Virgo's horoscope for May 2022

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for May 2022

You want to push back certain limits that are holding you back. Whether professional or private, count on your ability to convince and on your irresistible magnetism to validate your messages. Relatively sure of yourself and confident in your prospects and projects, you can do what you like.

Virgo: Mood for May 2022

Your energy is remarkable, and your actions pay off. You openly express your desires and your immense appetites to be satisfied. It is difficult to satiate you. Your warrior and ambitious side express itself primarily. You are moving forward, broadening your horizons, claiming your freedom. If Venus exalts your senses, let yourself be tempted by some sensual delicacy. This state of affairs invites you to believe in your dreams. Get closer to an ideal within reach of your heart. Whether your goals are sentimental or professional, count on your ability to connect, collaborate, warm your bonds and sublimate your loves.

Virgo: Love for May 2022

Magnetic, you count on Venus to exalt your sensuality and desire to seduce, and Jupiter will take over on the 10th. If you use your charm in society, your radiance will win hearts and earn you some success in love. You are primarily mobilized by missions that you aspire to affirm and concretize. You don't have much free time to shine and seduce, but a commitment becomes clearer. Exalting moments have given you the desire to take a step forward. Until the 10th, Jupiter reinforces the trend, and Venus exalts your thirst for pleasure, even great thrills.

Virgo: Money for May 2022

If your income is up this month, it's thanks to profitable returns on investments, bonuses, or inheritance, and you won't let a crumb of the feast slip through your fingers. The urge to change your life, country, or job motivates you. If you are offered the chance to earn more, you are fulfilled, but you will pursue it anyway if there is no financial benefit to your quest. If the cause you aspire to serve brings you a lot of money, much better. If you don't get much, too bad. You are selfless and motivated only by the positive influence you can have on the world.

Virgo: Work for May 2022

You've just made a partnership or benefited from highlighting your skills. On the 10th, you start to reap the juicy rewards. Whether it's in the form of a bonus or a profit-sharing, Jupiter increases your chances of prospering. Then Mars reinforces the trend and focuses your activity. You aspire to develop your career plan, push your limits, even move abroad. You are very offensive at the beginning of the month, and nothing will stand in your way. If you aspire to serve an important cause, count on the situation to commit you to it. You are determined and have the necessary energy to achieve this.

Virgo: Leisure for May 2022

If you have any free time left, you reserve it to speculate or banter with your loved one in the privacy of the alcove and soothe your senses. Your thirst for achievement could give you a taste for extreme sports. Whether it's climbing a dizzying peak, running a marathon, skydiving, embroidery, or sunbathing is out of the question. Whatever the activity you practice, you want it to connect you to others. No question of jogging alone or meditating alone in your corner.

Virgo: Key dates for May 2022

-On the 3rd, intense moments and emotional commitment materialize. This is a day you won't soon forget.
-On the 4th, you work to convince your partners to follow you in your desires for something different and elsewhere.
-On the 18th, inspired, but on the offensive, no one can resist your aspirations and desire to reach an ideal, whether sentimental or social.
-On the 22nd, passionate exchanges and the will to make a link evolve. Whether it's your relationship with your children or the one you love, you will push the other person to the limit.
-On the 29th, driven by the desire to change your destiny, you will take advantage of an extraordinary situation to accelerate the movement.

Virgo: Advice for May 2022

Take advantage of a trend that pushes you to optimize your finances and satisfy your desires to transform your life and reconnect with an intensity that feels good. You want to get out of your comfort zone, and the heavens encourage you to do so. All you have to do is take the plunge and dare. May invites you to take a step towards each other, connect, and unite. Let yourself be carried along by the cosmic flows that show you the way and by a good intuition.

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