Leo's horoscope for October 2022

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for October 2022

In October, prioritize communication and pay attention to what you are told. This is to make sure you understand each other and not risk getting locked into a dialogue of the deaf! If reason prevails over a desire to assert yourself, that could irritate some. You adopt a balanced attitude and prefer to act and react conscientiously rather than ignore the arguments of those around you. In that case, you will end the month on the right track. It's up to you!

Leo: Mood for October 2022

No autumnal sequence in terms of morale. Jupiter continues to boost your enthusiasm and your desire to surpass yourself. Focus on the first half of the month to communicate your determination to progress (the 1st, the 12th)!

Leo: Love for October 2022

Do you aspire to spread your wings, to think bigger? Whether your desires concern your private or active life, take the time to talk about them with your loved ones to make them aware of your choices that involve them closely. You can make yourself understood by distilling your messages gently and taking care to respect the other person!

In a Relationship: are you planning to push back certain previous limitations holding you back? You care to inform those around you through loving communication that should hit the nail on the head and earn you their support (1st, 12th)!

Single: your principles of life are evolving? It is no longer a question of keeping your desires to yourself! Instead, you must inform those close to you of your new ambitions, which should not shock anyone. You can express your aspirations with tact (1st, 12th)!

Leo: Money for October 2022

If you ask for money (a raise, for example), you will know how to do it. Charming and charming, your messages will be received loud and clear (1st, 12th)!

Leo: Work for October 2022

Jupiter, who has been boosting your ambitions since May 10, will temporarily move away from your sphere of influence from the 28th. It will only return to your path from December 20. In the meantime, take advantage of a sky that is still favorable to your initiatives to anchor the message in the heads of your superiors. This you will do with great art (1st, 12th)!

Leo: Leisure for October 2022

You will probably want to surpass yourself on all levels in October. You will want to test your limits and identify your full potential. So take up a sporting activity at full speed or take off on a trip far from here!

Leo: Key dates for October 2022

- On the 1st, cultivate dialogue to make others want to support your dreams and ambitions!
- On the 12th, do not impose your projects on anyone before you have laid the foundations and found the financing without ambiguity!
- On the 14th, you will succeed in leading constructive debates by listening attentively and speaking kindly!
- On the 19th, think collectively if you want your projects to be supported rather than distrusted!
- On the 27th, if the current has difficulty passing between you and the others, try to communicate your enthusiasm to those around you. They will feel more boosted by your projects if you associate them with them!

Leo: Advice for October 2022

A month that favors your expression! Take advantage of this time of year to make your case to the higher-ups. Rely on your ability to get your message across with grace. Especially during the first fortnight when you will find the words!

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