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Introduction: A difficult mix?

Gemini ascendant Scorpio: Enigmatic and magnetic, you disturb as much as you fascinate. You hide your feelings very well, but you have difficulty controlling your moods. Intuitive, you have a great sensitivity combined with an intense intellectual activity which pushes you to deconstruct and analyze situations and people in a cold and rational way. You realize yourself through crises that push you to change, to transform yourself, to regenerate yourself. Intense, passionate, you have difficulty finding satisfaction in common experiences and you avoid all superficial things.

Strengths of the for Gemini ascendant Scorpio: Attractive and insightful
Weaknesses of the for Gemini ascendant Scorpio: Cruel and uncompromising

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Personality: Seducer or manipulator?

You have a very effective mind in terms of strategy. Your logic is coupled with an intuition that rarely fails you. You have your heart on your sleeve, while keeping your common sense, which makes you extremely selective in the choice of your entourage. Your sense of humor allows you to pass on any message, you know how to disarm without appeal and to show yourself offensive with finesse.

Vitality / Temperament: In search of authenticity!

You have a great need for harmonization with your inner self, which regularly pushes you to question yourself, to deepen your knowledge of yourself to improve yourself. You are constantly seeking to understand the reason for things. Sharp and incisive, you see everything and don't let anything pass you by, you have an easy criticism. You are not a softy, neither for yourself nor for the others. Active, perfectionist, you show efficiency and resourcefulness in all circumstances.

Love and emotional relationships: Too much passion kills passion!

You are not well equipped for your love life. Your love affairs are complicated, full of disputes and break-ups. You must master your jealous and resentful character to calm your sentimental relationships, you must learn to uninhibit yourself without crushing your partner. Your love affairs are rarely serene during the first half of your life; you gain in quality of emotional expression as time goes by, as well as in inner balance, from desires that often oppose each other.

In the family: Let go of the ballast!

You are not easy to live with on a daily basis... You are not very inclined to make concessions and this can be detrimental to your family relationships which require constant compromise. You aspire to build a home with a partner who is willing to live at the same pace as you. You have a deep sensitivity that you hide when necessary. It is rare that you confide in yourself fully, but you know how to make your loved ones talk.

Relationship with money / material goods: Born investor !

You are very good at business because of your agility, your excellent critical and analytical mind and your lightning intuitions. You seek material security without obsessing about it, but you can be petty on occasion. You have a knack for finding the right deals, whether it's a purchase or an investment, and you haggle with great skill and efficiency.

Socio-professional life: Stubborn researcher!

Passionate, wholehearted, you do nothing that is not in line with your principles and convictions and you invest one hundred percent in everything you undertake. Your originality sometimes confuses your hierarchy or your associates, but you do not take yourself seriously. Independent, curious about everything, talkative, professional life is for you a vast field of study and it is an excellent motivation.

Sphere of friendship: Friendly, but secret!

You are passionate about intellectual exchanges and you are attracted by many varied hobbies. You have a great facility to obtain what you want thanks to various methods, such as seduction. Your relational life is not always simple. Indeed, you do not like to reveal yourself or to answer personal questions. You want to keep certain events in your life secret, even from your friends.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

The Air can evaporate your self-confidence. You can be critical, acerbic, you reproach others for an indolence that you yourself have installed by your repeated remarks.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You are fascinated by everything that lies beneath the surface, the unexplored, hidden areas, the taboos of life, the world of the unconscious. You have an inner need to go deeper and deeper.

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