Taurus's horoscope for July 2025

Written by Daisy

Until the 22nd, the energies coming from Cancer: sun and Jupiter, push you to communicate more, to appreciate being surrounded. Mercury in Leo and retrograde (the 18th) could complicate your family relationship life, you will be more at ease with friends or simply with acquaintances than with loved ones. Love, from the 4th, infuses your feelings with light and playful perfumes, yet you will want to know everything about each other while Mars in Virgo, in beautiful aspect to your sign, allows you a spirit of conquest, you will be ready for all the wonders! On the 22nd, the sun in Leo joins Mercury, calm down the game at home, do not get carried away intellectually for trivialities. For all, Uranus leaves you on the 7th, what awakening do you keep?

Taurus: Love in General para July 2025

Taurus: Your feelings could be mixed with financial considerations from the 7th while your desires, rather sensitive and tenacious under the aegis of Mars in Virgo, invite you to a really warm sensuality. Take care of the way you communicate, especially after the 18th, this is the key to a serene emotional life.

Taurus: In a relationship para July 2025

Taurus: The month will be half fig, half grape if you do not work within your couple to take care of each other without smothering or denying their needs. Mars gives you a beautiful sensuality, enjoy it and do not forget to take care of your discussions.

Single para July 2025

Taurus: With a bit of fantasy from the 4th, you could meet a very free, whimsical person, dare to approach him! If you are in a cultural or sporting environment, your chances are concentrated in these worlds. Be open, charming, nothing is less attractive than a know-it-all!

Taurus: Career / Finance para July 2025

Taurus: Pluto attacks your professional sector with full force and demands its share of change, even metamorphosis, 1st decan, absolutely accompany this process. Uranus could facilitate financial movements, always 1st decan, unexpected good news? Your assets will follow the course of your professional evolution, remain vigilant.

Taurus: Advice from FREE Horoscope para July 2025

Taurus: A few challenges await you this summer, but you are tough and tenacious! The end of the month might be a little trickier, a wise man is worth two, isn't he?

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