Leo's horoscope for January 2022

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for January 2022

In January, you must find a balance between your apparent willingness to serve the community and a tendency to impose your will on everyone else. It will be a question of tempering your desire to exercise power over others and developing your willingness to collaborate. Blows of fate, unpleasant surprises, frozen situations will demand your goodwill. If you resist, if you rebel, you risk making conditions worse before you are forced to deal with them anyway.

Leo: Mood for January 2022

Jupiter favors your fulfillment and supports your impulses and desires. From the 20th, the Sun invites you to get closer to your various partners. You have an excellent entrepreneurial spirit. You know how to manage a team with a surprising mixture of authority and benevolence. Your dynamism is inexhaustible. Events help you understand that it is time to change certain behaviors that do not allow you to progress. This is also a tiring period of introspection. However, this is no reason to put the weight of your existential questions on those around you.

Leo: Love for January 2022

2021 was frustrating, fortunately, in January, the skies are clearing, and you feel a little freer of your movements and feelings. Count on your will to do well from the 6th onwards to make a mark on hearts, even if you may be a little disappointed with the result. You have the art and the way to communicate gently and to make your relationships evolve in the right direction, that of an ideal to reach. If you can improve your exchanges, be careful: don't be too controlling.

Leo: Money for January 2022

January is very favorable for the healthy management of your finances. The sky is focused on your daily life, your needs, and your means. Saturn will slow you down a bit in your initiatives. Still, you will have the opportunity to study investment proposals or attractive long-term investments. The key is to be patient and not give in to impulsive purchases, especially if they are luxurious, prestigious, and therefore expensive. This is not a good month for spending, but it is an excellent time to save!

Leo: Work for January 2022

Saturn stops blocking your exchanges, and Jupiter reinforces your performance. This is the time to multiply your successes and wait with confidence for juicy returns on your investments. Contracts are paying off, business is going well, and you are putting your energy into the common cause, everything to succeed. Unfortunately, you find it hard to accept being told what to do. You sometimes start hostilities instead of getting on the good side of your colleagues. Focus on developing your skills rather than trying to run everything.

Leo: Leisure for January 2022

You are in good shape but a bit lonely. A long walk in the countryside will allow you to relax and think quietly. But don't neglect your loved ones and make time for your children, friends, and partner. It doesn't take much for everyone to have fun: an impromptu outing, an unexpected invitation to a restaurant or home, board games, a good family movie...

Leo: Key dates for January 2022

- On the 1st, you will collaborate, and your spirit of conciliation is your best asset to free yourself from heavy responsibilities.
- On the 5th, your will to do the right thing allows you to change your situation.
- On the 11th, act according to your intuition. Do not impose your methods on those around you who do not appreciate the tone you use.
- On the 17th, the Full Moon invites you to retreat from the world's noise. Rest, recharge your batteries, and take a step back from events.
- On the 23rd, discussions are at a standstill, so don't give up, but don't be stubborn in wanting immediate answers.
- On the 30th, do not be too offensive. This is not the best way to defend your cause and interests.

Leo: Advice for January 2022

A wind of expansion blows and allows you to develop exponential growth potential. To get through January smoothly and without too much tension, rely on collaboration. You have many assets to direct your life and your daily life in the right direction. Avoid spoiling your chances by adopting a peremptory tone, not necessarily to the taste of others.

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