Virgo's horoscope for July 2023

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for July 2023

Projects in July and the desire to express, to affirm your ambitions. The month encourages your initiatives to give substance and life to these new perspectives . Some dream of trying their luck elsewhere or differently, others of changing everything, but all aspire this month to broaden your horizons, but do so with the agreement of the other.

Virgo: Mood for July 2023

Under Jupiter's rule, you will no longer vegetate, but rather spread your wings, dream and believe. A new enthusiasm drives you and you can't stand still. Don't let recurring and not necessarily positive thoughts short-circuit your dynamic momentum .

Virgo: Love for July 2023

Jupiter allows you to expand your horizons. You will no longer be afraid to dream and hope to realize your dreams. It's no more tasteless stories, you're evolving your conception of love and the bond. But do not let your mind interfere in this quest .

In couple: you aspire to give meaning to your union with the support of Jupiter. To get your duo out of the routine, you are well on your way.

Single: you don't want to get bogged down in banal stories , or in tasteless romances. Count on Jupiter to raise your standards, but also to encourage good meetings.

Virgo: Money for July 2023

If Jupiter favors your flights of fancy, take advantage of it to solicit the support of those who follow your initiatives closely, remain clear in your requests and measured in your demands.

Virgo: Work for July 2023

Uranus has helped you to break with certain habits that were confining you to functions that ended up boring you, to get out of your comfort zone. Jupiter favors the realization of your ambitions , gives you the desire to climb the ladder, to expatriate yourself and to aim high and far.

Virgo: Leisure for July 2023

Jupiter invites you to take off, to travel, to push back the frontiers of possibility. Take advantage of this beautiful dynamic to go on vacation far away, or even expatriate yourself. Anything that breaks with routine will appeal to you .

Virgo: Key dates for July 2023

-The 1 :er your projects have the wind in their sails, your arguments to carry them, to defend them touch their target and open you a royal way . Your glibness and enthusiasm seem to unite you.
-The 2nd: avoid manipulating anyone by using your charm to change things. Behind-the-scenes maneuvering will make those who support you bristle, but not under this kind of pressure.
-The 17th: avoid gossip that is more destructive than useful. Be clear about what you want to achieve rather than opting for less honest strategies.
-The 20th: it is not by raising your voice that you will succeed in impressing the other. Instead, expect to hit a wall.
-The 23rd: avoid spreading gossip or acting in a covert way to change things. You risk jamming the frequency and angering those who see you coming and don't appreciate your methods.

Virgo: Advice for July 2023

A summery month. Jupiter invites you to explore other avenues and favors your success. It's time to embark on an adventure. Whether it is sentimental, professional, social or all at once.

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