Leo's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for July 2021

While waiting for the Sun to illuminate your daily life from the 22nd, you are already benefiting from the presence of Venus and Mars in your sign. This is the assurance of a beautiful ardour, at work, in your love life and your friendships. Of course, Saturn will bring you down to earth at times, preventing you from always doing what you want when you want. Still, remain moderate in your expectations and activities. You will enjoy a sunny month of easy seduction and increased popularity.

Leo: Mood for July 2021

In July, your mood is at times changeable under the influence of Saturn. Still, you'd better look on the bright side. Don't feel bullied, but protected by this austere planet that prevents you from doing silly things like committing excess detrimental to your fulfillment. With Venus and Mars in your sign, you feel strong and desirable, determined and charming. This clever mix makes you irresistible, and nothing pleases you more than feeling appreciated, even admired. Don't be too bossy in the heat of the moment. You don't need to be!

Leo: Love for July 2021

You are overflowing with plans for your love life. Still, you must be patient in the face of inevitable delays or resistance. The situation will settle down after the 22nd. Still, in the meantime, beautiful moments are waiting for you because Venus and Mars exalt your sensuality and give you a charm that cannot be ignored. As a couple, you will use your torrid romanticism to rekindle the flame. If you are single, you will have no trouble getting noticed and seducing anyone you want.

Leo: Money for July 2021

Saturn's opposition in Aquarius slows down the advancement of your fortune. Still, the Venus-Mars duo in your sign allows you to seize moments of good luck and make the most of your energy. On the 22nd, if Venus leaves Leo, the Sun enters, and your daily life continues to be illuminated by a supportive sky. Your personality and behaviour could win you many supporters. If you don't try to rule everything, you could make excellent deals, use diplomacy, and make some concessions. But don't take excessive financial risks without advice or consideration.

Leo: Work for July 2021

Your work is profitable in July and could earn you a nice bonus or promotion. Everything that revolves around contracts, agreements, associations are valued and brings good news. You will take advantage of this to concoct new projects that will come to fruition at the end of the year or 2022. In short, you have the wind in your sails, you please, you work hard, and this mixture of charm and determination greatly serves your ambitions. You simply have to make sure that your latent aggressiveness does not spoil certain relationships, does not put off an associate or displease your hierarchy. A little diplomacy, a lot of effort and you will be ready!

Leo: Leisure for July 2021

Whether you are at work or on vacation, your July sky is resplendent and encourages you to show off, to spend yourself, to shine, to win. Whether it's sports, alone or in a team, going out to a restaurant, as a couple or with friends, playing beach games or board games, you're not likely to get bored. You just need to be careful with your physical activities and moderate your food: excesses will not do you any good. They may ruin the good influences of this enchanting month.

Leo: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 4th july, if you ask for more of everything, you risk provoking a break-up.

- On the 10th july, the New Moon invites you to isolate yourself from the noise of the world. Take some distance and rest a little.

- On the 15th july, you are intuitive and communicate positively with those in power.

- On the 22nd july, your greed drives you to excess. You overeat, demand too much, and spend too much. Channel your desire so you don't end the day wanting or frustrated.

- On the 29th july, Jupiter favours your relationships, meetings and commitments.

Leo: Advice for July 2021

This is a beautiful month that only requires a little restraint and common sense to take advantage of all the benefits of the sky without abusing it. It is a straightforward program to follow with a minimum of goodwill.

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