Cancer's horoscope for May 2021

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for May 2021

The sky is relatively clear in May. Neptune, from the 13th and Jupiter in Pisces nourishes your creativity and gives you a great desire to evolve. In good aspect, Uranus encourages you to change, try something new, and become more autonomous or freer. This is an excellent time to get rid of some harmful or limiting dependencies. Mercury and Venus are in Gemini this month, so it's not the time to expect a surge of passion in your love affairs. Still, Mars in your home maintains your sensuality and romanticism.

Cancer: Mood for May 2021

With Mars in your sign, your sky is active in May. You feel a great need to take care of your home and family. Either directly by doing some work at home or indirectly by working hard to ensure your loved ones' comfort and quality of life. But you are capricious, and you can't stand any remarks. Your sensitivity turns to susceptibility, and your moody behaviour could discourage the best intentions. Don't be stubborn when it would be better to make concessions. Accept criticism for what it is and stay calm!

Cancer: Love for May 2021

At the beginning of the month, you are resolutely turned towards the future. But, from the 9th, the sky invites you to take a little distance from the events or your entourage, and more widely with the outside world. You must take the time to look at your love life to learn valuable lessons and launch a new cycle in your emotional life with full knowledge of the facts. This is how you will avoid unpleasant surprises and build a future that corresponds to your real aspirations.

Cancer: Money for May 2021

You should be careful with your material assets, do not try to realize a project immediately, even if it is essential to you. It is better to remain sober and calculate all the implications of your expenses or investments lucidly. In fact, it is best to seek advice before making any critical decisions about your budget. You need to determine a realistic plan of action to not start scaring everyone (creating one with your banker, perhaps).

Cancer: Work for May 2021

From the 13th onwards, Jupiter broadens your horizons and generates natural relief. Take advantage of this period to assert your ambitions, but don't be too greedy! Carefully evaluate your limits to avoid being called out by your superiors or associates. However, it will be difficult to hold you back as you are very keen on your audacious projects. Still, as they are supported by a thorough reflection on the means to be deployed, you should finally win your case. You can also rely on discreet strategies to change things gently. You have no shortage of charm or arguments to convince, primarily because you are fully committed to inspire others.

Cancer: Leisure for May 2021

Jupiter, from the 13th, invites you to go beyond yourself. This is an ideal time to shake off your legendary apathy and get back to regular physical activity, even if you are content with walks at first. Appetite comes with eating, and the benefits of your outings will make you want to do more. You will also take great pleasure in taking care of your home, children, or loved ones. Family spirit dominates this month! Whether it's playing board games or preparing meals as a team, you'll find a thousand ways to keep yourself busy in good company. Don't overdo it and you'll have a refreshing month!

Cancer: Key dates for May 2021

- Thursday, May 6th, thanks to your power of seduction, you will rally the votes around a project that pleases you and your partners.

- Tuesday, May 11th, the New Moon helps you solicit the support of those close to you. They help you in your endeavours, provided you do not become too demanding.

- Monday, May 17th, you have the talent to make everyone you meet want to believe you and follow you.

- Wednesday, May 26th, the Full Moon suggests that you get to work and serve the community. This is the time to collaborate.

- Monday, May 31st, you put powerful energy at
 the service of a mission, an idea, a dream...

Cancer: Advice for May 2021

You need to be patient. Sometimes you'll have to wait before carrying out your projects if you want them to be built on solid ground, without rushing and exceeding your budget. To stay in shape this month, work hard but without excess. Don't put pressure on your loved ones.

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