Capricorn, your love horoscope for Summer 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: demands!

At the beginning of the season, Venus favors tender exchanges; count on the delightful planet to exalt your magnetism and appetites. From July 22 onwards, you will want to experience quality relationships that meet your requirements. You benefit from a seduction that has an effect between August 16 and September 10 and, at the end of the season, you envision a future that you wish to open up to your own liking, according to your most cherished wishes. Demands to be moderated a bit?

1st decan (December 22-January 2): some rules (and limits) to observe!

The current goes well between you and your loved ones in early summer. The atmosphere is warm in your emotional relationships. Venus sharpens your desire for inspiring love affairs between July 22 and 30: you get fired up and embellish the picture a bit. At the beginning of August, you have to deal with the return of Saturn, who returns to impose rigorous duties on your spending and on the expression of your desires. This time, you will be able to control your impulses better (August 23) and you will take into account the limits. At the end of the season, it is not certain that Saturn will allow you to carry out certain projects as you had hoped. Some frustration to endure (around September 17),but nothing like what you endured last winter.

2nd decan (Jan. 3-Jan. 11): you'll be rowing a bit!

You yearn for less conventional stories, but Saturn limits your expansion and puts the brakes on your impulses. Summer does not release the pressure and you find the first half of July rather frustrating, you feel stuck by restrictions and constraints that stifle your freedom. Focus on dialogue (5th, 20th) to explain to the other what is at stake. Nothing will be solved at the beginning of August, your appetites are subject to a situation that ends up putting you on edge. Prefer to raise the debates (August 3, 20) and use your energy to push back certain limits and do as you please (August 22). You bring the summer full circle, able to finally explore how you want to operate.

3rd decan (Jan. 12-Jan. 20): settle for a lot!

You show the other person that you love them by redoubling your attention and listening (June 21, 23),but some initiatives contradict these good intentions and throw trouble between you and the other person (July 7). Rely on your magical speeches (15th, 24th) to bewitch your loved one without imposing your desires (17th, 25th). From July 28, Jupiter reinforces your desires, but restrain your desires (July 29) so that people do not find you too demanding. You aspire to have a love affair that lives up to your expectations, but curb your fantasies and spending (August 11, 20, September 2). Regardless, you take advantage of your irresistible charm (on the 6th, 20th) to get what you covet and end the summer in joy.

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Summer exalts your desires and makes you want to have a good time, important expectations to moderate so you don't find yourself disappointed or frustrated.


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