Leo, your love horoscope for Spring 2024

Written by Daisy

Some will achieve significant successes both professionally and socially, facilitated by a new direction. It will be crucial to be ready to seize the opportunities that arise. Others will embark on large-scale projects, perhaps requiring a different level of cooperation with others. Some will face organizational changes and will need to exercise patience and caution to avoid deadlocks.

Leo First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2024

(23rd July to 2nd August)

Love: Expand your horizons!

Pluto is currently putting your relationships to the test. Do you aspire to evolve your bonds, to connect with others differently? Count on spring to materialize your desires through ambitious projects and to positively innovate in your relationships. From May 26 onwards, Jupiter promotes the realization of your plans, especially around June 3, where you will have the opportunity to envision a promising future in good company! However, be careful not to compromise this positive momentum by imposing your views on everyone on the 11th.

In Relationship

If you\'ve been going through a period of questioning your partnership, wanting to give it meaning again, this spring is when you can hope to achieve that. No longer content with the status quo, you may want to try new experiences, open up, and set sail elsewhere with your partner around June 3! Just be sure to let your loved one have a say on the 11th!


Eager to explore another version, dimension of partnership? You understand that it\'s time to reconsider your criteria, to seek a relationship that takes into account the path you\'ve traveled, the lessons you\'ve learned over time, and the adventures! Count on spring to offer you some great opportunities to try another experience that could result in the realization of a project that involves both of you around June 3? An enticing prospect not to ruin by declaring yourself the sole master of the game on the 11th!

Social Life: A unifying project?

You won\'t hesitate to assert your ambitions to rather open-minded interlocutors on March 21 and April 6, but be careful not to take anything for granted on April 21, May 1, and May 17, where your partners, your hierarchy, your associates would certainly not appreciate your slightly authoritarian tone! Rely on your determination on the 3rd to promote a project you have in mind on the 22nd and 25th, which could unanimously gather support in early June on the 3rd! An opportunity then to take it to the next level, to spread your wings joyfully! Just maybe avoid getting too comfortable on the 11th where you would be better off toning it down again!

Well-being: Stay flexible!

If you avoid around April 21, May 1, and May 17 to believe too much in your own success, to impose your worldview and your will on others, you should manage to interest those around you in your projects in which some may want to engage in early June (the 3rd)! However, try to remain at least a little modest, attentive if you want to end the season without alienating your interlocutors (June 11)!

Leo First decan: your advice for for Spring 2024

A spring that could very well unfold and end in your favor if you manage to remain attentive to others while trying to rally them to your banner and your potentially exciting projects!

Leo Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2024

(3rd August to 13th August)

Love: More urgent matters to address!

Certain structures in your life are evolving and require from you a sense of adaptation that you will need to cultivate this spring. If significant issues on the professional front are pulling you away from other more sentimental aspects, try nonetheless to carve out some moments of intimacy with your loved ones that will allow you to keep your distance without feeling too frustrated! Especially towards the end of the season (the 8th, the 9th, the 12th) where some material resistances could hinder your momentum and force you to scale back your plans! So, this spring, don\'t expect to experience too many moments of love madness! Just perhaps a few small moments of comfort to cherish!

In Relationship

It\'s not really the time to embark on an adventure with your sweetheart this spring when you\'ll be much more focused on the professional front than on the sentimental side. You\'ll expend more energy trying to keep up with the changes than nurturing the flame! However, don\'t hesitate to retreat into your cocoon whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed by events and try to explain to your loved ones what you\'re currently going through! The best way to hold steady against the waves that might rock your boat!


Will you really have time to devote yourself to finding your soulmate this spring? Not necessarily! You\'ll likely have to manage a social life that is undergoing significant changes, so you might not necessarily have your mind elsewhere? However, make sure to maintain your ties with close friends and family if you want to navigate through spring without feeling totally alone in the world. Some events might indeed shake you up, forcing you out of your comfort zone socially and professionally. So, you\'ll need a strong family support to handle what\'s coming without faltering!

Social Life: Move forward consciously!

This is the field where you\'ll primarily evolve this spring, facing structural changes that you\'ll try to manage as efficiently as possible (March 21, March 24, April 10)! Opportunities for advancement, the possibility of changing jobs, trying your luck elsewhere? You\'ll be able to deploy convincing arguments on April 19 and negotiate without giving in to achieve your goals (May 7, May 13, May 28)! However, be cautious in June (June 8, June 9, June 12) and take into account some current limitations when making plans for the project! Don\'t commit without ensuring you really have the means to do so!

Well-being: No eccentricities!

Don\'t try to push your limits too much and prefer to fasten your seatbelt before jumping, seizing opportunities, or taking off if you don\'t want to end the season short of means. This spring, it\'s about moving forward slowly but surely and especially understanding the ins and outs of our choices. So as not to face disappointment, a little disillusionment that would dampen your spirits and wings (the 8th, the 9th, the 12th)!

Leo Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2024

A season that could shake your foundations and push you to innovate. Probably for the better if you give up wanting more and settle for plenty!

Leo Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2024

(14th August to 22nd August)

Love: Go with the flow!

Seeking more excitement in your relationships (March 28),with heightened sensitivity (April 3)? Unparalleled determination to spice up your life around April 19 and 21? Your life could indeed change suddenly! Whether through external events altering your daily routine or by your own choice, you\'re likely to be lifted from your seat! This trend should open up another path (external, internal) and put you in harmony with yourself around May 23! Just be careful not to make overly wild plans towards the end of the season (June 17, 20)!

In Relationship

While the astral conditions of spring seem to more directly affect your social and professional evolution, they could also open you up to other dimensions of the relationship! No more living half-heartedly, but rather connecting more deeply with your feelings. These should connect you to a realm of possibilities that could open wide around April 21. Whether through a change in job or sudden immersion in a different environment, it\'s likely you won\'t complain, and you may then access a version of existence more in line with your hopes (May 23)!


You should feel more alive this spring! From late March, you may feel stirred up by astral conditions that promise to shake you up a bit (or a lot),but for your utmost pleasure. While your love life may not be directly affected by the trend, expect to feel emotions more intensely and to connect more easily (because more intuitively) with the world around you. Unexpected major upheavals in your social life should be sources of happiness (around April 21) and contribute to your fulfillment, particularly around May 23!

Social Life: It's upheaval!

This is where you\'re likely to be shaken, thrown off course, but perhaps for the better and potentially for your greatest pleasure this spring! Count on intense cosmic flows to shuffle the cards, sometimes in completely unexpected ways! Especially around April 21, where a proposition might urge you out of your comfort zone! You shouldn\'t regret your choices, as around May 21, a smooth connection between your feelings, your inner world, and what\'s happening externally seems to govern your social and professional life! The only pitfall to avoid? A tendency to want too much in June (June 17, 22)!

Well-being: Dare!

You won\'t risk falling asleep along the way during a spring that will likely reserve some surprises for you. Count on that inner voice urging you to dare to actually move forward and close the spring feeling rather pleased with yourself and the direction your life has taken! So, manage this promising season by pushing your limits (around April 21 and May 23) while avoiding going overboard (around June 17 and 20)!

Leo Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2024

A spring that will certainly redirect your destiny elsewhere or in a different way! Even if the proposals you receive seem audacious, don\'t hesitate to take risks. It\'s the best way to break away from a life that has probably become a bit too monotonous!

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