Libra's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for November 2021

The mood is almost perfect until the 5th and even beyond. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in good aspect with your sign at one time or another. This configuration promises beautiful encounters, gratifying exchanges, an excellent physical shape, and a great desire to evolve. A little too much, perhaps! Sure of yourself and your talents, after the 5th, you may demand too much recognition or rewards. You risk annoying your hierarchy or even your close relations. However, you can explain that you wish to improve your living conditions and those around you.

Libra: Mood for November 2021

This is a beautiful November, with some emotional reservations between the 5th and the 24th, a period when you may be a little too greedy to be truly satisfied. You communicate easily, your exchanges are relatively serene, and you manage to set the proper limits to evolve without going overboard, which is a perilous exercise this month. A metamorphosis in progress may generate anxieties for some, but the rest of the sky is on your side. You realize this, and it makes you optimistic, so you attract luck!

Libra: Love for November 2021

You use excellent arguments to defend your love cause. Still, you are not diplomatic. Your tone, more than your requests themselves, could displease people because you pose a little too much as a leader while you expose mostly personal desires. At the end of the month, the flow will be better. Financial worries or tensions at work can also alter the quality of your emotional relationships. You must better separate these different sectors of your life. Everything will go well if you do not overestimate the power you have over the other person. Don't overdo your charm and ask for too much. Your partner may find you are overdoing it.

Libra: Money for November 2021

Beware of buying fever from the 5th onwards. Frustrations in your emotional life could cause you to take comfort in buying indiscriminately, and, in the end, you will only add to your problems. Therefore, you must discipline yourself and establish a solid budget that you will not exceed: make lists before you go shopping, do not be tempted by frivolities, and pay in cash... And then wait for a few weeks and take advice before launching into a significant investment that may be too impulsive.

Libra: Work for November 2021

You feel destined to serve the community, and you work at it with zeal and success. Your talents are apparent, and you don't need to brag constantly to prove it (and reassure yourself). You would like people to admire your dedication, but your behavior sometimes leads to criticism of your egotistical excesses. Mars exalts your thirst to impose your talents and get rewarded for them, but wait until 2022 to get what you want. If inhibitions are still holding back your creative impulses, be patient too. Soon you will have integrated everything that can contribute to your future success.

Libra: Leisure for November 2021

Take advantage of this beautiful November to visit exhibitions, go to the theater or the cinema. Get closer to your family and friends by organizing restaurant outings or invitations to your home. In any case, get your nose out of your smartphone to maintain real social and emotional relationships. Prefer to watch a movie with your family or play a board game rather than isolate yourself on social networks. A little physical exercise will also do you a world of good.

Libra: Key dates for November 2021

- On the 2nd, use your eloquence to untangle the grey areas in your family, not to confuse the story even more.

- On the 6th, explain to your loved ones that you are defending the common cause. You will receive support.

- On the 13th, you will meet with resistance; your demands will be opposed, and you will probably find them extravagant.

- On the 18th, serve common interests to live a harmonious, even inspiring daily life.

- On the 30th, effective communication will improve your family life.

Libra: Advice for November 2021

This month, you are likely to be irritated by conflicts, tensions, and demands that don't always work in your favor. You should use strategy and diplomacy to prepare for the future with more serenity. Dialogue without rushing or coercing anyone to overcome resistance at the end of the month. You must channel your fiery temperament and make friends rather than enemies.

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