Cancer's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for November 2021

November is a good month for you: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune are alternately in trine to your Sun and promise you good progress in several areas. The only thing left to do is for Mercury to confuse your communication until the 5th. For some people at the end of the sign, Pluto forces them into a profound metamorphosis against which it is useless to fight.

Cancer: Mood for November 2021

You have a great desire to express yourself constructively. Remember that dialogue is always preferable to an authoritarian tone, and compromises are more valuable than orders that risk displeasing without convincing. Venus favors exchanges between you and others. You can pass your messages smoothly and avoid tensions. You are rather radiant this month. Hope and enthusiasm animate your physiognomy and make you charming. You can make friends, allies, and more if you get along!

Cancer: Love for November 2021

Harmony reigns in your family, except for the first 5 days of the month when you risk throwing aggressive spikes, throwing tantrums, or sharing your nervous tension with those around you. Hang in there and stay zen as the skies are clearing up quickly and have some pleasant surprises in store for you. You will have the opportunity to meet new people or stabilize a relationship close to your heart. Mars will provide you with a beautiful sensuality that will happily complete your intense feelings. You will make promises, make a commitment, move in with your partner or think about starting a family.

Cancer: Money for November 2021

The sky is protecting your assets and, unless something goes wrong, you should not encounter any significant financial problems in November. It is even recommended that you invest carefully in one or another activity that could prove very profitable and fill your bankroll. Don't give in to your usual whims at the risk of breaking this beautiful material balance that heaven is offering you. Take advice before making significant expenditures and discipline yourself not to make too many small ones...

Cancer: Work for November 2021

At work, you are considered talented and charismatic. You have no shortage of ideas, talent, or audacity to present your projects and push your teams out of their comfort zone. You ardently defend your vision of the world, and you expose your potential with particular success. Your intuition helps you considerably target the right people, please your hierarchy, and rally the goodwill of your colleagues or associates. Everything is going well in November, and you feel that you are making great strides on the road to success... It's not just a feeling!

Cancer: Leisure for November 2021

You are in great shape in November, and you should take advantage of this to go out, to move around, and do a little sport. But, above all, to spend excellent moments with your loved ones. With family, lovers, or friends, it's a perfect time to plan an outing to a restaurant, a movie, or a theater. Unless you prefer the delights of the countryside and long walks if the weather permits. You will also take great pleasure in cooking with the children or teaching them to invent (write) stories. Your imagination will give you many beautiful days!

Cancer: Key dates for November 2021

- On the 1st, you want to improve your living conditions and those of those around you.

- On the 10th, do not use your charm to impose your conditions on others at the risk of displeasing them.

- On the 15th, a little too demanding, you need to calm down to avoid being stopped in your tracks.

- On the 20th, it is not by overestimating your means and powers that you will succeed.

- On the 29th, energy, and enthusiasm in the service of an ideal? If you also serve the community, everything should work out well.

Cancer: Advice for November 2021

In November, you have an excellent power of seduction. You can reach your objectives but do not go overboard, know how to score points without irritating everyone. You have a strong desire to distinguish yourself and make your projects evolve but moderate your outbursts. You take everything to heart when it is best to talk about it to avoid making things worse. Cut some slack.

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