Leo, your love horoscope for Spring 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: The Future is in Your Line of Sight?

You hope for stories that live up to your expectations. You are no longer satisfied with an emotional daily life that lacks flavour. Until mid-April, count on Venus to make your loves evolve. From April 14th to the beginning of May, you feel esteem and recognition. Venus inspires you with tender projects between June 9th and June 2nd, to be realized as soon as possible. You benefit from the support of your relatives, friends, and faithful to undertake, amigo Leo. At the end of the season, you take the time and the distance necessary to evaluate what deserves to be kept or not.

1st decan (July 23rd-August 2nd): The Temperature is Rising!

Winter has invited you to examine the reasons why you stay in your relationship or not. If you're single, question your approach to the relationship. Saturn rules the gloomy debates until mid-March. Fortunately, the atmosphere is warming up noticeably. From mid-May, you benefit from the Jupiterian breath to rekindle the flame or serenely put an end to what no longer holds the road. Venus invites you to give meaning to your love affairs or set off in search of that special someone between March 21st and 29th. You aspire to shine in society between April 14th and 22nd: your charm will impression everyone. Between May 9th and 17th, you open up the future as you wish. But between June 2nd and 10th, prioritize your priorities to determine which of your projects make sense.

2nd decan (Aug 3-13): Tensions To Be Expected!

Jupiter has favoured commitments this winter. This spring, Saturn urges you to examine your bonds. You are summoned to reflect on what you hope for and what you are willing to give. This detailed review awakens the desire to free yourself from frustrating guardianship. At the end of the season, tension rises, and you are not immune to a crisis or even a break-up. Count on Venus, from March 29th to April 6th, to raise the debate and between April 14th and 22nd, to draw attention to yourself. You dream of a better and more tender future between May 17th and 25th. You also test the validity of your plans between June 10th and 18th, when your universe will shake a little.

3rd decan (August 14th -August 22nd): Priority Given to the Bond!

Jupiter favours commitments until May 13th. This giant planet of the zodiac is in retrograde at the end of July, offering you time to unite, gently break up, or form a lasting bond. You will have to make wise choices. Even if the heavens cooperate with your desires for a union, think consciously about your bonds so that they fulfill you. Count on Venus to raise your social influence between April 30th and May 9th. You will be making tender plans between May 25th and June 2nd. You will be thinking between June 18th and 27th: Venus invites you to sort out the essentials from the superfluous to commit yourself soon.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Spring promises to be lively! Turbulent and even destabilizing for some and exhilarating and stimulating for others. Aim high and think before taking a definitive turn.


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