Libra's horoscope for July 2025

Written by Daisy

This month is going to be turned towards others, intimate partners or associates, you will not be able to act without taking into account the opinion of others. Saturn and Neptune facing you demand true relationships. The energies in Cancer reinforce your ambition, do not go faster than the music however! Mars in Virgo authorizes you to help others more than to act to act, there will be something heroic in your behavior! From the 7th, Venus, your planet, joins Uranus and inspires you with the call of the open sea, you should feel an emotional ideal that you caress. After the 22nd, the sun and Mercury in Leo honor your friendships, your projects while Pluto begins its sentimental or creative metamorphosis, 1st decan, what do you have to express so singular?

Libra: Love in General para July 2025

Libra: After the 4th, your feelings become light, cheerful, warm while your carnal desires oscillate between restraint and sacrifice, why not manifest your body emotions with simplicity? Communicating will be essential to maintain a pleasant atmosphere or an existing relationship, intimate relationality imposes itself on you.

Libra: In a relationship para July 2025

Libra: Get rid of any professional worries until the 22nd, before you get back to your partner, otherwise your marital harmony will be ruined. Your feelings will be strong, you will be able to show him your love but perhaps less your carnal impulses, do not be shy!

Single para July 2025

Libra: Pluto can promote an encounter of unequalled emotional intensity, especially 1st decan, while Venus brings you to the idealized emotional impulses, do not get too excited anyway. From the 7th, a love at first sight is possible, your chances of meeting are important.

Libra: Career / Finance para July 2025

Libra: The contractual sphere receives Saturn and Neptune, a change is perhaps to come or a restructuring, read well between the lines of the contract, your interlocutors will be hard in business but you will want stability and your professional partners also, of what to launch a future collaboration. Your assets look stable.

Libra: Advice from FREE Horoscope para July 2025

Libra: Your legendary diplomacy will help you to dialogue intelligently and fairly, plan some strong discussions after the 18th. Watch out for your ambition, which could isolate you from others and tarnish your aura.

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