Leo, your love horoscope for Winter 2024

Written by Daisy

This winter, you'll have opportunities to change your job, your life, to rise to the top, to play a role in society, but also to create, to seduce, to entice. You'll have a whole arsenal at your disposal to move the lines constructively, as long as you don't overdo it or try to control anyone. The best way to get the most out of everything you do is to cultivate the art of dialogue, leaving as much as possible to the other person.

Leo First decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(23rd July to 2nd August)

Love: Take a step towards each other!

Is your desire to love and shine somewhat frustrated by a sensitive material situation and external limitations that depress you at the beginning of January (on the 1ster )? At the end of the month (28th, 29th),you\'ll be able to show your kindness to those around you and hope to return to a much more harmonious climate. In February, if you want to get things moving (on the 10th, 25th),you\'ll have to listen carefully to the other person\'s concerns, and take them seriously on the 28th and in March (on the 10th). This winter, you\'ll need to rethink the way you deal with everyday life if you want to free yourself from the obstacles that are currently blocking your path.

In Relationship

Do you feel prevented by an external situation (financial?) from abandoning yourself to the vertigo of love (January 1er )? At the end of the month, you\'ll be doing everything in your power to smooth things over in your day-to-day life, and to establish warm relationships with the world around you (28th, 29th). In February, you\'ll need to take a step towards others and listen to them (10th, 25th). On the 28th and in March (10th),you\'ll need to think deeply about what is currently limiting your capacity for expansion. You\'ll soon be in a position to develop your relationships.


You\'re not really in the mood to celebrate at the start of winter, which is causing your little heart to ache (January 1). Do you feel somewhat restrained and repressed by a situation that forces you to scale back your aspirations? Rely on your tender approach to others (28th, 29th) to warm up the mood. In February, don\'t hesitate to take into account the desires of those you love or those you like (10th, 25th). This is the best way to get closer to them, and don\'t under any circumstances skip over controversial issues on the 28th and in March (on the 10th).

Social Life: A lot of work to do!

Your dedication to the common cause should bear fruit in late December (27th). You won\'t hesitate for a second to give your all in an attempt to dissolve certain obstacles that are holding you back. A priori with success (10th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 28th, 29th). Just be careful (on the 27th) not to boast too much about your exploits. You run the risk of arousing jealousy or offending your superiors. The same applies in February (10th, 14th),when you\'d do well to put them on the back burner. Take advantage of this time-out to try and understand what\'s sticking (28th),so that in March (10th) you\'ll be able to batten down the hatches once again.

Well-being: Take it easy!

You\'ll certainly have your work cut out for you this winter, trying to get around obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your potential (materially and emotionally) as you\'d hoped. A lot of energy will be invested in a battle which should end in your favor, but which will call on your vital forces more often than usual. Try (especially in February) to take a step back from events and the burdens that fall upon you if you don\'t want to risk a little fatigue.

Leo First decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

It\'s going to be a tough winter, and you\'re going to have to approach whatever comes your way with a clear conscience. So that you can turn any obstacle to your advantage and end the season feeling rather pleased with yourself, the progress you\'ve made and the progress you\'ve made.

Leo Second decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(3rd August to 13th August)

Love: Not too available?

At the beginning of the season, your social and professional situation will be in full swing, so you may not have much time to devote to your love life at the end of December and into January. However, count on Venus (between January 7 and 15) to enhance your radiance and power of seduction. In February, your kindness will help boost your popularity (on the 7th),but don\'t take advantage of it to think you can do whatever you like (on the 8th, 17th, 25th, 27th),where your manners could prove displeasing. Fortunately, you\'ll be able to be more subtle in your approach on February 29, March 1er , March 4, but risk a dangerous swerve on the 9th.

In Relationship

You won\'t have much time to worry about your partner this winter? If your charm is working (between January 7 and 15 in particular),you won\'t have much time to look up from your copy. In February, if your affability (on the 7th) brings people together, be careful not to abuse your popularity to try and exert a hold on your partner. At the end of February (29th) and in March (1ster , 4th),your love strategies will work better, but it\'s not certain that they will be enough to counteract your current tendency to want to rule everything and everyone (9th).


Too busy moving the lines of your social and professional destiny, you\'ll probably spend the season more mobilized by your current projects than by sentimental aspirations that have been somewhat put on the back burner. However, in January (between the 7th and 15th),you\'ll be tempted to try your luck in love, even though you\'ll probably be more inclined to dominate those around you than to seduce them. Particularly in February, when you\'d do well to let the other person have their say. The same applies in March (on the 9th),when your manners may not be unanimously appreciated.

Social Life: A priority issue!

This winter, you\'ll use all your strength to try and change your situation. In January, you\'ll spare no effort and show unrivalled determination to work and negotiate in this direction (10th, 27th, 28th, 29th). The same goes for early February (7th),when your team spirit should serve your cause. If possible, avoid forcing anyone\'s hand to achieve your goals (on the 8th, 17th, 25th, 27th) and prefer to convince your superiors of the advantages of accepting your proposals on the 29th and in March (on the 1ster ) rather than holding a knife to their throat (on the 9th).

Well-being: Don't go overboard!

Will your energy be put to work for you this winter? You\'ll be deploying all your potential to free yourself from a situation that\'s weighing you down and has run its course, find a job that\'s more up your alley or (and) set your own course. If your quest seems legitimate, avoid using your powers to try and put pressure on others. This could leave you short of breath and support when you need it most (this winter or later).

Leo Second decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

A winter that could allow you to take a new direction, more in line with who you\'ve become and what you hope from life. Provided, however, that you don\'t get too comfortable with others and that you let them have their say (at least a little).

Leo Third decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(14th August to 22nd August)

Love: Do a lot, but not too much!

Is your family situation moving in the right direction at the end of December (25th, 29th) thanks to your strong initiatives (28th)? However, make sure you remain clear about your intentions towards those around you in January (9th, 19th),when people may get the impression that you\'re playing with other people\'s intentions and making promises you\'re not sure you\'ll be able to keep. Your commitment to serving the community will win you over around the 16th and in February (2nd, 8th, 13th). The same is true in March, when you can count on your sharp intuition and top-notch sense of strategy to guide your actions and steer your love life towards greater harmony.

In Relationship

You\'ll know how to use all your affection for your family at the end of December (25th, 29th) to get things moving and hope to live in an environment closer to your ideal. In January, don\'t try to lull your partner (or your children) to sleep with promises that could go unheeded. Instead, rely on your dedication to the cause on the 16th, but in February (2nd, 8th, 13th) and March (8th, 17th) to achieve your goals.


If you\'re dreaming of closing ranks with your family and creating a climate more conducive to mutual understanding, you\'ll know what to say and do this winter to achieve your goals (at least in part). Particularly at the end of December (25th, 29th). On the other hand, don\'t overdo it in February, when people could come to distrust you. In February (2nd, 8th, 13th) and March (8th, 17th),you\'ll be better off working effectively and concretely for the good of the community.

Social Life: Serving the cause first!

If your attention and efforts seem more focused on a family matter this winter, you can count on your exalted creativity (especially in January) to create sparks. Be careful, however, not to abuse your talents in an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of those around you, who won\'t necessarily fall for it. Be particularly cautious in January when dealing with those in charge of finances. Under no circumstances should you try to bluff them. On the other hand, if you redouble your zeal and good will, and knowingly put your talents at the service of the common cause, you\'ll have every chance of scoring points (in February and March).

Well-being: Make the right choices!

If you misuse your power this winter, you risk paying the price. Not only by alienating the trust of those close to you or your peers (your banker),but also by investing your strength in a losing cause. So, this winter, you\'d better commit yourself to serving your family and business rather than your personal interests. This is the best option if you hope to get through the season well surrounded, appreciated and more on than off.

Leo Third decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

A winter to consider from the right angle: that of service to others. Whether it\'s your clan or your company, remain loyal and do everything in your power to keep your shared destiny (family, professional, social) on the right track.

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