Pisces's horoscope for July 2025

Written by Daisy

Some challenges may arise! Until the 22nd, the influxes from Cancer bring you towards a feeling of well-being, if you are a parent, complicity is certain. Artist or creator, the wind of evolution could take you far. Then the sun glides in Leo on the 22nd and joins Mercury, your daily life will take first place: on vacation or at work you will be hyper efficient. March behind the scenes, all month long in front of your sign, could generate discord with your intimates or your colleagues at work, listen to them, calm things down. Venus and Uranus in Gemini starting on the 7th encourage you to take care of your family affairs, surprises are possible, rather pleasant but a little unsettling at the time, stay confident.

Pisces: Love in General para July 2025

Pisces: A dramatic turn of events is still possible from the 7th, enough to put your emotional affairs in order or, on the contrary, to provoke an unexpected tsunami. Your emotional expression will be easier at the heart of your home, you aspire to inner peace while Mars pushes you to assert yourself in front of the other, attention.

Pisces: In a relationship para July 2025

Pisces: Financial considerations could taint your conjugal complicity. Open the dialogue, especially before the 17th, because afterwards, mutual understanding will be less easy. Your feelings will be kneaded with sweetness but sometimes awkward, yet you will need your half, find the right combo.

Single para July 2025

Pisces: A totally unexpected meeting could disrupt your daily life from the 7th, within your family. Communication will be easy before the 17th, humor and kindness will be your weapons of seduction. Your sensuality could be aggressive, stay cool!

Pisces: Career / Finance para July 2025

Pisces: Saturn and Neptune begin their teaching, 1st decan, your way of earning money could change, as well as that of saving. The divine manna is at work but Saturn still requires a roadmap without a shadow in the picture, remain farsighted and open to events that could surprise you.

Pisces: Advice from FREE Horoscope para July 2025

Pisces: Do not panic if the climate becomes a little tense or if others ask you for more, you have the inner resources for that, do not doubt it!

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