Virgo's horoscope for July 2025

Written by Daisy

This month is off to a strong start! Indeed, Mars in your sign strengthens your self-confidence, and your dynamism will meet your expectations. The energies in Cancer: sun until the 22nd and Jupiter all month, encourage you to see your friends, to make plans. Then on the 22nd, the sun moves into Leo and makes you want to take a break. Mercury in Leo and retrograde on the 18th in a secret sector for your sign doesn't lend itself well to confidences and chit-chat, on the contrary, you will do a lot of reflection and express yourself less! Saturn and Neptune arrive in a sector related to changes, these energies will help you to make important changes that may have been blocking your progress until now, 1st decan. The work sector is set to be reformative!

Virgo: Love in General

Your sensuality could take you out of your comfort zone, will you be able to convey your excitement to your partner? Your alternating feelings of idealism and secrecy do not facilitate your emotional expression, consider showing your vulnerability rather than forcing yourself into an image that is not truly you.

Virgo: In a relationship

You may have some difficulty communicating with your partner as you would like, accept this divine annoyance. Your desires will be strong, surround your partner with your arms and your feelings will be more noticeable to your partner.


Active and on the ball, your proactive behavior should pay off. Until the 22nd, the circle of friends or associations could meet your expectations, be present at all meetings, at all events. A destiny encounter awaits you there after the 4th, keep an eye out!

Virgo: Career / Finance

Under the influence of Saturn and Neptune, especially for the first decan, do not rely too much on external financial help, but rather on your own strength. Being proactive during the month, you should accomplish many tasks and at least stabilize your financial situation. Venus, from the 4th to the 31st, can promote a salary increase.

Virgo: Advice from FREE Horoscope

You might confuse those around you with your dynamic behavior that doesn't match your usual nature. So dare to put in place things that are important to you and that could finally come to fruition!

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