Gemini's horoscope for March 2021

Written by Daisy

A calmer month that goes by better. Messages are more fluid and announced less abruptly. The cosmic state of affairs favours novelty and proposes more inspiring life patterns and a more inspiring future vision. In any case, we should benefit from astral conditions conducive to consultation: it would finally be a matter of proposing rather than imposing. A relief compared to a tense end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

Gemini: Love horoscope for March 2021

Love: Popular!

Until the 25th, Venus allows you to exercise your charm outside and in private because it reinforces your radiance. Your primary ambition is to be seen, loved, and to seduce. Starting on the 21st, make way for projects that are close to your heart, Gemini, and that you will realize by rallying the votes of your family and friends around your inspiring plans.

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): Everything to Please!

You use your charm at the beginning of the month to influence those you want to convince your ideas are the best. On the 21st, you express your potential and the thirst for autonomy that are just waiting to be awakened. At the end of the month, you gather around projects that are dear to you and are unanimously approved.

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th): Don't Say Too Much And Don't Do Too Much!

You are going through a period where success accumulates and your ambitions are being realized (the 5th). Channel your strengths to consolidate your progress and use your charm to show that you will build on solid rather than flimsy ground. Be careful on the 24th, because if you are too comfortable, you may not be found so charming and we won't give in to your pressure.

3rd decan (June 11th-June 20th): In Tune With the Right Wavelength!

You have a cause that is important to you. You are advocating for a vision of your future that you direct according to your views (on the 11th). Use your magnetism to influence whoever you like. Your arguments stir the imagination and inspire support. This will transform what needs to be transformed and accelerate an inner metamorphosis that has been underway since 2018. You are changing your destiny.

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You have many assets to direct your life as you wish. Anchor your advances so that they hold the road and be content with a lot without wanting to take the Moon.

Gemini: The thread of the month for March 2021

The First Week,

The 3rd, you use your charm to get your messages across and express your ideas that you kept hidden for fear that they might transgress the current order. The 5th, enthusiasm, a facility to assert your ambitions with all the chances of obtaining what you covet.

The Second Week,

The 11th, inspired and connected to an ideal, exert your influence on the world around you. Rally those you need around your cause. The 13th, the New Moon puts you in the spotlight. It's up to you to stay there. The 14th, a dream lifts you from the ground, but a mission overwhelms you: keep your feet on the ground to achieve your ambitions.

The Third Week,

The 16th, you orientate your existence differently, and you accomplish this by continuing to transform what needs to be transformed both internally and externally. The 18th, you rely on your charm to make your situation evolve in line with what you feel is fundamental. The 21st, you put forward arguments likely to make your hierarchy aware of your different vision of what needs to be done to progress and enrich your activity.

The Fourth Week,

The 22nd, you lead your life with a firm hand because you have to be enduring and patient to achieve your ambitions. You have to keep your distance. The 24th, avoid raising your voice to avoid being criticized. The 26th, you are excited about your projects, and you find the words to unite around your plans, to find the support you need to achieve them. The 28th, the Full Moon highlights your love, talent, and ego. Express them without overdoing it. The 30th, you make plans knowing that it takes time to make them come true. Use your diplomacy and seduction to make people want to believe and follow you. The 31st, slowly but surely, you lay the groundwork for a future you like but don't try to speed up the process.

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