Aquarius's horoscope for July 2023

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for July 2023

Lots of work to do before you leave for vacation. Clear up some pending work before you fully decompress. Unless management is on the agenda and requires a demanding investment. If issues related to your finances, expenses, are on your mind, compose yourself rather than force your way through, or you may hit a wall.

Aquarius: Mood for July 2023

Under the influence of Jupiter, you spread your wings, you communicate your enthusiasm within the family that appreciates . Stay open to others around the 17th, as you ignore the cautionary advice you are given .

Aquarius: Love for July 2023

Jupiter will help your family to blossom and will make you want to start a family, to invest in a project that will improve your living conditions and environment. Nothing and no one will dampen your enthusiasm, except you if you do as you please and ignore what you are told.

As a couple: you have 'opportunities to hatch an exciting project that involves the whole family . A birth, the conception of a child, a property purchase. Listen to the advice you are given.

Single: Jupiter invites you to privilege your comfort and your personal blooming and family. This is an opportunity to invest, to move, to set up your own home. Keep the dialogue open, advice is good to take .

Aquarius: Money for July 2023

If you want to invest in a property, negotiate rather than impose your rules and scales that are not necessarily unanimously agreed upon.

Aquarius: Work for July 2023

If you are involved in a personal project, you will not escape the constraints of daily life and the demands of a job that needs to be completed before you can think of taking a vacation. If you are tempted to start your own business or expand its influence, this is the time.

Aquarius: Leisure for July 2023

Jupiter exalts your happiness capital. Take advantage of this to create living conditions that will contribute to it, to plan a family vacation abroad or in a place that ticks all the boxes.

Aquarius: Key dates for July 2023

-The 1er : a change of place of life, a move and a stewardship that you manage with ease. You exchange a lot on the subject with people around you who will support you, even accompany you concretely , in this passage.
-The 2nd: Keep the dialogue open and listen to others. In particular, avoid doing what you think is best for you and, even if you feel that someone is meddling in your affairs too much, assume that they are doing so out of love .
-The 17th: your private life, your environment, your home are in full expansion. But moderate your enthusiasm and, if you are restricted in your impulses, make an effort in this sense.
-The 20th: do not put pressure on your debtors who will say no if they think you are asking too much and going too far.
-The 23rd: beware of the little annoyances that arise if you don't listen to what you are told. Not only you would gain by listening to the advice of those around you, but you would also avoid jamming the frequency.

Aquarius: Advice for July 2023

Between your daily workload and a personal project, you will not have time to be idle in July. Whatever your personal aspirations, remember that you need others to make them a reality.

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