Libra's horoscope for February 2021

Written by Daisy

February has the best and worst in store for us. For some, the possibility to surpass themselves and spread their wings. For others, the need to make concessions and endure an unpleasant feeling of frustration. But for all, the opportunity to grow and gain maturity by making the most of temporarily thwarted hopes or stepping stones towards a full expression of their abilities. If everyone accepts what is, no one will end the month on edge.

Libra: Love horoscope for February 2021

Love: Everything to Please... or Almost!

Venus reinforces your charisma and makes you want to love. Count on this delicious planet to exalt your power of seduction, Libra, and boost your thirst to be recognized and noticed. You will have to deal with a demanding situation and your tendency to ask too much of others. This pressure compromises your happiness if you don't take care to channel it.

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd): Not Very Popular?

Venus favours your personal radiance until the 9th. Still, Saturn cools down the atmosphere and gives you a critical mind that's not very conducive to passionate impulses. On its side, Uranus exalts your desire to make the relationship evolve without staying in a comfort zone that ends up suffocating you. Beware of the turmoil, tensions, and even explosions around the 7th and 17th. The situation will call you to order and patience in the face of a pressing need for change. At the end of the month, you approach the transformations to be undertaken more wisely.

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th): Play Your Charm Without Hesitation!

Don't abuse your undeniable charm to impose your vision of things, which is not necessarily the other person's taste. Too authoritarian, you should nuance your approach to the bond. You then benefit from a radiance that allows you to live great moments in love. Take advantage of this happy occasion to rekindle the flame, make exciting encounters, or get yourself noticed. You won't go unnoticed, and you'll get back in touch with the vertigo of love.

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd): Get in Shape!

You do not lack arguments to seduce. Attract attention and enchant your partner. The New Moon on the 11th invites you to deploy your charm to make an impression on everyone, but don't be too demanding, don't confuse love with control. Use your persuasion powers wisely on the 25th to make a difference in your family because significant transformations are underway.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Use your undeniable charm to seduce, conquer, light or re-light the flame by avoiding excess. Otherwise, you risk enthusiasm turning into an abuse of power.

Libra: The thread of the month for February 2021

The First Week,

The 1st, lower your voice and stop giving orders. You don't lack talent, but that's no reason to make the law. The 6th, you have difficulty expressing your feelings and potential. Start by channelling your emotions to find out where you are, in love or at work. The 7th, you are not lacking in charm. You compose between your need to give and receive and the desire to make the relationship evolve both private or social.

The Second Week,

The 8th, voluble and brilliant, you use the right arguments to attract attention. The 10th, watch out for shouting matches that blur the frequency if you try to dominate the situation. Calm down, so you don't face vehement criticism from those around you. The 11th, radiant and infinitely seductive, bewitch whoever you want or rekindle the flame. The New Moon invites you to express your desires, talents, and sensuality. The 13th, you have no shortage of arguments to plead your case and expose your talents. It is the ideal moment to come out of the shadows. The 14th, you use your energy to serve the community. Your popularity rises. Good points are amply deserved.

The Third Week,

The 17th, beware of a feeling of frustration that weakens you physically and morally if you bypass Saturn's injunctions to calm your desire to change everything in love or business. The 19th, between the desire to direct your activities and your entourage, you risk triggering a conflict. It is better to compose yourself than to want to reign supreme over everyone. The 21st, your relationship and your creativity seem to come to a standstill, but the situation returns to normal ...

The Fourth Week,

The 25th, powerful energy is put at the service of the common cause, in the family or elsewhere. You transform what is needed in the right direction. The 27th, the Full Moon invites you to take a step back from the situations you manage to better evaluate what needs to be done or not to make your intuitions more useful.

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