Leo, your love horoscope for Spring 2023

Written by Daisy

Beware of forcing your way through, of trying to take power, which will not necessarily be to everyone's taste in May (18th). It is by proceeding in an orderly fashion, by structuring well the changes that are coming that you will best succeed in making them productive. If some people have to try to channel their initiatives this spring so that they do not betray them, others will take advantage of an astral climate rather favorable to changes, to mutations (sometimes unforeseen) to direct their destiny differently and a priori for the best.

Leo First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(23rd July to 2nd August)

Love: The beginning of a probable upheaval.

From March 23 onwards, Pluto could encourage you to question your way of functioning in relationships. Beware then in May (18th) of tensions that could arise between you and the other(s) if you try to shine in society without taking too much into account the sensitivity of those you love. You will be more measured in your demonstrations in June (around the 19th) when Saturn will play the role of a moderating element and will calm down your desire to take center stage. Venus will favor your friendships and your projects between April 11 and 19 and will exalt your power of seduction between June 5 and 16.

In Relationship

Are you wondering about your expectations of your partner? From March 23 onwards, there is no question of ignoring certain recurring problems which will now demand to be addressed. If around May 19, the pressure is likely to rise between you and your partner, you can count on June (the 19th) to address what is sticking without creating sparks. It will be a matter of redefining the bases on which you wish to evolve together and if you do not succeed (for some) to break the ties.


Your relationship with others is going to change (from March 23). It is not certain that you will be able to avoid questioning the substance of your relationship which will probably modify your criteria and choices in terms of commitment. Try not to take up all the space around May 18 if you do not want to be accused of thinking only of yourself. You will be able to manage your exchanges in a more adult way and will then be able to make them evolve in the right direction in June (the 19th).

Social Life: We reason a little.

Jupiter enters the scene and will push you to the front of the stage from May 16. This is an opportunity for you to put on a show, to get a promotion, a raise and in any case to get out of the shadows. If you have every chance of being noticed, be careful not to overdo it around May 18 when you could attract enmity (and trouble) if you flambé a bit too much. Saturn will invite you to progress perhaps more slowly and in any case less noisily in June (the 19th). Do not hesitate to follow his doctrinal advice which will lead you more surely to the top.

Well-being: Avoid excesses.

If Jupiter gives you wings and confidence in yourself, you would be well advised to slow down a little around May 18 when you may have too much of a tendency to believe you have arrived. An excess of self-confidence and a desire to be in the limelight should be moderated if you do not want to attract criticism. At the risk of losing feathers, energy and support.

Leo First decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

If you have a good launching pad this spring, admit that it would be a pity to spoil your chances by not paying enough attention to others. So don\'t forget (even if your ascension seems to be lightning fast) that not everything revolves around you.

Leo Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(3rd August to 13th August)

Love: Less heckled by the elements?

Uranus finishes playing the role of agitator from May 28. By then (and some of you since 2020) you should have changed your status, your way of functioning and even your life. This spring should then favor a more serene management of your daily life and of your exchanges and relationships. If Venus exalts your radiance in society between March 25 and April 2 and puts your tender projects on the agenda (between April 19 and 28),she will invite you to withdraw between May 16 and 26 (time to take stock of your love life). Count on your power of seduction (between June 16 and 29) to end the season smoothly and why not...in love.

In Relationship

You have probably been subjected (since 2020?) to seismic shocks that may have shaken your existence. This spring, this recurrent tendency will fade away. You will then be able to fully enjoy the favors of Venus who will assure you of a nice popularity in society (between March 25 and April 3),will favor the blossoming of projects that are dear to you (between April 19 and 28). If you take the time to look back on the past to learn valuable lessons (between May 16 and 26),Venus will shower you with all the graces at the end of the season (between June 16 and 29).


Count on Venus this spring to revive a surprising social life (but a priori in the right direction) between March 25 and April 2. You will assiduously frequent your friends and circles of the faithful within which delicious projects could emerge (between April 19 and 28),but it will be in your interest to look into your sentimental past to redefine your future priorities in love (between May 16 and 26). You will be able to shine and seduce in all directions (between June 16 and 29).

Social Life: Opening soon.

Whether you have decided yourself (for some since 2020) to change your job or your life or whether you have been forced to do so by external events, it cannot be said that your life has flowed like a long quiet river. This spring, you are advised to take a step back (between April 14 and May 2) to evaluate what you should do. This period of reflection will allow you to usefully anticipate the influence of Jupiter (from the beginning of July) on your decan. What\'s at stake? A possible social ascension and the possibility to shine more widely.

Well-being: We decompress.

Uranus will continue to titillate you, to put your nerves to the test by subjecting you incessantly or almost incessantly to reversals, changes, clashes that could more or less destabilize you on the professional and social level since 2020. So take advantage of a slow moving sky to relax and take advantage of the challenges you have faced to prepare for what is to come and what you may well enjoy this summer.

Leo Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

This spring you should benefit from cosmic flows that are rather benevolent and supportive of your development. After a long period of testing and possible upheaval, take time to breathe and reflect on what is happening and especially what you want.

Leo Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(14th August to 22nd August)

Love: Requirements up?

Until May 16, Jupiter continues to encourage your expansion on all levels. It is not (anymore) a question of being content with...but of doing everything possible to develop your current relationships or (and) to meet new people who might meet your demanding criteria. Venus will allow you to shine in society between April 2 and 11 and will favor the implementation of projects that are dear to you between April 28 and May 7. Take the time to review your emotional needs and sift through your love affairs between May 26 and June 5. You\'ll bounce back in the full light of day with an irresistible charm by the beginning of summer.

In Relationship

Jupiter since the beginning of April (and until May 16) encourages you to evolve your current relationship. Do you aspire to experience more intense emotions and to take your romance to the next level? Venus will tend to boost your popularity rating between April 2 and 11 and will favor the implementation of projects that matter to you between April 28 and May 7). You will be thinking about the actual direction you wish to take in the relationship (between May 26 and June 5). You will be able to start a new cycle of emotional life on the right foot (from June 29).


No (more) question of living in banal stories. Jupiter will exalt your thirst for more and better until May 16. Take advantage of your increased popularity (between April 2 and 11) to hit the bull\'s eye. Keep in touch with your followers between April 28 and May 7. You may meet the perfect match while out with friends. If you need a little time to reflect between May 26 and June 5, you should be able to shine and seduce in all directions by the beginning of the summer.

Social Life: Change is coming.

Until May 16, Jupiter invites you to broaden your horizons, to aim high and far, to surpass yourself in an attempt to reach your ambitious goals and from May 28, Uranus will exalt your desire to change your record, your air, your job. Whether you are aware of it or not, you need to break with habits, conditionings, beliefs that prevent you from evolving on a social level. However, take the time to think carefully about the art and the way to act to avoid making mistakes between May 2 and 20. It is not a question then of rushing into things, of accelerating the movement, but rather of refining your strategies in order to move the lines in the right direction (May 15?).

Well-being: Save yourself.

Buoyed by Jupiter until May 16, you should lack neither energy nor determination to move forward and try to get what you covet (whether in love or in business). However, avoid (between May 2 and 20) forcing your way too much. You risk plundering your precious resources, which you will need (at the end of June) in order to deliver a blow.

Leo Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

A spring that encourages you to push your limits without going overboard. A balance to be found and maintained to be able to approach the summer and what comes next in full possession of your means.


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