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Tarot: the royal road to wisdom

The word “wisdom” is applied to the 22 major arcana in Tarot divination, which has provided precepts and valuable advice relating to the phases of life from generation to generation since the dawn of time. By drawing a single card from the 22 arcana in your pack, you will obtain advice relating to your state of mind at a given time.

This advice will help you develop the most effective approach for facing the situation that confronts you. Before drawing a card, shuffle the pack face down and then lay out the cards before you. Empty your mind completely, carry out your draw and then refer to the following advice.

The Magician: The Magician indicates that it would be a good idea to launch into action and forge ahead, without fear of making mistakes. You need to have confidence in yourself, make decisions, analyse the situation, be aware of what you are doing, accept your responsibilities and get down to the task in hand. You need to be capable of confronting your fears and showing your independence.

The Empress: The Empress encourages you to be self-confident, show intelligence and goodwill, and give of your best, in order to reap what you have sown in terms of effort. She invites you to trust your intuition, believe in your ideas and put them into action. She thus calls on you to be consistent and determined, and know how to assert yourself and impose your presence.

The Hierophant: The Hierophant encourages us to be aware of our limits, certainties and ideas, without wanting to impose them on others at all costs. It is better to know ourselves and adopt a certain line of behaviour, before wanting to take on the role of awakener with the purpose of helping others. He recommends we take time to reflect before committing ourselves.

The Chariot: The Chariot invites us not to feel discouraged, but to continue to push ahead. It indicates that when we have taken action, shaken up our usual patterns of behaviour and set off along a definite path, we are capable of facing obstacles, putting ourselves to the test, evaluating the situation and learning essential lessons from success and failure.

Justice: The Justice card indicates that it is essential to be aware of what is fair, equitable and for the general good, for ourselves and others. It invites us to adopt a line of behaviour that will allow us to live and develop as individuals in a way that is balanced and in harmony with others. Whatever the situation, the Justice card recommends objective action.

The Hermit: To avoid being a victim in potential conflicts, the Hermit recommends you don't intervene directly, but keep your distance. It is better to observe, listen, keep quiet and take the necessary time to analyse things that need it and nurture them. Wisdom, patience and perseverance are therefore recommended.

The Wheel of Fortune: The Wheel of Fortune indicates that any situation can change, move or evolve. It encourages us to abandon conditioned behaviour patterns and take our destiny in hand. If we take action and express ourselves, things can move forward. We need to know how to bounce back, accept the unexpected, act at the right moment and seize opportunities as they arise.

Strength: The Strength card indicates that you need to be determined and resolute in what you say and do. It encourages you to adopt self-control in order to make decisions and take action in good time. Rushing things does not lead to anything constructive. You need to be able to control your emotions, impulses and energy levels, using them to good effect to succeed in achieving your objectives in the best way possible.

Death: The death card indicates the turning of a page, with much-needed changes to welcome in the new and start afresh. This will bring well-being and fulfilment. Man is capable of detaching himself from the past to head towards the future. He has the chance to be reborn and enjoy new experiences.

The Devil: The Devil presents Man with a conscience and the potential for action. Everything then depends on how Man uses these. It is up to each of us to keep our impulses under control and turn our energy into something positive or destructive. Everyone is free to act with decency or slide down the road to transgression.

The Star: The Star encourages us to believe in our share of good fortune and our lucky star, and take our destiny in hand whilst feeling protected. Whatever the domain, it indicates good prospects of moving forward. It conveys optimism and the self-confidence to achieve and reach fulfilment. With the Star, hope and well-being are the name of the day.

The Moon: The Moon highlights pitfalls in our love-lives, anything that is hidden and could lead to a loss of reference points, anxieties, fears and disappointment. However, introspection and reviews are necessary for understanding and assimilating events, and also for tackling the future with faith and optimism.

Judgement: The Judgment card heralds the conclusion of a situation or positive transformation with new paths to explore. It encourages us to gain awareness of what is good for us, be more foresighted and open up to new things. It appeals to us to be reborn, with confidence in ourselves and faith in the future.
The High Priestess: The High Priestess means that you need to think before you act and be aware of past mistakes, to avoid repeating the same behaviour patterns. She appeals to you to ask the right questions, be discerning and behave in a fair and honest manner. After taking time to reflect, she will encourage you to aim for fulfilment and achieve your objectives.

The Emperor: The Emperor encourages you to show goodwill, and be logical and pragmatic in committing to your projects, accepting your responsibilities as a leader and commander. He indicates that if we are quick-witted, rational and control our instincts, we are capable of building an empire and exerting influence over others by setting an example to be followed.

The Lover: The Lover reveals that you are completely capable of making choices and taking decisions, with the confidence to use your own free will rather than be passive. To repeat the old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, you can only make progress if you take action. It is better to be able to face obstacles than continue to hesitate.

The Hanged Man : The Hanged Man invites you to establish yourself, recharge your batteries and be detached from situations that are no longer relevant. The moment has come to keep at a distance, let go, see situations from a new angle and accept necessary changes, in order to move on and be able to forgive.

Temperance : The Temperance card indicates that the key to fulfilment could be accepting things that are no longer relevant and make the necessary adjustments to enjoy a calmer and more harmonious existence. It is therefore important to take a necessary step back to regenerate and open up to new prospects for development.

The House of God : The House of God card reveals that if we have chosen the right path, we can be certain that nothing will stand in the way of our progress. Applying wisdom is the best way of guarding against problems and setbacks. On the other hand, if Man adopts an irresponsible attitude and his behaviour is excessive, he will end up losing everything he has gained.

The World : The world card reveals that your basic ego and the world around you are in perfect sync. It is a sign of intelligent and harmonious development. You are in full control of your means and the time has come to take action in total confidence. Whatever the situation, it represents achievement, happiness and joy.

The Sun: The Sun is the guide who will lead us to fulfilment and well-being, enabling us to achieve our objectives fully. This card brings love and confidence. Whatever the area, it indicates that you have all the cards in your hands to bring your plans to successful fruition and be at one with yourself. The future looks serene and totally harmonious.

The Fool: The Fool represents the independent man who follows his desires, searching for personal fulfilment in a quest for what is essential and for his destiny. It symbolises the beginning and end of situations, followed by a new cycle, which will encourage him to detach from the past and discover new horizons.

Tarot: the royal road to wisdom - 2 comments
(last message on the 29/03/2017 am31 02:12)

I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 29/03/2017 at 02:12
Libra Aubrey, sign for Libra
Posted the 27/03/2017 at 14:05
Will my financial difficulties go away this year?
Aubrey, take time to read your 2017 horoscope, you'll get advices in money through the year, here is the link : 2017 horoscope. In adddition, you should read our money section : What is your relationship with money? Have a good day !
I like it I don't like it
Libra Aubrey, sign for Libra
Posted the 27/03/2017 at 14:05
Will my financial difficulties go away this year?
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