Planetary cycles

Written by Daisy

All the beginnings of cycles begin with a conjunction. Then, as it progresses through the zodiac, the fastest planet of the two is in aspect with the slowest. It produces a sextile, then a square, a trine, an opposition. This done, and while continuing its course, the fastest planet forms a second trine, another square, another sextile and a second conjunction. The slowest continues its work.

The cycle of Jupiter - Saturn is 20 years old. Conjunctions: 1901 in Capricorn, 1921 in Virgo, 1940 in Taurus, 1961 in Capricorn, 1981 in Libra, 2000 in Taurus, 2020 in Aquarius. Jupiter's evolution is framed and structured by laws. Citizens are forced to make efforts and sometimes sacrifices.

The Jupiter-Uranus cycle is 14 years old. Conjunctions: 1900 in Sagittarius, 1914 in Aquarius, 1927 in Aries, 1941 in Taurus, 1955 in Cancer, 1969 in Libra, 1983 in Sagittarius, 1997 in Aquarius, 2011 in Pisces, 2024 in Taurus. Jupiter gives Uranus momentum and Uranus drives Jupiter beyond its possibilities. The new sciences and all that is likely to change the human condition are favored.

The Jupiter-Neptune cycle is 13 years old. Conjunctions: 1907 in Cancer, 1919/1920 in Leo, 1932 in Virgo, 1945 in Libra, 1958 in Scorpio, 1971 in Sagittarius, 1984 in Capricorn, 1997 at the end of Capricorn, 2099 in Aquarius, 2022 in Pisces. This cycle promotes spiritual values, the arts, compassion. It encourages the reception and integration of the Other with its differences.

The Jupiter-Pluto cycle is about 13 years old. Conjunctions: 1906 in Gemini, 1918 in Cancer, 1931 in Cancer, 1943 in Leo, 1955/1956 at the end of Leo, 1968 in Libra, 1994 at the end of Scorpio, 2007 at the end of Sagittarius, 2020 in Capricorn. These two facets of energies favor evolution for better or for worse. This cycle initiates incompressible metamorphoses that will change human nature, willingly or by force.

The Saturn-Uranus cycle is 45 years old. Conjunctions: 1897 at the end of Scorpio, 1942 at the end of Taurus, 1988 at the end of Sagittarius, 2032 in Cancer. Saturn imposes limits and privations. He is attached to the past and to traditions. Uranus, for its part, favors freedom, action, innovation. Some attach themselves to safety and others advocate freedom.

The Saturn-Neptune cycle is 36/37 years old. Conjunctions: 1882 in Taurus, 1917 in Leo, 1953 in Libra, 1989 in Capricorn, 2026 in Aries. Saturn clings to its security and its borders while Neptune encourages large-scale humanitarian initiatives. He advocates compassion while showing its benefits.

The Saturn-Pluto cycle is about 34 years old. Conjunctions: 1915 in Cancer, 1947 in Leo, 1982 at the end of Libra, 2020 in Capricorn. This conjunction announces a metamorphosis slow and powerful at a time. What is hidden is revealed and triggers a regeneration that opens to other perspectives.

The Uranus-Neptune cycle is 172 years old. Conjunction: 1821 in Capricorn, opposition in 1906/1911, trine decreasing in 1938/1934, square decreasing in 1953/1957, sextile decreasing in 1965/1968, conjunction in 1993/94 in Capricorn. Everything crystallized with Saturn disintegrating. Evolution is incompressible. It is embodied by geniuses. The fight against pollution is triggered and science is in line with life.

The Uranus-Pluto cycle is 118 years old. Conjunction in 1850 at the end of Aries, opposition in 1901/1902, descending trine in 1921/1922, decreasing square in 1932/1933, sextile decreasing in 1943/1944, conjunction in 1965/1966 in Virgo, sextile decreasing in 1995/1996. This particularly powerful and fast conjunction induces a regeneration of civilization that begins with a negative step. It reveals the harmful effects of certain values which must imperatively regenerate.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle is 486 years old. The last conjunction occurred in 1891/1892 in Gemini and the descending sextile occurred between 1950 and 1990. This major cycle leads to a metamorphosis of human consciousness so that it rises towards the divine. This conjunction, which took place in the 19th century, symbolizes the beginning of a new era in which nobody knows nature.

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