Aquarius's horoscope for June 2021

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for June 2021

Jupiter exalts your potential and gives you a feeling of abundance. Still, Saturn is draining your energy and exacerbating your family demands. Don't attack anyone until you have taken the time to understand the situation. Soon you will make better choices. For the moment, be content with examining what is going on without intervening excessively. In June, you'll want to love more than anything else, and you'll get your message across. It will then be time to express clearly and warmly what you feel so that people will, without too much hesitation, want to believe you and follow you.

Aquarius: Mood for June 2021

Start by clarifying your ideas, intentions and feelings to know where you stand, to avoid confusion or even somatization. Rely on your goodwill to participate and convince in June. You will deal with the most urgent matters or dispel any doubts that people may have. You want to establish your relationships on a solid footing, manage them as well as possible so that they evolve while taking into account your current state of mind (demanding and a bit austere). Venus softens the exchanges a little, especially in the family, where you gently change things. Still, your family relationships are tense and sometimes explosive.

Aquarius: Love for June 2021

Venus helps you improve the ordinary, manage with benevolence the stewardship, and take care of everyone. This empathy pushes you to invest in the comfort of those you love or be patient if you feel you are having trouble communicating with your loved ones. This beautiful disposition allows you to enchant daily life and to warm up the atmosphere a little. But your speeches will not convince anyone if you are insincere or if you embellish the picture, or if you spend too much to please yourself. Play it straight to avoid people doubting you or finding you untrustworthy. Don't force anyone to believe you, to follow you, to love you. Instead, prove your genuine affection to the other person by being generous and willing to please.

Aquarius: Money for June 2021

You sometimes feel stuck, with the feeling that upheavals are happening in your life without you having wished it... You'll have to be willing to take advantage of this situation without being subjected to it. Your finances are on the rise, making you want to indulge yourself and embellish your daily life and that of your loved ones. Count on Jupiter to give you the means to do so and on Venus to exalt your desire to do well, to harmonize your relationships with your loved ones. The Sun takes over from the 21st. You will have a financially comfortable month, well surrounded and appreciated by those who see that you are doing what it takes to make them happy.

Aquarius: Work for June 2021

You exchange your ideas freely and take concrete action from the 11th. Focus on your personal goals to evolve favourably. Pleasures are also the order of the day, and this is an excellent time to take a few days off... Jupiter is swelling your coffers and allowing you to develop your potential and even explore new ones that are not being exploited enough. You take great advantage of this, and you let those around you benefit from it. You show a willingness to serve the community and a contagiously good mood. You have no difficulty strengthening your popularity. You apply yourself, and you hand in careful and conscientious work. Demanding, you aspire to be irreproachable, but you could be caught up by family tensions that interfere with your work.

Aquarius: Leisure for June 2021

Specific planetary influences force you to change your plans. Whether it's vacation plans or plans for your relationship, you have to accept some changes. You aspire to surpass yourself and express your talents, but you are not very clear in expressing your gifts in June. Either you exaggerate them and generate confusion in your relationships with those around you, or you are hovering above the realities of this world. Take up painting, music, or an artistic activity to channel your multiple talents into something concrete and rewarding.

Aquarius: Key dates for June 2021

- On the 3rd, you express your feelings soberly because you are in search of authenticity.

- On the 10th, the New Moon invites you to put yourself forward while caring not to overshadow anyone.

- On the 14th, things are not going well with your family. You do not feel that you have found your place, and you are living in a situation that you now consider untenable.

- On the 22nd, exchanges that were stalling resume more constructively. Take the opportunity to clarify the situation by being frank and fair.

- On the 24th, the Full Moon recommends that you take a step back from events and examine appropriate action.

Aquarius: Advice for June 2021

Consider the transition between spring and summer by remaining at the service of others and improving your exchanges. There is a time for everything! At the moment, your family affairs need to be settled and take up most of your time.

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