Aquarius's horoscope for July 2025

Written by Daisy

Charismatic, strong in your convictions, this summer month promises to be rich! Pluto in your 1st decan begins its irreversible influence, a transformation is in progress. The energies coming from Cancer: sun until the 22nd and Jupiter all month long, strengthen your professional sector, your daily life, you will be efficient, effective, and supported in your wish of evolution. After the 22nd, under the influence of the planets in Leo, the other one, the others take an increased importance, you will have to collaborate, under penalty of wasting your time! Your dynamism will be powerful, Mars distils a sulphurous impetus to your actions, you decide to change what must be changed. Saturn and Neptune inspire you with an excellent morale, a desire to move forward rooted in the body, the magic of life guides you. Love could fall on you!

Aquarius: Love in General para July 2025

Aquarius: A rising sensuality and protective and powerful feelings, July could be hot in emotional and sentimental quest. You need thrills as much as true love, passing lovers will not keep you on the edge of your seat for long. The demand will be your business card.

Aquarius: In a relationship para July 2025

Aquarius: A certain rigor of good will may take you away from your partner of heart or bring you closer to him, how do you intend to seduce your partner again? Use your carnal power, your trump card of July!

Single para July 2025

Aquarius: Entrepreneurial and sensual, you will not hesitate to conquer the heart of the person you desire. But you will need shared feelings to declare yourself, Mercury is very favorable to you from the 1st to the 17th.

Aquarius: Career / Finance para July 2025

Aquarius: Mars helps you to bring money into your account, especially those resulting from legal, statutory, testamentary transactions. After the 22nd, the evolution of an employment contract is possible, an agreement could be found. If you are looking for a job, the end of the month is promising!

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope para July 2025

Aquarius: You feel that you are getting stronger and stronger under the influx of Pluto in your sign. This passage is extremely rare, understand that you are asked to accompany this long process, not to resist it.

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