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Thursday, January the 17th
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Leo, your love horoscope for Winter 2019

  Written by Daisy

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Love: The Priority of the Moment !
Throughout the fall Venus has allowed you to gently approach, and perhaps solve, some family problems that dragged on? Until the 7th of January, this tender planet tries to smooth out differences, soothe your heart, and harmonize your exchanges at home! From the 7th, the temperature rises, friend Leo, and it is your loves that take on color and brightness. Venus is, indeed, responsible by February 3rd for boosting your personal radiance and your desire to love and be! This is the moment to express your feelings warmly or shaking your mane so you can try to seduce whoever you like! In February, you will deploy an unparalleled good will to delight the daily routine and ensure the well-being of those around you (and yourself). You will end the season listening to each other, ready to respond to your partner's smallest desires! It's time to finish off a winter that was devoted in part to your quest for love so you can approach the spring gently, if possible, well accompanied! Especially since last November, Jupiter promotes your emotional development, inspiring encounters, and incandescent flashbacks!

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): The Winter Heats Up!
Jupiter has undoubtedly done his work and offered you some beautiful moments to share with your partner. Whether it's an old or new bond to sublimate or a romance to materialize, we bet that this generous planet has endowed you with certain assets to achieve your goals and meet your expectations! In January (between the 7th and 16th), Venus comes to prolong your flourishing! You enjoy exceptional conditions to continue cooing at your ease. In February, you will bend over backwards to make the party last and your daily life come close to your dreams. In March, there is room for tender exchanges. Infinitely listening to each other, you will have only one idea in mind: to respond to your every desire and then start the spring under excellent augurs!

In a Relationship the autumn (between November 8th and December 23rd) has certainly allowed you to take off together, embark for the land of love, and reconnect with forgotten fervours? Jupiter has warmed the mood considerably? Count on Venus, in January, to keep you in a trance and delightfully plot your happiness (renewed passion, the desire for a child)! In February, you will work with zeal and delicacy so that your whole little world evolves at your ease around you and will take advantage of the graces of Venus, in March (between the 1st and the 10th), to tighten the ranks again by means of a tender dialogue.

Single Jupiter created a passion in you or aroused your desire to please? If you are still single at the beginning of the year, count on your charisma between the 7th and 16th to hit the ground running. No doubt you will be surrounded, and why not, coveted! Between February 3rd and 13th, you will have the opportunity to boost your popularity by ensuring the happiness of your entourage and you will end the season decided to seduce whoever you like. Then bet on a tender and constant listening, which is then appreciated to finish conquering your crush or attracting and holding their attention!

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): Keep Control!
Your winter should not lack spice. Between Jupiter who (until mid-February) exalts the passion (sometimes a little too much?) and Venus who gives you wings and soothes your heart, no doubt you will live an enchanted season even if it includes some pitfalls to avoid, in order to take advantage of flows that carry you without rocking or skidding too much! So make sure, in January, to control your emotions if you do not want them to overtake you and drag you down a little too far! Admittedly passion is installed at the controls in January (the 18th?) but it is not a reason to lose total control at the risk of then having crazy ideas or not knowing where you are anymore (the 13th and 21st)! At the end of January (the 31st), you reconnect with reality and will be able to see more clearly and act (to love) in the direction of your interests! In February, a nice complicity allows you to distil happiness on a daily basis and anchor your happiness on solid ground, while in March (between the 10th and 18th), your bonds continue to evolve favorably thanks to a balance found between lucidity and exaltation! The right assembly for love to last!

In a Relationship you should not be bored this winter when Jupiter and Venus are busy igniting your imagination, boosting your libido, and awakening your desires. No question then to hibernate or even to be lazy, but to live intense emotions and vibrant feelings. However, be sure to contain sometimes (around mid-January in particular) your momentum so that your duo blossoms harmoniously and goes the distance. In February, more aware of your responsibilities in terms of the daily routine, you manage to dose your effects and channel your desires. You should then close the winter (between the 10th and 18th of March) infinitely in love and as accomplices!

Single the least we can say is that you will want everything and aspire to live everything ... right now! Make sure your passions stay (at least a little) under control if you do not want them to spin out (mid-January)! Strive to remain anchored and reassuring if you want to perpetuate an idyll rather than accumulate a flash in the pan! In February, you regain your spirits and are then able to build lasting bonds. In March, you are devoted to your crush and ready to do anything to please them, you should have no trouble evolving your story in the right direction. That of commitment?

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Don't Overdo it!
A very beginning of the season (end of December until January 7th) where you will have it at heart to transform what must be in family so that harmony reigns or returns! Then? Count on Venus (between January 26th and February 3rd) to achieve your emotional ambitions and give sparkle to your stories. You will then aspire to leave your marks and the routine and will not lack ideas to put rumba in the air and spice up your loves! Between February 21st and March 1st, you will try to channel your passions so that they help you enrich your daily life but also contribute to the well-being of the community. At the very end of the season (between the 18th and 26th of March), Venus invites you to take a step towards the other. Whether it is a partner to cherish or a meeting to cement, we bet that you will spare no effort and redouble your attention to finish on the right track, that of a shared love that is sustainable! Note that from February 14th, Jupiter greatly increases your desire to please and to love. As for Uranus who encouraged you to try something else for a while stops pushing you out of your entrenchments from March 6th!

In a Relationship an early winter dedicated to changing your family ties (December 28th) and to precipitating some changes that may be suitable for you (January 4th)! Between January 26th and February 3rd, love gives you wings and the desire to change the game and leave your mark in love. Your partner should be ready to follow you on your adventures (the 2nd) but be careful not to overtake the limits (the 13th) if you want to make sparks together without the risk of destabilizing your union. Between February 21st and March 1st, you act with delicacy to move the lines harmoniously on a daily basis (on the 23rd), but are not immune, at the beginning of March (the 1st), from turmoil to try and avoid while trying not to speed up the movement too much. A winter to unwind trying to keep the balance between your thirst to expand your horizons and the need to take kid gloves!

Single if, at end of December and beginning of January, you are able to push certain limits and change the deal (especially with your family) so that you can live more balanced and fulfilling relationships with your loved ones, you will find it more difficult to contain your impatience in the face of certain constraints (on the 19th and 23rd) that continue to hinder your desire to fulfill your ideas. Bet on Venus (between January 26th and February 3rd) to reconnect with sensuality and a desire that may well attract you to someone who likes you (the 2nd?)! However, beware of demanding too much from the other and especially that they accept your fantasies without restrictions (the 13th) and prefer to compose, converse, and seduce rather than constrain. Between February 21st and March 1st, you will have good assets to transform your daily routine according to your wishes (the 23rd) but watch out if you do things only your way (March 1st)! At the end of the season (between the 18th and 26th of March) Venus invites you to get tenderly closer to your crush and redouble your attention and availability so that they forget your antics and possible slip ups and agree to follow you until the end of the world!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A winter undoubtedly to unwind, where you are decided to strengthen your complicity (recent or older) with your partner or to break with a solitude that weighed you down. Opportunities that are sure to realize your dreams as long as you agree to keep (at least a little) your feet on the ground and a sense of proportion! Not necessarily easy for a fiery and generous Leo!

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