Leo, your love horoscope for Fall 2022

Written by Daisy

Autumn, where your personal life will matter more than anything else. Whatever your social or professional ambitions, you will probably want to improve the quality of your exchanges with those around you and will work on this with care. What to avoid? A tendency to impose your vision of the world and the future on others? Cultivate with application and constancy the art of dialogue. The best way to get everyone to agree.

Leo First decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(23rd July to 2nd August)

Love: Close To Your Own!

Count on Venus between September 29 and October 7 to facilitate exchanges. Especially between you and your loved ones! You will be concerned with the well-being of those you love and will probably seek (between October 23 and 31) to improve your living conditions and those of your entourage. You are not likely to go unnoticed between November 16 and 24 when, with your sex appeal on the rise, you will have no trouble seducing anyone you please. You end the season in solidarity with your loved ones and are willing to help them no matter what. Until October 28, Jupiter will exalt your quest for the ideal, whether in love or elsewhere.

In Relationship

This is a season when you will be mainly concerned with harmonizing your ties with your loved ones. Between September 29 and October 7, you will be able to communicate with them. Between September 23 and October 31, you will aspire more than ever to live in peace, surrounded by your loved ones in a cozy nest. Focus on November (between the 16th and 24th) to shine with all your lights and rekindle the flame with your partner! Between December 10 and 18, you will be ready to move mountains to keep everything going home.


You will know what to say between September 29 and October 7 to make yourself well understood by those around you. You will probably redouble your attention between October 23 and 31 to pamper your loved ones or (and) improve your living environment. Count on your seductive powers between November 16 and 24 to make a splash. At the end of the season (between December 10 and 18),you will show a team spirit that will be noticed and appreciated.

Social Life: Many Assets!

Until October 28, Jupiter tends to increase your ambitions and your thirst to expand your horizons. You can count on this powerful ally to help you reach the top of the ladder and reach your goals immediately or soon (from mid-May 2023). You will have the art and the way of communicating. You rally the votes of those who work with you between September 23 and October 3, between the 10th and the 17th. Rely on the exalted expression of your talents and on your outstanding charisma (between November 16 and 24) to win over your partners and interlocutors. At the end of the season, you will be eager to put your know-how into the community\'s service.

Well-being: All Is Well!

Jupiter tends to push you upwards, boosting your desire to surpass yourself, to push back the frontiers of possibility. Why not this autumn when nothing seems to be able to alter your shooting power and capacity to exploit and express your talents and feelings without reserve. This is a relatively favorable situation for you to blossom on all levels. A season to unfold a priori gently and protected from bad weather.

Leo First decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

Take advantage of this rather summery autumn to move forward, get closer to your loved ones, shine, have a good time, and be noticed and loved. If you want to spread your wings and take off, this is the time.

Leo Second decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(3rd August to 13th August)

Love: Dialogue Is Unavoidable!

At the end of September (28th) and October, you will be working on projects that you will discuss seriously with the other person. You will want to speed up the process, but you will also want to build on a good understanding with your loved ones. Be careful to continue this momentum and not to do too much with your head in November (5th),when tensions could arise in the family (7th, 10th, 11th). At the end of the month, the current is better, and you can productively restart the debates. If you lack neither charm nor talent to bring people together in December, keep the dialogue open (2nd) and maintain a spirit of solidarity (17th).

In Relationship

The main thing this autumn will be to convince the other to validate projects in which he is undoubtedly a stakeholder. If your arguments are convincing at the end of September and October, be careful in November. Don\'t alarm the crowds by playing the maverick a little too much. Do not try to override the consent of your people (even if you use your charm) if you do not want the exchanges to fail (7th, 10th, 11th)! At the end of the month, you take the path of dialogue. An initiative that could bear fruit in December (the 2nd, the 17th).


If you defend a personal life project, you will be able to reassure your loved ones at the end of September and October. You can reassure your loved ones at the end of September and October mainly by listening attentively and respectfully to others. This will be more difficult in November when those around you (despite your thirst to be loved) seem to resist your plans tooth and nail. Do not try to impose anything on them! At the end of the month, you will valiantly go back to the front line, and in December, if you avoid being too much of a show-off (the 1st and 8th),you could score points (the 2nd and 17th).

Social Life: Avoid The Hard Way!

You are certainly motivated at the beginning of the season (at the end of September and October). You can find the right words to convince partners and collaborators to follow you. You will defend your projects ardently and will not fail to win if you continue cultivating the art of dialogue in November. Do not try to put your entourage to sleep by charming them. In December, if your talents are undeniable, you will prefer to reassure your interlocutors by submitting them for their approval (on the 2nd) and by continuing to cooperate. The best possible approach is to influence them favorably and show them that your thirst for novelty is not incompatible with the company\'s interests.

Well-being: Don't Be Afraid!

You will sometimes (especially in November) find it challenging to manage your exchanges. Discussions are running out of steam. You feel alone in the world despite your efforts to be understood. Do you want to see your projects endorsed by those around you? You\'d better redouble your efforts and patience to keep the dialogue open! This is the only way to avoid frustration and dampening your spirits in November.

Leo Second decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

You approach this autumn decided to make others understand that your projects are worth it. Just be careful in November not to insist too much. You risk generating persistent and somewhat depressing blockages.

Leo Third decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(14th August to 22nd August)

Love: Evolve Without Slipping!

Desires are rising at the end of September (26th, 27th) and the beginning of October (7th). Be careful not to exceed your budget on the 12th when your excesses could disrupt your exchanges with those around you (20th). Act only after consultation with your loved ones (17th, 19th, 27th)! In November, you will know how to proceed to make your private life evolve (positively) (the 10th, 11th, 12th, 18th, and 21st). But you will have to be wary of an enthusiasm that could incite you to make mistakes (the 19th). The same applies in December, when you would do well to avoid abusing your power of seduction to influence whoever you want. At the risk of sowing doubt in the minds and hearts of others.

In Relationship

Autumn where you are globally advised to keep control on your expenses and on certain excesses which could blur the frequency between you and yours. Especially around October 12 and November 19, when you will mobilize yourself without counting the cost to carry out projects close to your heart, at the risk of running into the wall and worrying your loved ones somewhat. Throughout the season, you will prefer to stay connected to those around you who will follow you if you start by asking their opinion!


Full of energy and determined to direct your future as you wish, you should, however, not overestimate your possibilities around October 12 and November 19. You risk misunderstandings and even disputes with some of your friends and family, who will criticize you for acting in an inconsistent and confused manner. This autumn, you will have to consult your friends and family before going ahead and acting in the best interest of all without disturbing others.

Social Life: Keep Your Impulses Under Control!

You do not doubt your talents and potential at the end of September (26th, 27th) and the beginning of October (7th). However, be careful not to act too hastily around the 12th when you tend to sail without visibility. You run the risk of making damaging mistakes and damaging your credit with others. Prefer to progress by constantly consulting your entourage (colleagues, bosses, and close relations) rather than doing only what you want to do and possibly disappointing everyone! Between October 28 and December 20, Jupiter will come back to tickle your decan, offering him great opportunities to evolve professionally and pushing him to go beyond the limits. It\'s up to you to make the right choices.

Well-being: Stay Connected!

Mars boosts your energies and gives you the power to fire at the top between October 28 and December 20. You will be able to use this power to make progress, to convince, but not to abuse it by trying to pressure those around you to follow you without reserve. So prefer this autumn to link up with others rather than act alone and without the approval of those who could prevent you from getting lost and wasting your precious physical (and perhaps financial) resources!

Leo Third decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

This autumn is lukewarm. You should use your assets to direct your destiny to your idea. But any personal initiative will have to be submitted to the control and the endorsement of those around you. This is the best way to avoid inevitable slippages.


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