well and his intuition enables him to see what others are thinking. He is a free spirit. He likes security in his love-life and his material world. The Snake likes constructive friendships and people flock to him naturally.

Wood and the Sign of the Horse :

The Wood-Horse is often cheerful and good company. He is not someone who will try to walk all over others. He is not afraid of change and is a bit of an eccentric. He likes creating and inventing things, and being able to make his own choices is especially important to him. His optimism always gives him enough energy to keep going.

Wood and the Sign of the Goat :

Those born under the sign of the Wood-Goat are great romantics. They are generous and fair, instinctively surrounding themselves with sincere and trustworthy friends. On the other hand, they have a tendency to give too much to others, forgetting themselves in the process. They enjoy giving pleasure to those they love.

Wood and the Sign of the Monkey :

The Wood-Monkey is thirsty for knowledge. He wants to know everything about anything. He is dissatisfied and always on the go. He constantly sets himself new goals to avoid being caught up in what he fears the most : stagnation.

Wood and the Sign of the Rooster :

The Wood-Rooster is irrascible, tends to demand too much of others, and be tyrannical. His intentions however, are not fundamentally bad. He is a perfectionist at heart and dreams of a just society where everyone can be happy.

Wood and the Sign of the Dog :

Success on the social front is very important to him. His common sense also gives him sound business acumen. The Wood-Dog likes working in a team and is a loyal ally and devoted colleague, who is good at adapting to his surroundings.

Wood and the Sign of the Pig :

Business negotiations hold no secret for the Wood-Pig. His charisma is evident and he could talk anybody into anything. He is very likeable and generous, a loyal friend. He has a gift for never running out of money.

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