Aquarius's horoscope for July 2025

Written by Daisy

Charismatic, strong in your beliefs, this summer month looks promising! Pluto in your first decan is beginning its irreversible influence, a transformation is underway. Energies from Cancer: the sun until the 22nd and Jupiter all month, strengthen your professional sector, your daily life, you will be efficient, effective, and supported in your desire for progress. After the 22nd, under the influence of planets in Leo, others take on added importance, you will need to collaborate, or risk going in vain! Your dynamism will be powerful, Mars injects a spark into your actions, you decide to make necessary changes. Saturn and Neptune give you a great morale boost, a desire to move forward deeply ingrained within you, the magic of life guides you. Love could unexpectedly come your way!

Aquarius: Love in General

With increased sensuality and powerful protective feelings, July could be hot with emotional highs and a quest for romance. You crave both excitement and genuine love, passing flings won't hold your interest for long. The demand will be your calling card.

Aquarius: In a relationship

A certain level of healthy strictness could either drive you apart from or bring you closer to your sweetheart. How do you plan to go about re-seducing your better half? Make use of your physical power, your July asset!


Enterprising and sensuous to a tee, you won't shy away from putting in the effort to win over the heart of the person you desire. However, you will need mutual feelings to declare yourself, Mercury is very favorable to you from the 1st to the 17th.

Aquarius: Career / Finance

Mars helps you to deposit euros into your account, especially those coming from legal, lawful, testamentary transactions. After the 22nd, the evolution of a work contract is possible, an agreement could be reached. If you are looking for a job, the end of the month looks promising!

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope

You feel that you are getting stronger under the influences of Pluto in your sign. This is a rare occurrence, so understand that you are being asked to go along with this long process, not to resist it.

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