Capricorn, your love horoscope for Spring 2023

Written by Daisy

A tendency to excess and perhaps (at least for some) to exceed your budget to satisfy your desires (around May 18)? You will quickly return to a more reasonable apprehension of your limits in June (the 19th). Let's bet that you will be primarily concerned with the evolution of your emotional life this spring when you will certainly work on the blossoming of your existing links or will start looking for your soul mate.

Capricorn First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(22nd December to 2nd January)

Love: The best (and more) as the enemy of the good?

If Jupiter tends to boost your radiance, to favor your personal and sentimental fulfillment (especially from May 16 onwards),be careful not to believe that you can do anything. You could indeed express the desire to live your desires to the fullest without taking into account certain limits (financial among others) around May 18. Beware then of uncontrolled excesses of all kinds. Saturn will bring you back to your senses. Count on the austere planet to calm down a certain effervescence of the senses and encourage you to focus on essential links and aspirations. Do not hesitate to listen to others between May 7 and 16.

In Relationship

You will probably have a little difficulty this spring to channel your desires and passions. You want everything. Pluto tends to sharpen your appetites while Jupiter (from May 16 onwards) sharpens your thirst for love and for being loved, exalts your radiance, but could also amplify your need for recognition. From there, it is only a short step to showing your desires a little too loudly, a step that you risk taking around May 18. Fortunately, Saturn is watching over you and will soon put you back on the right track in June (19th).


Count on Saturn (ruler of your sign) to curb the fire of passion, a frenzy of spending or a furious desire to live your desires without limits around May 18. You will then be more or less dependent on your instincts and not ferociously inclined to reason. If Jupiter tends this spring to boost your seduction capital and could favor significant encounters, do not let yourself be overtaken by a devouring desire to possess everything, right away in May (the 18th). Wait until the end of the season to make your choices consciously.

Social Life: Stay in control.

If Pluto could well favor the development and exploration of your potentials this spring and in the years to come, be a little wary of the planet\'s influence. In dissonance with Jupiter (May 18),it could increase your confidence in your talents and powers a little too much. Be careful not to ignore the limits you must not exceed if you do not want to be found too bold, arrogant (or even show-offish). Wait until you are well connected to your mind (more than to your senses anyway) to be able to exploit your talents in a truly constructive way. Saturn will indeed help you get back on track (the prudent ones) in June (the 19th).

Well-being: Stay wise (at least a little).

If Jupiter boosts your self-confidence, your desire to shine and gives you a power of seduction at the top, you could have a little too much tendency to abuse your assets in May (the 18th). Be careful not to lose too many feathers by spending (or yourself) too much and ignoring your limits. Fortunately, you will be back on earth and back to your senses in June (19th) when Saturn will take care of putting a bit of lead in your head.

Capricorn First decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

This is a season where new energies are flowing through you and may at first push you to excess or even to fault (around May 18). Try not to give in too much to your passions and desires in May and wait until June to have a good time without going off the deep end.

Capricorn Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(3rd January to 11th January)

Love: Great season.

Uranus will stop influencing your love life from May 28. If since 2020 the free electron of the zodiac has been able to push you to change your way of functioning on the sentimental level, it could still favor new encounters, love at first sight and make duos want to reinvent themselves at the end of March (30th) or around May 9. Venus will endow you with an irresistible power of seduction between March 25 and April 2, and will increase your benevolence towards those around you between April 19 and 28. You will only have eyes for each other (between May 16 and 26) and can count on a torrid magnetism to spice up your lovemaking (between June 16 and 29).

In Relationship

Take advantage of the last lights of Uranus to finish exploring with your partner other sensations, to surprise him/her, to surprise you. You will be able to appreciate the opportunities that the planet offers you to get off the beaten track at the end of March (30th) and in May (9th). Venus will encourage backlash, fiery impulses (between March 25 and April 2),will exalt your desire to make harmony reign at home (between April 19 and 28),will encourage tender closeness (between May 16 and 26) and will sharpen your sensual appetites between June 16 and 29.


A spring that is a priori ideal for you to put your best foot forward, to find the rare pearl. The one who will be able to surprise you, to push you deliciously out of your comfort zone (March 30, May 9). You will be able to count on a staggering charisma to attract whoever you like in your nets between March 25 and April 2, on a good will to please everyone to boost your popularity and love rating (between April 19 and 28) and on an attentive listening of the other to finish seducing him (between May 16 and 26).

Social Life: Surprise and seduce.

Undoubtedly creative and inspired, you will not hesitate to overturn the codes and surprise people at the end of March and around May 9th. Count on your strength, determination and undeniable efficiency at the end of April (29th) to score points and impose your methods and points of view on partners and interlocutors who will not resist your arguments for long. You will not be afraid (especially between April 14 and May 2) to stand up to everyone, and as long as you do it properly, you will be right. If you are worried about a few small reservations on the part of your collaborators (from April 21 onwards),continue without deviating from your course.

Well-being: Rather good.

Rather stimulated by the conjuncture and cosmic flows that invite you to innovate, to have a good time and to break in one way or another with the past, you will not lack either audacity or determination this spring to act, to please yourself without too much risk of running out of fuel or enthusiasm. A rather spring-like climate which should boost your immunity and guarantee you against any major slump.

Capricorn Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

Soon (from May 28),Uranus will stop doping your thirst to make sparks fly, to surprise. We can bet that you will have changed sufficiently by then to approach whatever comes next with a more open mind and heart.

Capricorn Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(12th January to 20th January)

Love: Big blue sky.

You aspire to form an inspiring relationship, to live a complicit bond and should have every reason to be fulfilled on this level in April (April 7, May 5, 18, June 2 and 9). Until May 16, Jupiter favors your family and private development. If you want to start a family or expand your family, go for it. If you want to move to a more pleasant place to live, this is the time. Venus will exalt the great romantic impulses between April 2 and 11 (on the 7th),will boost your desire to pamper those around you (between April 28 and May 7) and will contribute to further strengthen the bond between May 26 and June 5.

In Relationship

There is not a shadow on your horizon this spring as you are likely to evolve in perfect harmony with each other. You understand each other half-heartedly and aspire to blossom as a family, in a living environment that ticks all the right boxes. If you wish to conceive a child, take advantage of the benevolent presence of Jupiter (until May 16) to start or welcome him/her. If you are planning to change your living environment, you could find the ideal place to settle your little (or big) family this spring.


Whether you aspire to invest in real estate, start a family or simply close ranks within the clan, Jupiter could well favor the realization of your aspirations by May 16. Also count on Venus to bewitch whoever you please (between April 2 and 11),to reinforce your desire to take care of those you love (between April 28 and May 7) and to take a definite step towards the other between May 26 and June 5 when a commitment could be on the agenda (on the 2nd) or a meeting could lift you off the ground (on the 4th).

Social Life: Inspired and inspiring.

Rely on your prolific imagination and inspiration to produce works likely to leave a mark on people\'s minds and hearts, to earn you a nice recognition around April 7 and June 2 when no one should be able (or even have the desire) to stop you in your tracks. You will not hesitate to defend your productions and interests (between May 2 and 20) and as your arguments will lack neither foundation nor charm, we bet that you will have no difficulty in winning the game (on the 15th).From May 28, Uranus invests the area of your chart decided to your creativity. An opportunity to renew yourself, to surprise, to seduce.

Well-being: Everything is fine.

With your personal and family development in good hands, nothing should be able to alter your physical and moral balance this spring. Quite the contrary. Count on the dynamic and buoyant flows of spring to fill you up with energy and enthusiasm, and then unwind and complete the season in full possession of your means. Just make sure that at the end of the season (around June 19) you don\'t let certain moods get in the way of such a beautiful frequency.

Capricorn Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

Take advantage of the rather positive energies that accompany your path this spring to make your dreams come true. From May 28 onwards, Uranus could start to ruffle your feathers. All the more reason to lay the foundations of a reassuring universe this spring.


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