Scorpio's horoscope for January 2022

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for January 2022

If some people have evolved in a relatively warm environment lately, others have been less appreciative of a heavy climate where specific conflicts or problems have plagued the atmosphere. You may have been weighed down by a challenging environment. Still, the beginning of the year will allow you to establish more harmonious communication. It will help your relationships evolve in a positive direction. Your ideals are growing, and you are more sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others, you appreciate charity and solidarity, you are becoming a better person...

Scorpio: Mood for January 2022

You are approaching January more in tune with those around you. The current is flowing better, and tensions are easing. You can count on Venus to help you get your message across gently, even if family problems may be brought up again. You are generous, warm, tolerant and establish harmony in your relationships. This is an excellent time to deepen your knowledge, broaden your horizons to other things, open yourself to the unknown, and seize the opportunities offered to you.

Scorpio: Love for January 2022

Since the end of December, you can count on Jupiter to put some fantasy in your love life and enchant your love life. Whether through the return of an old flame, the arrival or conception of a child, or an exciting encounter, you are starting the year in style. Jupiter favors family closeness and the maintenance of cordial understanding at home. Count on Venus to exalt your emotional relationships, maintain cooperative exchanges, or forge inspiring links. Simply, don't mix up matters of the heart with money.

Scorpio: Money for January 2022

This is an excellent month for your finances. No less than 7 planets positively influence your sky in January! Financially, Venus is hanging out in the friendly and very structured sign of Capricorn, promising you excellent material security, along with some real moments of luck. This is a beautiful month to invest, make intuitive investments, and embark on expenditures, even important ones concerning your living space and the well-being of your home. However, don't do anything impulsive, as unpleasant surprises and blockages are always possible in the case of imprudence.

Scorpio: Work for January 2022

Creative, enthusiastic, and popular, you start the year with a bang and can convince everyone to believe and follow you. You are brimming with ideas, and you take initiatives that are likely to win over people who turn into fervent admirers. You defend your interests and make yourself understood by your professional partners. You can therefore count on inspired communication, and you are determined to obtain the reward of your merits, but this is not a reason to overstep the mark.

Scorpio: Leisure for January 2022

All is well, and you are in good shape. This is an excellent month to indulge yourself, to take a well-deserved rest after heavy workdays. You're busy with your love life and activities, so treat yourself to a nice restaurant, a night out with friends, or an invigorating getaway every now and then. You may want to visit archaeological sites, explore a museum or take in a show. At the end of the day, home movies and reading will relax you before a good night's sleep.

Scorpio: Key dates for January 2022

- On the 2nd, the New Moon favors communication, and you can get your messages across smoothly.
- On the 9th, take advantage of pleasant influences to talk with your loved ones about subjects that can be discussed in a calm atmosphere.
- On the 14th, any recent discussions with your family may drag on. Don't try to speed up the process, which will resume more fluidly in February.
- On the 29th, take advantage of a somewhat frustrating sky to examine the files that are still pending with your loved ones or ask yourself questions on fundamental issues that you have been dealing with for too long.
- On the 30th, tensions resurface in your family or in your relationship. To calm the atmosphere, make an effort.

Scorpio: Advice for January 2022

Now that you are sheltered from bad weather, you will be able to move forward and make positive progress on all fronts. Don't hesitate to ride the wave to reach new heights. In January, you manage to handle situations without getting angry or depressed. Continue on this momentum by being happy with what you have without asking too much.

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