Leo: your horoscope for tomorrow

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You'll be efficient tackling problems today. Your mind made up, you'll know exactly how to move forward. You'll feel more comfortable body-wise if you drink more water.



Dwelling on the past means not daring to move towards the future... Refresh your ideas to be able to move forward.

Tomorrow: 2/5TomorrowSaturday: 3/5SaturdaySunday: 2/5SundayMonday: 5/5MondayTuesday: 5/5TuesdayWednesday: 3/5WednesdayThursday: 3/5ThursdayFriday: 2/5Friday



You are hugely tempted by wild ideas... Don't hesitate to move away from the beaten track. You have the wherewithal to liven up your relationship... Or begin a new one which will bring you closer to your dreams.

Tomorrow: 3/5TomorrowSaturday: 2/5SaturdaySunday: 2/5SundayMonday: 5/5MondayTuesday: 5/5TuesdayWednesday: 3/5WednesdayThursday: 3/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5Friday



Some very dubious compromises are being woven around you. Study any proposals very closely.

Tomorrow: 2/5TomorrowSaturday: 2/5SaturdaySunday: 1/5SundayMonday: 4/5MondayTuesday: 4/5TuesdayWednesday: 3/5WednesdayThursday: 3/5ThursdayFriday: 2/5Friday



You're upping the ante and need to broaden your field of contacts. This will be today's outcome.

Tomorrow: 3/5TomorrowSaturday: 1/5SaturdaySunday: 3/5SundayMonday: 5/5MondayTuesday: 5/5TuesdayWednesday: 4/5WednesdayThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5Friday

The moon is in Taurus, in position 10 degree(s),51 minute(s): A more stable emotional and material life, laziness with regard to habit, memory and resentment.

First decan

23rd July to 2nd August

Things won't all necessarily happen as you would have liked today. People will be slow, stubborn and busy. It wouldn't take much to make you feel lonely and misunderstood. This would be an opportunity to prove your sober outlook, get things into perspective and rest if you need to.

Second decan

3rd August to 13th August

Put your pride on one side and don't linger over the past or feed your resentment. Your natural generosity will encourage you to forgive and forget. Otherwise, you could block your progress by obsessing over pointless details.

Third decan

14th August to 22nd August

Your social and working life will be highlighted. On the positive side, you will be very busy organising things around you, but on the negative side, you will be rather intolerant with people who are slower or have another opinion. It won't help you at all to dig in your heels.

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