Gemini's horoscope for July 2025

Written by Daisy

Ant or grasshopper? This summer, with the planets in Cancer: sun until the 22nd and Jupiter the whole month, they invite you to focus on your financial affairs, with an excellent surprise seeming to be on the way. Especially since Venus arrives on the 4th and enhances this type of event. Mercury in Leo boosts your morale, you'll have the right words, less so after the 18th. Your energy is ensured by Mars in Virgo, but squaring your sign may cause tensions within your household, so stay calm. Your plans are on the rise, with Saturn and Neptune watching over them, 1st decan. You can count on your friends, often many, to help you, with an ideal on the rise and in full transformation, thank you, Pluto! On the 22nd, the sun moves into Leo, charisma guaranteed.

Gemini: Love in General

Thanks to Venus in your sign from the 4th, your aura and sensuality will be at their peak! As a result, your love life looks promising, especially if you manage a meticulous physical energy that may hinder your natural spontaneity. Communication will be valuable and encouraged, but after the 18th, avoid being overly sensitive.

Gemini: In a relationship

You could be tempted to belong to your friends, especially as Venus in your sign encourages emotional scattering. Be mindful of your partner's reactions, as they may not appreciate it. Mars enhances both your sensuality and your nervousness, so communicate openly.


Go out, all lights are green for you to have a nice spontaneous and joyful encounter as you like them, especially from the 4th. You will have many offers, you will have to choose wisely, with your heart would be best!

Gemini: Career / Finance

The sun and Jupiter in a good aspect until the 22nd could bring about great financial opportunities or a lucrative job contract, increasing your assets, particularly for those born in the 2nd decan. Jupiter will protect your financial sphere throughout the month and beyond, so no worries in that department! You are working enthusiastically and supporting others.

Gemini: Advice from FREE Horoscope

Surrounded and optimistic, you will experience this summer month with a good amount of optimism, especially if you are able to shake off some nervousness related to your family affairs. Cool attitude!

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