Gemini's horoscope for October 2022

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for October 2022

Endowed with an undeniable (even irresistible) power of seduction, you will not hesitate to use it in October to achieve your ends! Whether in love, society, or office, you will not be the last to flirt or banter! You'll want to draw attention to yourself, and why not combine business with pleasure! If you have an idea, a project, or a business in mind, you will not be slow to charm your partners and interlocutors.

Gemini: Mood for October 2022

You'll be pretty happy and determined to get what you want! Whether it's love, money, or a project that lifts you off the ground, you won't beat around the bush to entice those you love and those you need. But be sure to be at least a little sincere if you really want to keep your supporters loyal!

Gemini: Love for October 2022

Until the 28th, Jupiter will continue to favor your initiatives to open up the future as you wish. Take advantage of this to mobilize your troops around projects that excite you. You will not hesitate (on the 1st and 12th) to use your magnetic influence on the other person. You persuade them (not without some reluctance) to follow you on the adventure!

In a Relationship: the October state of affairs assures you of the incredible power of seduction! You also have an eloquence that should allow you to rally the votes of those you love around a life project which took shape this spring!

Single: you should enjoy a good popularity rating in society, with your family and friends! This is a good sign that your prospects are attractive and worthwhile!

Gemini: Money for October 2022

If you need money to carry out specific projects close to your heart, you can use your charm to get your bankers on your side! Hurry up and make your requests before the 28th!

Gemini: Work for October 2022

You will have no lack of ideas or brilliance when presenting your projects to those around you, who should endorse your proposals, which are indeed very appealing. Rely on your current radiance and eloquence to convince and seduce. Keep in mind that from the 28th, Jupiter will eclipse and will only reappear in your line of sight from the 20th!

Gemini: Leisure for October 2022

You will undoubtedly want to devour life in October, do what you like, and bring along those you love. You can count on those around you to accompany you in your activities and remake the world together!

Gemini: Key dates for October 2022

- On the 1st, do not abuse your power of seduction to embark on the other in a dream or rejection that he would not reasonably support!
- On the 12th, if your determination to move forward is unfailing, your ultimate goals may remain a little vague. Clarify them before you put pressure on everyone else!
- On the 14th, your ambitions will be shared more if they are based on solid ground!
- On the 19th, if the somewhat vibrant atmosphere is not unpleasant, be careful not to demand too much of the other if you do not want it to turn into a storm!
- On the 27th, weigh your words carefully if you wish to convince without triggering hostilities!

Gemini: Advice for October 2022

The month will be somewhat favorable to your initiatives and your projects. However, be careful not to abuse your power of seduction to achieve your goals. At the risk of being found a little self-serving?

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