Cancer's horoscope for July 2021

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for July 2021

In July, the Sun will shine on you until the 22nd with the support of Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. This is an excellent opportunity to evolve in many areas. Everything is in place to develop your creativity, obtain one or another personal success, and even fill your bank account! There are very few clouds on the horizon, so take advantage of them to advance your projects, to fall in love, to make new friends, to change what has been weighing on you for a long time! The sky gives you charm, opportunities to blossom and, more broadly, a delightful feeling on vacation (even if you work).

Cancer: Mood for July 2021

You are in a radiant mood and have excellent relationships with your loved ones. Your sensuality matches your greediness, and good times are expected, whether at the table or in private. However, don't be too greedy: there are limits to everything, and too much is the enemy of good. By maintaining constructive dialogues with your loved ones, you can consolidate all your ties and build new ones, whether romantic, friendly, or professional. July will be a month full of good moments and opportunities to evolve in the right direction.

Cancer: Love for July 2021

Venus and Mars are accomplices in your love affairs and only ask you to be a little diplomatic to strengthen the bonds between couples or families. Singles have every chance of pleasing whomever they want, and romance is flowing into your daily life. This is an excellent month to discuss with your partner, make innovative decisions, to spice up your relationships. Your sensuality is exalted; the only danger lies in exaggerated expectations: know how to be satisfied with the good things that heaven offers you without constantly wanting more.

Cancer: Money for July 2021

With Venus and Mars in Leo, in your symbolic 2nd house, you put all your heart and energy into stabilizing your finances and increasing your wealth. Luck is smiling on you in this area, so stay alert to all opportunities: a good deal, a promising investment, patrons who fall from the sky, a recognized talent, a promotion, everything is possible. However, make sure that your good fortune does not encourage you to excess. Avoid impulsive purchases and a taste for luxury. Keep a balanced budget and enjoy yourself without necessarily ruining yourself.

Cancer: Work for July 2021

Jupiter supports your ambitions, Venus and Mars protect your finances, so you can rest assured this July. Do not hesitate to show your talents and ask for the proper reward (without exaggerating so as not to provoke a categorical refusal). Mercury gives you a beautiful eloquence, and Venus adorns you with a charm likely to make your hierarchy melt. Everything is in place for an upward career, a highlighting of your abilities and perhaps a promotion. However, remain measured in your expectations and in what you say, and if you want to change your job, don't do it impulsively. Think about it first.

Cancer: Leisure for July 2021

It's high time to shake off your legendary laziness and increase your activities to enjoy your good energy and especially to keep it. If you're on vacation, go out and explore your surroundings instead of lounging on a deck chair. If you work, give yourself an hour or two to go for a walk or ride your bike. Arrange with family or friends for fun and social time, whether it's board games or yoga classes: the key is to keep yourself strong, in a good mood and well surrounded.

Cancer: Key dates for July 2021

- On the 5th july, present your projects more soberly, relying on your charisma and ability to defend them without being too demanding.

- On the 8th july, calm down if you want someone to help you rather than restrain you in your impulses.

- On the 13th july, your desires are ardent, and you use them to seduce, bewitch and please.

- On the 22nd july, if you do not exaggerate, you can bewitch those in power.

- On the 25th july, stay moderate to leave your mark without provoking a movement of withdrawal.

Cancer: Advice for July 2021

In July, the sky is smiling at you, but do not demand the impossible. Otherwise, you risk feeling frustrated. You should not be too greedy or authoritarian and accept that some of your desires may not be fulfilled immediately. Patience and length of time...

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