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Written by Olivia

What do men want? Women have often asked themselves this question. We have the answer - specific answers, even. Since a Taurus man won't have the same expectations as a Sagittarius or an Aquarius, we have outlined the kinds of women that they're looking for (even if they don't know it). For each of the 12 signs, the ideal partner has at last been revealed...


One tough cookie that won't get frightened off by his rustic ways or his big mouth.
She's cool-headed enough to keep his fits of rage, whims, and hyperactivity in check.
She's a thinker. Running on instinct and impulse- whether from the heart or the head, he runs off in every direction. And, since experience doesn't teach him anything, he will have to constantly straightened out.
She is an extravert who likes to follow this brave, cool-headed guy on any of his wild adventures.
She's a sexy one. Highly reactive to strong visual stimuli, he needs a low neckline, garters/stockings, and excitement.
He'll match well with: a (very playful) Gemini, a Sagittarius (healthy, fit, and wise),or an Aquarius (surprising and funny).


A homebody that he can find at home each night with her paper and slippers.
She is serious, does nothing lightly, manages her accounts, and can assure him of a well-structured life.
She's a den mother who will have a light fleece when for when it gets chilly out or some tablets waiting in case he has a migraine.
She's a hedonist, able to take pleasure in a good, simple dish or a good, simple man.
Patient, she doesn't lose her cool when he reflects, weighs the pros and cons,, thinks some more, and misses out on opportunity.
He'll match well with: a Virgo(comforting),Capricorn(serious),or a Pisces(cuddly).


A married woman who will leave him the hell alone.
She's an intellectual capable of keeping him in shape intellectually and can keep him on his toes all day long.
She's a clubber with VIP access and loads of friends and acquaintances to introduce him to.
She understands psychology, including his dual nature and what he does to hide himself from others and bury his head in the sand.
She's carefree and won't bother him with schedules, obligations, and restrictions. And, above all, she won't burden him and will get over things quickly.
He matches well with: a Leo (for their showiness),Libra (for the style),and Sagittarius(for the shock value).


Faithful, she won't leave him at the first, or even second, sign of trouble.
She is pragmatic enough to bring him back down to earth when he's lost in his reverie.
Affectionate, she will smother him with kisses and have a nice meal waiting for him as soon as he gets home.
She is easily entertained, has only eyes for him, and will laugh heartily at all his jokes. He loves her little gestures.
She is very understanding and finds it perfectly normal if he says (premonitions, hesitations...) or does weird things (seances to communicate with his ancestors).
He'll match well with: a Taurus (faithful),Virgo(for her caring side),or Pisces (for her openness to everything).


She's a superstar, interested in staying among like people.
Loyal, she says what she does and does what she says. He needs a solid foundation from which he can rise up.
She's a clever one who knows to take a backseat when he's putting on his show, to agree when he brings her back, and to flatter his ego to have peace.
She's positive, believes in herself, in her partner, and in the future. She takes initiative and will support his, too.
She admires him and will constantly repeat to him that he is the best, the most beautiful, and the smartest without having to hit the "start" button.
He matches well with: a Gemini (easily entertained),Libra (who'd look pretty on his arm),or Sagittarius(uninvasive).


A delicate woman, she speaks melodically, never acting bruskly and knowing how to hold her own in society.
She is honest, doesn't lie about her feelings, and doesn't run away with her savings.
She is neat like a deodorant commercial: perfectly clean, perfectly perfect.
She is free, but a little unsure of herself in intimate life, and not against letting go. He needs a woman who will unlock his inhibitions and guess his impulses.
She is sagacious, knows how to plan out her life, where she's going, and will take him off with her once he's fastened his safety belt.
He'll match well with: a Scorpio (for the delight of it),Capricorn (pragmatic),and Pisces (devoted...).


She is an heir. When it comes to money, he hates living frugally. When it comes to renown: it boosts his image. When it comes to style, being part of the who's who will put him at ease.
She's not the jealous type. Even when married, he won't be able to help himself from flirting with other women. And without any ulterior motive, so it would be inappropriate for him to hold any.
She's a talker that will always have something to say. Silence terrifies him.
She's a fashionista that will make him feel the "it" guy of the moment with her on his arm.
She's a libertine that can make a normal, boring - or even creepy - hug a beautiful moment of erotic sophistication.
He'll match well with: a Gemini (very communicative),a Leo (she can really blow him away),or an Aquarius (not very touchy-feely).


She is independent, earns her own living, can stand on her own in any situation, and might hold out on him when he crosses the boundaries.
She is intuitive and feels it when she has to let him win at mikado or gobble up the last slice of cake to avoid a drama.
She's naive and innocent, and he stern in teaching her everything there is to know about sex.
She is an experienced woman that he can share his wild fantasies with.
She is a well-balanced woman capable of putting up with his continuous questioning and constant changes of direction.
He'll match well with: a Taurus (for her love of good food),Virgo (a quick student),or a Pisces (ready to give anything).


She is a bourgeois who knows not to make a blunder in public. His conformism won't stand a chance.
She's resourceful and doesn't need anyone for her to do what she wants. He's not a crutch and will never be one.
She's good-natured, never makes a fuss, and flirts happily.
She is enterprising, undertakes projects, takes part in business.
She's a joyful person, always with a smile on her face and the energy to accomplish loads of things.
He'll match well with: an Aries (not complicated in the least),a Libra (very "respectable"),or an Aquarius (outward and open).


She's well-mannered, wears her knowledge on her sleeve, and knows how to be on par with those she talks with.
She's comfortable in her own skin, able to single-handedly assuage his self-doubt and boost his morale when he's feeling stressed.
She's a simple woman who doesn't waste her time on society life and favors real values.
She's ready to stay in it for the long haul all the way up to their golden anniversary.
She's a hard worker who likes effort and a job well-done. Social and professional success comfort her.
He'll match well with: a Cancer (to seek refuge with her),Virgo.


A confident woman who will never ask him questions about how or where he spends his time.
She's an experimenter, always down to try anything, especially if it's out there, unheard of, or funny.
She's a good companion that he can tell anything to and do anything without having to fear the consequences.
She's a distant woman with whom he won't have to worry about sloppy kisses, emotional nonsense, or non-stop cuddles.
She is tolerant, open to new ideas and to people who break the mould, to experimental projects.
He'll match well with: a Gemini (not especially intimate),Leo (warm and welcoming),or a Pisces (who won't take his detachment as indifference).


She's a magical woman who will enchant with her love potions and turn life together into a wonderful fairytale.
A motherly woman who will dote on him and gently scold him when he makes a mistake.
She is energetic and will push him to accomplish, succeed, and persevere - if not, this lazy bones will never get anything done.
She is dominating and will grab control of things before he has the chance to say a word.
She is an intuitive woman with whom he won't even need to express his own emotions and hesitations at times (or else that could take hours).


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