Gemini's horoscope for May 2023

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for May 2023

If you have made plans, they are subject to deadlines from the 16th. Jupiter invites you to take the necessary time to refine your strategies. Count on Mars to defend your interests and Venus to express your potential and talents. Use your charm to promote your merits and reap the rewards.

Gemini: Mood for May 2023

You will reflect and benefit from transparency and good information that will allow you to bounce back in full possession of your means. Cultivate serenity, enjoy life and do not try to rush anything.

Gemini: Love for May 2023

Awareness allows you to probe your heart and apprehend your emotions better. Count on your magnetism and greed to exalt the sensuality of the other person, to lead them off the beaten track in an exciting way.

In a Relationship: some unconscious desires are perceived more intensely and incite you to spice up the link, to propose to the other different experiences.

Single: you lucidly explore your desires and share them with someone who agrees to follow you and succumbs to your magnetism.

Gemini: Money for May 2023

You instinctively make the right choice and intuitively perceive the desires of those around you.

Gemini: Work for May 2023

Exchanges conducted in the shadows, or even in secret, are stalled and will resume on the 25th. Until then, don't let go of anything, but don't force anything. You are in a position to express your potential and even develop new ones.

Gemini: Leisure for May 2023

Anything that draws on your inner resources and appeals to your intuition and sense of strategy appeals to you. Whether it's playing a chess tournament, guessing games or testing your psychic abilities.

Gemini: Key dates for May 2023

-The 5th: Your charm allows you to rally the votes around a project you like and everyone agrees with.

-The 13th: You will boast about your merits to get more, but you will keep a sense of moderation. You are most successful when you work behind the scenes.

-The 15th: if, behind the scenes, some discussions stagnate, they will resume. Take advantage of this to energetically relaunch the debates.

-The 18th: try to avoid speeding up the process. You feel that your projects are encountering obstacles. In that case, you prefer to take the time to resolve them rather than find yourself on the sidelines.

-The 23rd: if you are annoyed by resistance, it is not by raising your voice that you can dissolve it. Any attempt to force your way through is to be avoided.

Gemini: Advice for May 2023

May invites you to take advantage of the present moment to explore your inner world and learn valuable lessons while having a good time.

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