Leo, your love horoscope for Summer 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: put your best foot forward!

At the beginning of summer, you keep your love affairs secret and look back to the past to learn valuable lessons and apply them to your personal life. From June 27 onwards, Venus takes over your sign, amigo Leo, reinforcing your radiance and your desire to love. Your desires are sharpened between July 16 and August 22 as you want to devour life. Focus on communication between mid-August and September 10 to soothe sensitive issues and make yourself understood without having to raise your voice. At the end of the season, you yearn to get closer to your people, to improve your living conditions and theirs.

1st decan (July 23-August 2): the relationship in question!

Venus visits you between June 27 and July 5, take advantage of this to regain confidence in your seduction. The delightful planet reinforces your desires between July 22 and 30, but don't be too greedy, at the risk of paying the price around the 22nd. You will only be seen at the beginning of August, charming whoever you want by communicating brilliantly. From August 4, Saturn returns and urges you to examine your relationships closely. There is no question of committing yourself or maintaining the relationship without being aware of the reasons why you want to maintain the union or enter into one. If the winter has complicated your partnerships, you approach (between August 16 and 24) the other with delicacy and you round off the angles, you make yourself understood. At the end of the season, exchanges are clear, but on the 17th, certain charm operations carried out in the family can stir up some underlying conflicts.

2nd decan (August 3-August 13): other priorities?

If sharp tensions peppered the late spring, you approach the summer still upset during a grumpy first half of July. You express your discontent without collaborating too much, uniting or bantering with love. Count on Venus to temper this aggressiveness and take a step back from situations that make you tense on the 5th and 20th. You will succeed in changing things, in freeing yourself from certain obstacles without entering into power struggles where you are not sure to have the advantage. At the beginning of August, the current is not going well, some dilemmas keep you under pressure on the professional level and worsen the situation. Expose your gifts and potentials to make your point (August 3, 20, 22, and September 7) and smooth out exchanges.

3rd decan (Aug. 14-22): to go safely, take it easy!

In early summer, love is experienced more in the shadows than in the light. Take time to look back to confront your emotions with the daily reality and probe its strengths and flaws. At the beginning of July, don't express yourself on projects that are only fantasies. Wait until the second half of the month to chart a course that will make your life evolve as you hope. Try to determine what can be reasonably envisaged. From July 28 onwards, Jupiter reinvades the field of your relationships, the generous planet favors commitments, encounters and brightens your relations with the outside world. This is not a reason to ask for too much. In August, if your charm works wonders on a daily basis and you improve the ordinary, do not think that everything is possible, remain honest and lucid in your words, even if your goal is to seduce. Don't use your charm to manipulate those around you, but rather to close ranks or tie up some very tender ones.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Summer invites you to evolve your outlook on relationships. Analyze what needs to be prioritized for the story to last, to strengthen, to knot, to take a step forward, to commit or disengage, but wisely.


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