Gemini's horoscope for January 2021

Written by Daisy

This first month of the year invites us to smooth things over and connect to our intuition to make others want to believe us and follow us. Let's take the time to reflect on our deepest motivations to find complete coherence with the person we want to become. A whole personal and societal program to follow to finally free ourselves from a past that has become obsolete and open ourselves to something better. This passage will require commitment, endurance, patience, and perseverance to achieve our goals without doing too much damage.

Gemini: Love horoscope for January 2021

Love: All Means are Good?

You listen to each other at the beginning of the month. From the 8th, you bet on an undeniable magnetism to spice up your emotional life. Whether it's to bewitch your crush or demand that your partner meet your expectations, you play your trump cards in January, Gemini, to achieve your goals. Even if you have to influence the other emotionally to follow you and fulfill your wishes.

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): Play Fair!

Last December, you came out of a crisis, but you still have to debate contentious issues that keep you on edge. If you use your charm at the beginning of the year, it will be, first of all, to orient the debates to your idea. Avoid being at fault and having to pay the price. Avoid playing with fire in January and opt for the diplomatic route rather than cheap shots because, despite your indisputable baggage, you'd do well to play fair.

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th): Your Head and Heart are Elsewhere?

Driven by an ideal, you are mobilized in January by your personal quest rather than your loves. Will you use your influence on others to advance your cause, devote yourself to your partner, or seduce someone?

3rd decan (June 11th - 20th): We're Moving Forward!

The end of 2020 has allowed you to continue to complete a transformation and change your path or even your life. You put an end to recurring problems that were hindering your fulfillment. You are continuing on your momentum in January. You think about the best way to activate the process and use your seduction at the end of the month to precipitate the metamorphosis. You mobilize your strengths to change your personal relationships to get out of a crisis and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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At the beginning of the year, you are more concerned about the need to follow your business and mobilize yourself to make your interpersonal relationships evolve. There is too much movement, external solicitations, and challenges to take on to abandon yourself to the vertigo of love.

Gemini: The thread of the month for January 2021

The First Week,

The 1st, you have neither lack of intuition nor arguments to plead your case and convince your partners to believe you and follow you. The 5th, you know what to say to accelerate a transformation process launched last year. The 8th, inspired by a mission that is close to your heart and want to achieve, you give of yourself to positively influence those around you and make them follow your lead. The 9th, rely on your charm rather than on a combative charge to guide the debates. Avoid fuelling polemics so that your arguments do not turn against you. The 10th, respect your commitments. Show seriousness and loyalty to come out unscathed.

The Second Week,

The 11th, agreements and contracts that are worth signing could help you expand your horizons, see further, and flourish. The 12th, if you are looking to pick a fight, be prepared to find it and get into trouble. The 13th, the New Moon invites you to negotiate and talk to each other to move important issues forward and complete a metamorphosis. Avoid pulling strings in the shadows, as any manipulation could bring you stubborn grudges. The 14th, it is by smoothing things over that you will succeed in changing the situation. The 17th, beware, if you deceive your world, you won't win at this game.

The Third Week,

The 20th, beware of inevitable crises that become more pronounced if you refuse to compromise. You will end up rustling feathers. The 13th, if you play with fire and the law, you are a loser. Use an irresistible magnetism to rally the votes around an ideal that you aspire to serve. The 24th, you have to deal with unavoidable limitations to get out of the impasse.

The Fourth Week,

The 26th, stop fighting against the obvious to appease the debates that exhaust you and lead you straight into the wall. The 28th, the Full Moon invites you to communicate and get along with those who won't let you do or say anything. The 29th, by taking the path of truth, law, and good reason your affairs will be settled. The 30th, the ongoing debates drag on and will not resume until February 21st. Until then, think and see where your interest lies.

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