Capricorn: your horoscope for tomorrow

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You are ecstatic about new possibilities, where it seems as if Fate is giving you a helping hand with your hopes and expectations. It would be a good idea to jettison certain habits, which are weighing you down... and making you feel guilty!



You swing between cold disdain and over-enthusiasm, which is confusing for those around you. Try to find a happy medium.

Tomorrow: 3/5TomorrowThursday: 2/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5FridaySaturday: 4/5SaturdaySunday: 4/5SundayMonday: 5/5MondayTuesday: 5/5TuesdayWednesday: 4/5Wednesday



You feel more optimistic, generous and open towards your partner. It's time to express your point of view on an awkward subject... In order to keep your relationship on a sound base and tackle projects together.

Tomorrow: 5/5TomorrowThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 4/5FridaySaturday: 5/5SaturdaySunday: 5/5SundayMonday: 4/5MondayTuesday: 5/5TuesdayWednesday: 5/5Wednesday



You're going to be able to move your projects forward behind the scenes. Now's the time to finish things off and make decisions to be able to start afresh later.

Tomorrow: 5/5TomorrowThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 4/5FridaySaturday: 3/5SaturdaySunday: 5/5SundayMonday: 5/5MondayTuesday: 4/5TuesdayWednesday: 5/5Wednesday



Admitting your mistakes will save you from a lot of trouble, today. It's time to rectify the situation.

Tomorrow: 3/5TomorrowThursday: 3/5ThursdayFriday: 4/5FridaySaturday: 3/5SaturdaySunday: 3/5SundayMonday: 4/5MondayTuesday: 5/5TuesdayWednesday: 3/5Wednesday
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The moon is in Cancer, in position 10 degree(s),56 minute(s): Powerful, changing and disconcerting moods, imagination and sensitivity, memories, vulnerability.

First decan

22nd December to 2nd January

This will be a "feminine" day, when life's pleasures and the quest for comfort, especially emotional comfort, will take precedence over competition or ambition. You will need to adapt and gather your weapons and wealth, showing an interest in those close to you! If you are single, there will surely be an old aunt or cousin, who will be delighted to see you.

Second decan

3rd January to 11th January

The climate will seem benevolent and dynamic. You will have a desire to go towards other and find collaborators, companions and fellow-players. For some, it will be a quest in your love-life, with potential encounters and even marriage. Team-work will work well for everyone.

Third decan

12th January to 20th January

The mood will move on from analysis and criticism to more emotional values. Emotions will gain the upper hand and you'll have an opportunity to declare your feelings, sign a favourable contract or simply have an excellent , dynamic and productive relationship with others.

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